This is the ranked list of 16 total seasons of Bleach anime. They are ranked by the intensity of fights and scenes and is arguable.

16. The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai arc

Season 9

Filler arc that features a new captain assigned to 3rd Division that turns against the soul society.

15. Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc

Season 15

Filler arc, a modified soul is determined to destroy soul society. There are clones of captains of GOTEI 13 trying to defeat them.

14. Bount Assault on Soul Society arc

Season 5

The Bounts had entered the soul society and this arc involves attacks on soul society and Bounts attempt to blow the soul society up.

13. The Bount arc

Season 4

The filler arc after soul society arc in which mysterious beings in the human world with weapons called dolls planned to destroy the soul society.

12. Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc

Season 13

Filler arc in which the Zanpakto’s of Shinigami materialize and consequently rebel against them.


11. Lost Substitute Shinigami arc

Season 16

The last arc of anime in which a mysterious group of individuals tries to bring Ichigo’s powers back.

10. Agent of the Shinigami arc

Season 1

The starting season of the anime that started everything. The season was a good start but compared to other arcs, this is kind of low key.

9. Arrancar: The Arrival Arc

Season 6

This arc introduces the Arrancars for the first time. They attack the human world twice in this arc.

8. Arrancar: The Hueco Mundo Sneak Entry Arc

Season 7

Suddenly Orihime gets kidnapped and Ichigo along with others go on a rescue mission to save her.

7. Arrancar: Decisive Battle of Karakura arc

Season 12

Aizen wanted to make the Oken with the destruction of Karakura town. This arc is when all the GOTEI 13 captain class members assemble to stop him.

6. Arrancar: The Fierce Fight Arc

Season 8

This arc involves the fierce battles between Arrancars and rescue team for Orihime.

5. Soul Society: The Sneak Entry Arc

Season 2

This is the arc of the entry in the soul society to rescue Rukia who was ordered to be executed. She was almost killed if Ichigo hadn’t come to the rescue.


4. Soul Society: The Rescue Arc

Season 3

The arc when the whole of Aizen’s plot is revealed and he retreats to Hueco Mundo.

3. Arrancar: Downfall arc

Season 14

The arc in which final battles occur and as a result, Aizen is defeated by Ichigo. He uses Final Getsuga Tensho and loses all his powers.

2. Arrancar vs. Shinigami arc

Season 10

This arc is when the rescue team of Orihime is about to be killed. Abruptly, four captains from GOTEI 13 come to their rescue and fight with violent Espada.

1. The Past Arc

Season 11

The story goes back 100 years and reveals that Aizen has been plotting to overthrow soul society for longer than we originally thought.

This is my favorite arc because so many mysteries were revealed in just six episodes.

Which arc was your favorite?