Aizen is my all time favorite villain in all the anime. He is so calm and gentle and yet so much evil dwells inside him. His powers have grown even stronger since he was imprisoned.

Aizen had a very important role in defeating Yhwach. After all the trouble he caused, he ended up saving the soul society. He is quite the looker as well. A perfect villain!

As soon as he releases his Shikai, it’s game over. when he gained the powers from Hogyoku, he went to even more powerful. That power has been pilling up inside him since then and his Reiatsu has gone way denser.

So, Has Aizen Ever Reached Bankai?

I think, no. He never had the need to even try to do it.

Aizen was always interested in hollow powers. Bankai is supposed to be the maximum power. Soul Reapers can train their Bankai but not ascend forward. Aizen skipped the Bankai process and had planned to use the Hogyoku to power up.

Aizen is quite similar to Kenpachi. Gifted since birth. Kenpachi defeated an Espada with just his raw power. He had not needed the power up until the overpowered Quincies arrived. Aizen really didn’t need a power-up. There was no shinigami who could match his power. No one even came close.

Even now after the manga ended, Aizen is quite strong and getting stronger.

What would his Bankai powers be?

Consider, he actually got a Bankai, what would it powers be? Most of Bankai make the powers of the user much refined and amplified.

Kyōka Suigetsu has the power of complete hypnosis. he takes over all five senses and makes things look way different than they are. As long as you don’t touch the blade, you are powerless against Aizen. What will be its amplification? I think his Bankai would be too powerful.

Still, If bleach ever got a sequel manga, we will probably not be getting a Bankai from him. He will show a different kind of power-up. I am kind of sad, he didn’t get in much of fight with that forced ending.

What will be the powers of his Bankai?

Will we ever be able to see it?

What are your thoughts?