Gintama has been out for few months but, finally, the much anticipated final season of the popular series is coming soon, and fans can’t wait any longer. The manga is already over, all that is left for the franchise is the adaptation of the final arc of the manga series into its anime counterpart but, for some reasons, Gintama Silver Soul Arc stopped its production this year.

Gintama Silver Soul Arc Season 2:

After the first season of the Gintama Silver Soul Arc, the anime went into a hiatus and the second season was expected to come later this 2018. However, finally the news has been confirmed, and fans are relieved to know that Gintama Silver Soul Arc part 2 is indeed returning this July.

Thanks to a Twitter user, moetron, it is revealed that SPYAIR and CHiCO with HoneyWorks will be taking charge of opening, and the ending themes of Gintama Silver Soul Arc second season. Moetron also shares a new key visual for the upcoming anime’s return. The key visual, however, has a striking difference from its earlier one. Though the characters and their poses are all same, the background shows daylight instead of the usual night-time.

Gintama Silver Soul Arc part 2
Gintama Silver Soul Arc Episodes.

Gintama Silver Soul Arc is the longest arc in the series, and it marks the 64th arc which also happens to be the final arc of the manga series. Gintama Silver Soul Arc is indeed a great thrilling arc which focuses on Utsuro, who is now aware of the only way to die, and be relieved of his immortality.

The arc sees his great plan as he tries to start the biggest war and destroy Earth. Now, it’s up to Gintama to try and stop the Amanto, with the help of former allies and enemies.

Gintama returned with its “Poripori,” arc last year and began “Silver Soul” arc earlier this January and continued till March of 2018.

Also, it was earlier announced by Gintama 2, the sequel to the live-action Gintama play that Masaki Suda, Kanna Hashimoto, and Shun Oguri will be returning to play their role as Shinpachi Shimura, Kagura, and Gintoki Sakata.

Gintama Silver Soul arc season 2 will be returning this July.

Where To Watch/Download Gintama?

You cannot download Gintama anime episodes as it is not available anywhere legally but you can watch it online on Crunchyroll.


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