Black Clover 51 Episodes Scheduled

Black Clover 51 Episodes Scheduled

One of the brand new anime and manga to hit the market from Shueisha is Black Clover. Black Clover is about a child orphan that wants to be the Wizard King. The concept is similar to Naruto as Naruto was proven to sell in Japan and overseas in the Western market (as One Piece was unable to do as much as Naruto). With two of the big three anime have come to a close (Naruto and Bleach), One Piece remains and a next generations of three will rise to lead the industry forward. On of those new three is Black Clover. As for the success of the series so far, even though it is brand new, Black Clover has reportedly been scheduled for 51 brand new episodes!

Black Clover 51 Episodes Scheduled

Originally, Black Clover was scheduled to have 13 episodes that would be ready for season 1 and be animated by Studio Pierrot. However, it is now confirmed that a total of 51 or more have been confirmed to release. This means that Black Clover has been a project that the studio and Network are heavily invested in. More importantly, the series already is on a path to success fi they ordered doubled the amount of episodes.

Black Clover 51 Episodes Scheduled

Before, the amount listed on the official website was just a placeholder before. But according to Yonkou Productions, leaks suggests more episodes than before. And Yonkou Productions leaks have always been accurate up until now. Black Clover currently has  mixed fanbase or critique from anime fans. Many people have problems with the main character’s (Asta) voice. Some fans even complain that its just too similar to Naruto. Seeing as how the themes are exactly the same but with different words, character names, and objects. And majority of fans have a problem with the cliche Shonen genre of how the story will be. Very skeptical about the outcome of the show, Black Clover hopes to prove anxious fans by being worthy of being apart of the new big three.

Black Clover 51 Episodes Scheduled

Black Clover first made its debut in Shonen Jump  Magazine back in 2015 and has had a small fan base ever since. Now Funimation and various other companies are pushing marketing hard to get fans to jump on board to join Asta as he struggles to become the Wizard King, without him possessing any magic. Will you jump on board? Let us know in the comments section below with what you think about this series so far and fi you will watch. Thanks for reading and we will see you all in another article shortly!

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