Today we will be taking a look at 12 Naruto characters that are way stronger than Kages from various shinobi nations, and the Shinobi we will be mentioning in this list are not Jinchurikis.

12. Sasori


Sasori killed the 3rd Kazekage. He was well known for his magnet release and was said to be the strongest Kazekage of all time.

11. Sakura

Sakura Haruno

I know why you all hatin’ on Sakura, but you have to accept the fact that she’s on a Kage level or even stronger.
10. Deidara


Deidara fought Gaara, who is 5th Kazekage and beat him too! That alone is enough to prove that he’s a Kage level ninja.

9. Orochimaru

Orochimaru was is one of the legendary sannin and there’s literally no one who can totally kill Orochimaru, many tried but failed.

8. Kisame Hoshigaki


Did you know that Kisame chakra reserves were as big as a tailed beast and he was known as tailless beast? He can beat a kage anyday.
7. Itachi Uchiha


Itachi was one of the most badass Shinobi in Naruto and he’s definitely stronger than a Kage, it’s not even a question.

6. Jiraiya


Okay you all are going to ask me, why I placed Jiraiya above Itachi? Remember what Itachi said when Itachi and Kisame were about to fight Jiraiya? “Even if we had more back up it probably wouldn’t change the outcome, we might still lose.”

But then again it could be because Itachi wanted to avoid fighting Jiraiya. Comment Below!

5. Kabuto Yakushi

maxresdefault (4)

He is one hell of Shinobi. And his Sage Mode is pretty dope, and yeah he’s definitely stronger than the others I mentioned before.

4. Nagato Uzumaki


He almost killed Naruto and Killer Bee, if it wasn’t for Itachi, they would be dead. It took 2 Jinchuriki and Itachi Uchiha to beat Nagato, he’s definitely a Kage level Shinobi.
3. Madara Uchiha

maxresdefault (5)

Yes, I’m talking about Madara with Hashirama’s cell and his sage mode, but as you know, even without Hashirama’s cells and sage mode, he’s stronger than the kages.

2. Might Guy


Okay hear me out. I know that he could only use 8 gates one time and no more, but with 8 gates he’s stronger than all the Shinobis below.

  • I forgot to mention Kakashi Hatake, Shisui, Orochimaru, Fugaku Uchiha and Sakumo Hatake, These characters will be probably around No.6-8 if they were mentioned on the list.

And now time for the KAGUYA Level Shinobi!! He’s definitely the strongest.

1. Teuchi







The No.1 Shinobi in our list is Sasuke Uchiha, no doubt right?!

1. Sasuke Uchiha

maxresdefault (6)

Stay tuned for more lists, if you have any more lists you want get done, let us know.


How Strong Would Naruto Be If Obito Never Attacked The Village?

How strong would Naruto be if The Masked Man never attacked the village? That means, Minato and Kushina would both be alive meaning that Naruto would not have the kyuubi.

There are obvious disadvantages to this, but this situation affords others that could outweigh what he loses. While we all know that losing the kyuubi is a drastic loss, its completely possible that Naruto would still have access to his chakra.

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Reason – His whiskers. Naruto spent nine months feeding off of the kyuubi’s chakra while Kushina was pregnant with him. Kinkaku and Ginkaku spent only two weeks inside the kyuubi but we saw that Kinkaku was able to go into tailed beast chakra mode two, all the way up to six tails.

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Naruto had access to the kyuubi’s chakra 18 times longer than the Gold and Silver brothers, so its safe to say that Naruto would still be able to use some form of the kyuubi’s power. Growing up, Naruto would have been able to learn ninjutsu a lot easier and would have been regarded highly.

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Reason #1 – Chakra control. When Minato first sealed half of the kyuubi inside himself, he remarked about how heavy the chakra felt.

Early in the story, Naruto had intense trouble with his chakra control; the most obvious example is his difficulty with the clone jutsu. But, without the other half of the kyuubi’s heavy chakra, it is safe to assume that Naruto would have an easier time controlling his own and the chakra he inherited from the kyuubi during his gestation.

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To back up this claim, we can again refer back to the Gold and Silver brothers and their fight with Darui. After Ginkaku got sealed, Kinkaku easily accessed the ninetails’ chakra and entered tailed beast chakra mode 2, albeit without the skeleton. Despite willingly submitting himself to the chakra, Kinkaku retained his consciousness and acted of his own accord. Based off of this precedent, it is possible that with time Naruto would be able to do the same with greater results.

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Reason #2 – Training at home. First and foremost, his dad is the 4th Hokage. So from a young age his will be under the direct tutelage of best ninja in the village. Second, his mom is one of the last remnants of a legendary village, she is without a doubt, a basin of knowledge and sealing jutsu.

From this training, I think Naruto will have taken away a couple of key new talents, skills, and knowledge.

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Speed – Minato was nicknamed the Yellow flash.

While it is bawdy to expect Naruto of having the same level of quickness, I think it is safe to assume that he would be naturally faster than he currently is based off of whatever in-house training he would give him. E.g weights, windsprints, etc.

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Rasengan – With the help of Minato instruction and his increased chakra control, Naruto should be able to make a rasengan without the help of shadow clones. Whether or not he still comes up with the many variations of rasengan that he has become known for is up in the air, but I think that he not only maintains a plethora of rasengan’s, but refines them even further.

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Sealing skills – We all know that Kushina is from the Whirlpool country, specifically the Uzumaki clan, noted for their sealing jutsu. But Kushina left the village at a young age, and it is entirely possible that she missed out on learning all of her clans secrets. But, the problem with this is, once again, Minato.

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How did Minato learn the Death Reaper seal, or gain knowledge enough to create intricacies within Naruto eight-trigram seal? Answer? – Kushina. Kushina would have been able to teach Naruto everything she knows, which probably includes plenty of great seals and powerful barriers.

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