N**ity? Blood? Gore? Intense fighting scenes?! This list is going to show some of the most intense scenes and These Mature anime are totally not for kids.

10. Basilisk (2005)


The Bloody tale of star crossed lovers. The series describes a lot of historical Japanese events during the Edo-period and definitely does not hold back on the violence.

9. Black Lagoon (2006)

Black Lagoon

When you need someone to do your dirty-work you can call the Lagoon Company.

Are you looking for a massive amount of violence and bad language? You are in the right place. This one is definitely not for kids.

8. Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995-96)

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Apocalyptic Mecha Anime, battle with monsters known as Angels. You don’t have to look hard, as this series is riddled with biblical symbolism and watch out for those ultra violent action scenes.

7. RIN – Daughter of Mnemosyne (2008)

Rin Daughter of Mnemosyne

This anime follows immortal detective Rin A-sou-gi as she discovers Koki.

he’s a man that has been affected by a time fruit, which is a mysterious ORB.  The orbs are brought from a mysterious tree known as Yggdrasil, pronounced Ig-Dra-Sill, that appears randomly in the human world.

This anime shows us that the inability to die is not always a good thing and especially when you have something that your enemy wants.

6. Hellsing Ultimate (2006-12)

Hellsing Ultimate

Forget the sparkles, this is how you portray the all mighty Dracula. Alucard and his apprentice Seras rip the enemies limb from limb.

But they’re Nazis so screw those guys.If you are looking for more Action, Gore and Blood, then this is the right anime for you.

5. Claymore (2007)


Claymore anime tells the story of soldiers who were created to hunt the shape shifters known as Yoma. There’s plenty of action in the Dark Fantasy anime.

You will feel sorry for the villain and hero both as they are killed off one after another.

4.Blue Gender (1999-2000)

Blue Gender

Misery and maturity seems to go hand to hand in this Anime!

In this Horror-Mecha series, protagonist awakens after a 22 year cyogenic sleep. Awakening to a huge war between what’s left of humanity and aliens. The alien race is know as ‘Blue’.

Graphic Violence, Lots of action and a few s**ual scenes. This is one of the best Sci-Fi and mature anime of it’s kind.

3. Attack on Titan (2013 – Ongoing)

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin

Set in post apocalyptic Earth, Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack On Titan,  follows one of the last remaining colonies of Human. As they defend themselves from Titans.

Death, crushed and eaten alive by titans. This is definitely a must watch anime.

2. Berserk (1997-98)


This is one of the best anime in it’s class. This Dark Fantasy anime series is totally recommended. It has many taboo subjects, you will have to uncover those subjects on your own and yeah please don’t blame me for what you find.

So before we move on to the No.1 , here are our honorable mentions. These are great anime, I recommend you to watch ‘Monster.’
Fate/Zero (2011-12)

Top 10 Mature Anime Series To Watch [ 18+ ]

Monster (2004-05)


Serial Experiments Lain (1998)

Serial Experiments Lain DVD vol

Paranoia Agent (2004)

paranoia agent or why satoshi kon hates kawaii by phanangel drddkt

1. Elfen Lied (2004)

Lucy Nyu from Elfen lied anime

Totally not surprising that Elfen Lied is ranked No.1 right?!

This anime is a psychological drama that follows a Blood Thirsty Mutant and her attempt to blend into the normal human society. Plenty of violence, n*dity and limb removal scenes. I totally suggest you to watch this anime if you haven’t already.

MY RECOMMENDATIONS: I suggest you should watch, No.6,7 and 5. Totally worth watching.


Top 10 Anime Character Who Can Outsmart Light Yagami

There’s always a smart character in an anime but today we made list of smartest character comparing all anime seasons and we are here with 15 Smartest Anime Characters of All Time

10)Itachi Uchiha

Image result for Itachi pinterest

Itachi was quiet and insightful, showing noticeable maturity for his age and knowledge on how to deal with every situation. At the same time, Itachi was still fairly naïve as a child in many real-world scenarios and as such was willing to learn from his peers on how to differentiate situations. He lived at a distance, observing individuals and ideas without getting directly involved so that he could fully understand them.Although this approach prevented him from becoming close with many people, it enabled him to think and act without prejudice or preconceptions, instead of evaluating things strictly on their own merits. In the anime, Itachi unintentionally gained many friends and admirers for his genuine concern for others despite his passive nature.

 Image result for Itachi Uchiha pinterest


9)Conan Edogawa

As Conan, Shinichi tries to behave like a child. He refers to Ran as “Ran-neechan” (nee-chan meaning older sister, a common nickname Japanese children give to teenagers and young adults they look up to), and refers to Shinichi as “Shinichi-niichan” (nii-chan meaning older brother). He also refers to Kogoro as “Oji-san” or “Occhan” (both meaning Uncle), although he also does this as Shinichi. As Shinichi, he refers to Conan as usually “Conan-kun” or the “Kid in the Glasses”. Shinichi treats Conan as a separate person completely, thinking for example, “changing back into Conan”.Conan remains very close to Ran, who in return is very protective of him. However, because Ran is unaware of his true identity, Conan often finds himself in awkward situations with her, such as when she confessed her feeling for Shinichi to him and when she made him bathe with her at a hot spring.

 Image result for Conan Edogawa pinterest


8)Kakashi Hatake 

Since his early childhood, Kakashi was very independent and self-confident, at times even appearing arrogant and condescending. Despite that, Kakashi was very perceptive and intuitive, quickly realizing the situation for what it was. After his father’s death, Kakashi became more stern, aloof and cold toward others, following all the rules to the letter, chastising any who disobeyed them and willing to abandon his comrades to finish missions.As an adult, Kakashi typically has a relaxed and almost bored attitude, not prone to getting too worked up about anything or by anyone. Despite his increasingly growing reputation and prowess as a ninja, Kakashi has shown no signs of arrogance and is rather modest about his abilities.

 Image result for kakashi hatake pinterest


7)Levi Ackerman

Levi is described as a “clean freak” by those who know him personally, as he prefers his environment and himself to be spotlessly clean. He is averse to having either himself or his equipment soiled, and has been known to wipe down his blood-smeared blades while still on the battlefield. However, he will not hesitate to touch filth if he deems it necessary.Despite his preoccupation with cleanliness, Levi is not very approachable. He rarely shows emotion, giving a cold impression to others. His manner of speaking tends to be very blunt, even insulting, and his comments are often coarse or inappropriate.

 Image result for Levi Ackerman pinterest


6)Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru is naturally a lazy person and his inclination is to do as little work as possible. As an Academy student and even during his early career as a genin, Shikamaru is able to get away with this, spending his days sleeping, watching the clouds, or playing games of shōgi and Go. His goal is to live unremarkably, free of anything of noticeably good or bad, and then to die just as unremarkable as he lived.When he is faced with the potential for conflict or commitment, he responds first by saying, “how troublesome,” and then by trying to find some way out of it, either by pretending to be indisposed or even outright saying that he doesn’t want to do whatever it is.

 Image result for Shikamaru Nara pinterest


5)Johan Liebert

Johan is a certifiable sociopath. He has no conscience whatsoever and revels in human suffering. The only two people that he seemed to refuse to kill are his sister, Anna, and the doctor that saved his life, Dr. Kenzo Tenma. He claimed that he has two personalities in his mind, where one likes to commit murder, and one tries to stop the murders. The evil personality is the dominant one, and the other has yet to be physically seen. His sister once described Johan as being “absolute evil”. He is also fully aware of what he is, not even trying to justify his actions.He is cruel, violent, and manipulative, but pretends to be polite, generous, and empathetic to hide his true colors. He is also very persuasive and charismatic.

 Image result for Johan Liebert pinterest


4)Minato Namikaze

Despite his physical resemblance to Naruto, Minato was more perceptive and collected than his son as a child; Jiraiya said that Minato was a shrewd person, not one to do something without a reason.He was well aware of the terror his reputation inspired in rival villages and would take advantage of it at times, but even then he would remain respectful to opponents. Minato also wouldn’t pry into other people’s personal affairs unless he felt it was necessary and was not the type to hold grudges, only feeling sorry for Tobi (Obito) despite his role in his own and Kushina’s deaths.If anything, Minato blames himself for his death for several reasons; he couldn’t save Obito from the fate that corrupted him, Konoha from the difficulties that arose after he was gone, and even his own son Naruto from the painful and difficult life he suffered as a jinchūriki orphan.

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