At the end of bleach, some new vice captains and captains were seen and after considering them, this is the ranking of vice-captains also known as the lieutenants of all the squad by power.



Squad 12

Genshirō Okikiba

Squad 1

Kiyone Kotetsu

Squad 4

These three are new vice captains and not much is known about them. They have the spiritual pressure equal to that of a vice-captain. Akon has shown to be respected among his division and does intelligent work. Genshiro was the third seat under Yamamoto san and does technical stuff in squad 1. Kiyone should be skilled in healing Kido and assisting her elder sister in Squad 4. Their powers and Zanpaktos are all unknown.

Now the ones whose powers we know,

9. Marechiyo Ōmaeda

Squad 2

He works under Captain Sui Feng. Each time he is seen in a fight, he loses miserably. His Zanpakto is one of the most useless weapons in soul society. He was promoted to lieutenant due to his spiritual energy. It’s high because he belongs to a noble family.

8. Momo Hinamori

 Squad 5

She has worked under Captain Aizen and Captain Hirako. Immensely skilled in Kido being praised multiple times. She uses Kido spells in conjunction with her Zanpakto to create powerful attacks.

7. Nanao Ise

Squad 1

She works under Captain Kyoraku. Recently her Shikai was given to her. She only used to work with Kido spells but her Shikai has the unique ability to cut down god-like creatures.

6.  Rangiku Matsumoto

Squad 10

Rangiku works under Captain Hitsugaya and had worked under Captain Shiba. Her Zanpakto is unique and can be really offensive. She doesn’t use her ability and strength to the full extent. Her Haineko tends to be lazy and doesn’t wanna train.

5. Izuru Kira

Squad 3

Izuru has a Zanpakto that increases the weight of anything it touches to double.

4.  Mashiro Kuna

Squad 7

She was one of the Visored until she was accepted back into the soul society. She can retain her hollow mask longer than any other visored. Uses basic yet powerful physical attacks and her Zanpakto is not revealed.

3.  Shūhei Hisagi

Squad 7

Shuhei has apparently reached Bankai but hasn’t been able to release it as of yet. That means he is on a different level than most of the other vice-captains.

2. Ikkaku Madarame

Squad 11

Even as a third seat, Ikkaku had mastered Bankai. Although his Bankai doesn’t give him any special ability. He does get a huge spiritual surge making his raw attacks more powerful. He is the lieutenant of Squad 11 under Kenpachi Zaraki who inspires him a lot.

1.  Renji Abarai

Squad 6

Renji is working under Captain Kuchiki and is the most powerful lieutenant in the series. During his visit to the soul king palace, he perfected his powers. He was able to defeat the Quincy that multiple captain level characters couldn’t defeat.

Squad 8, 9 and 13 are still without a vice-captain. Bleach ended with filling all the captain posts.


One Piece Creator Oda Just Cleared Biggest Misunderstanding In One Piece

Hey guys. One Piece creator, Eiichiro Oda has come under a lot of scrutinies lately. Ever since the release of One Piece chapter 891, Oda has been bashed by sects of fans. Well, not just One Piece fans but fans of the other anime series as well. The reason was quite a good one. Charlotte Flampe was revealed in the latest chapter of One Piece.

She is the most recent addition to the ever growing family of Big Mom. Originally, it was announced that Charlotte Flampe is the 33rd daughter of Charlotte Linlin. She is just 15 years old. Franpe was introduced in the chapter 891, she was cheering on her elder brother, Charlotte Katakuri in his fight against Monkey D. Luffy. This isn’t the outrageous bit. The outrageous thing was that if she is the 33rd daughter of Big Mom, and she is just 15 years old then what about Charlotte Pudding?

She is the 35th daughter and she was going to marry Sanji. If Charlotte Flampe is the 33rd daughter and 15 years old then Pudding being the 35th daughter be around, let’s say 13 years old. I mean that is just plain crazy. A thirteen year old girl marrying a man who is 21. That is bollocks. Also, I’d like to mention how some crazy fans were branding Sanji as the pervert and blaming him for marrying him. I mean how deluded can you get. It’s clearly that Oda was at fault and he should have received the stick. One Piece fans decided to defend Oda with all their brains. Personally, all of those fans have the intellect of a squashed apricot.

Anyway, going back to the news

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