10. Guilty Crown –

The best part of this Series is not only its Animation, but the music is the best you are ever going to get in anime period.

9. Afro Samurai –

A Black samurai goes on a mission to avenge the wrongful death of his father in a futuristic feudal Japan.
As regarding animation value, one only needs to look at their flowing Hair in the wind just like in a classic samurai showdown of the old days.  Afro Samurai has the cleanest detail I’ve ever seen. Everything is very artistic.

8. Noragami –

A god named Yato seeking to gain widespread worship teams up with a human girl he saved.
Noragami has fantastic and unique art style.

7. Hellsing Ultimate –

The graphics in this anime is wonderfully executed. The twisted expressions while fighting and horrific manifestations of evil make the non-stop action that much more exciting.

6. God Eater –

At first, the animation felt weird Because God Eater takes a slightly different approach to its visuals, but as soon as my eyes got adjusted I saw the beauty of it. The animation is Smooth, and it managed to bring things to life.

5. Tokyo Ghoul –

The animation is Beautiful that made fights look like brutal yet elegant.

4. Ghost In The Shell –

The drawing style is impressive in a story that reveals a Japanese preoccupation with robots.
Thanks to stunning animation and visuals, smart and thought-provoking story and thrilling action, Ghost in the Shell proves to be anime at its best.

3. Sword Art Online –

The action sequences are well-choreographed, and the characters and the virtual worlds are designed Beautifully.
You may don’t like it, but you can’t deny how beautiful the animation is.

2. Attack On Titan –

Attack on Titan is a perfect anime to get somebody who loves action started on anime.
The Animation Style is out of this world with outstanding character designs and animated facial expressions.

1.Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works –

Best anime with the Fantastic Graphics.
One of the shows with impressive animation and fight scenes just a pleasure to watch.

You might disagree with the anime list because everyone has their taste when It comes to anime & we should respect other’s views.


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