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Dragon Ball Super Reveals The Grand Priest’s Biggest Lie

We are in the final stages of the Tournament of Power with only two universes remaining in Universe 11 and 7. At the moment only Frieza, Goku, Vegeta, and Android 17 are remaining to fight Jiren, the Universe 11 Pride Tropper who has supposedly surpassed the level of a God of Destruction.

The upcoming episodes are going to be pretty intense with neither universe wanting to be erased by both Zeno’s. Meanwhile, in the midst of all this fighting, we will discovere that the Grand Priest has been dishonest about one key thing.

This is something that the Grand Priest confirmed right from the beginning of the Tournament of Power.

What was the Grand Priest dishonest about? Well, when the Grand Priest began to tell the fighters about the rules of the battle royal. He stated that the fighters didn’t need to worry about the fighting stage.

According to the Grand Priest, the element the stage was made out of was stronger than every element in existence and superior to the strongest metal in Universe 7. However, as we got to see in episode 126 of Dragon Ball Super, the fighting stage wasn’t indestructible at all.

In fact, Toppo was able to destroy half the stage easily with his destructive powers.

the Grand Priest
the Grand Priest

Toppo is a God of Destruction in training for Universe 11 and is an incredible fighter.

His powers were able to eliminate half the stage, which also means that he probably could have destroyed the whole thing if he had wanted.

Because everyone but Jiren can’t fly. Toppo technically could have won the Tournament of Power by destroying the whole Tournament of Power stage.

Grand Priest

That means that the fighters did, in fact, have to worry about the fighting stage being destroyed. Which means the Grand Priest was, in fact, lying when he said not to worry.

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