The forced ending of bleach left so many mysteries. One of those is who is the new soul king? I will try to pile some possibilities up for you.

Soul king is the medium that regulates the flow of souls in and out of soul society. If he dies, the entire existence will crumble away. Soul society, Heuco Mundo, Dangai, Human World, they would end. So, Who is the New Soul King?

Even though the Soul King was a God, Yhwach pierced him right in the chest killing him. He literally showed no resistance. However, the parts of soul king present around the soul society are immensely powerful. The explanation to this is that Soul King was just keeping the worlds in balance. The Shinigami sealed him to play his part.

After killing the soul king, Yhwach decides that he will absorb the right hand and soul king himself. This absorption made Yhwach the soul king with immense powers.

When Yhwach was killed, why are worlds still intact now? If they are intact, that means there is a new soul king keeping everything in balance.

 Facts You Should Know About The Soul King


So, Who is this new soul king?

  • When Yhwach was defeated, the worlds should have started shaking like they did when soul king died. Urahara should have seen this coming and he might have found a way to make someone the new soul king. I would bet on Souske Aizen. Aizen was bound somewhere later. However, the bindings were somehow different. Aizen is immortal and he has enough power to replace the king. Using the Hogyoku somehow and the intellect of Urahara, it is a definite possibility.

  • Another possibility is that after Yhwach was defeated, Soul King and the right hand of soul king went back to how they were. Mimihagi binds the Soul King again. They are now both in the Quincy palace that Yhwach created. The rest of Zero Squad is protecting them again.

What do you think?