Today I’m going to talk about devil fruits
Devil Fruit are strange fruits. They mostly give incredible abilities to the person, animal, or object who eats it. They won’t be able to swim, So what I don’t even know how to swim anyway.

There are three types of Devil Fruits:


Logia Devil Fruits allow a person to create, control, and transform their body into an element of nature, depending on which part the fruit gives. The user can turn partially or entirely.


The primary focus on the fighting styles of users does not have to rely on the physical strengths or fighting skills of the individual themselves and is usually more focused on the users’ creativity and initiative.

luffy-gear-4 devil fruit


The Zoan fruits primarily improve physical abilities and allow the user to use his or her three forms to adapt to a situation during a fight to find the form that gives the most significant advantage.

marco-devil fruit

There’s a lot of information on how they work. Therefore, I’ll explain how I believe they work.

ancient-kingdom-devil fruit

The Devil Fruits origin it’s Unknown. And no one in the One Piece universe seems to be interested in it. Except for Vegapunk and the World Government.I believe the Devil Fruits were made by the Great Kingdom.

This can be proved by the abilities that the Devil Fruits grant such as the choki choki no mi, and Kin’emon’s Devil Fruit. Both of them create objects that were created by the human imagination.
It’s not something that nature would do.
human-made devil fruit
If the World Government were responsible for the Devil Fruits creation, They would be creating new Fruits. And Vegapunk wouldn’t have to be studying them. Perhaps, when the war between the Great Kingdom and the World Government started.

The Devil Fruits ended spread all over the world. After the war was over, The World Government knew which Devil Fruits were the most powerful.Therefore, they decided to find them.
This could explain why the World Government has powerful Devil Fruits.


According to Doflamingo, the Devil Fruits have a second stage, which contains a whole new world of possibilities after the ‘awakening.’ Other theorists believe that the ‘awakening’ of logia. It’s some kind of monster such as the one Enel created. Sabo didn’t need an ‘awakening’ to create a fire fist.
But, what does a logia devil fruit’s ‘awakening’ do then?

I believe that the best example of what a logia ‘awakening’ can do it’s Punk Hazard.  Normally Aokiji’s ice would melt after some days. But, Punk Hazard seems to be an exception.
Therefore, I think that a logia ‘awakening’ change the surroundings of the user eternally. This is a great advantage against someone who’s not able to fight in extreme ecosystems.

During the Alabasta arc, Lassoo was introduced. Lassoo is a gun that ‘ate’ a Devil Fruit. Since he’s an object, he can be upgraded.
But, how can object ‘eat’ something?
When a human or animal eats something, it uses its mouth as an input. And it’s used as chemical fuel, which ends in every single cell of the user.
I believe there are two possible ways. In which an object can ‘eat’ a Devil Fruit.


The first one is straightforward. Kalifa one of the Cp9 members acquired a Devil Fruit during the Enies Lobby. She took her time eating it.
So, I guess the Devil Fruits don’t have to be eaten right away. This would give enough time to mix them with metal to create weapons. The Devil Fruit would be part of the weapon. Whichever the technique maybe. It only works with Zoan Devil Fruits.
The reason it’s because the owner of the object. Will be able to command and interact with the object.


It could probably work with logia and paramecia. If the owner of the object can use Haki. Conquerors Haki could be used to tame the devils inside the Devil Fruits. If they exist, It could also work if the owner is able to talk and hear the voice of all things.
Perhaps, Blackbeard is using one of this methods.I also believe that to ‘awaken’ a devil fruit. The haki/spirit of the user must be combined with the demon’s haki/spirit.It could also be possible that Devil Fruits contain the spirit’s of the D. family and their haki’s abilities.


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