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Best Anime to Watch on Christmas (2021)

anime to watch on christmas
Winter Sonata

Christmas is a blissful holiday, something we look forward to all year. The holiday brings forth positivity, love, and closure, some of the things we almost seem to be missing out on the whole year. As the snow sticks to the ground, happiness rings around through the cold, making it all cozy and warm. But with the pandemic around, Christmas has become colder than it used to. So why don’t we help you feel more like Christmas? Celebrating the occasion with some relaxing stories is nothing new. So, help yourself with some good anime to watch on Christmas and feel the love through your screen.

Who says we need to go out to feel the Christmas vibe? Having finally found the time to spend with your family, Christmas can be more fun than ever. The holiday season never stops being fun unless you are with the right people. So gather up with all your loved ones and cuddle up under soft blankets and hot snacks. Pick your favorite anime to watch on Christmas and enjoy the series that either makes you laugh till you roll or fills your heart with unending emotions.

Here are some of our handpicked anime to watch on Christmas for you! Let’s make this holiday merrier for you!

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Your Name

The ultimate breathtaking masterpiece by Makoto Shinkai. The movie is a true outcome of the expectations one can have from a Makoto Shinkai production. Everything from the warm smiles it brings to your face to the tears it brings for the umpteenth time. The movie also includes the signature metaphor: trains which portray the picture of distant, hopeless yet irrevocable love amidst beautiful scenery that pulls you deeper into the story.

Your Name may be too simple and sometimes generic in its concept. But as it continues, you get to see the depth it has in store. There are several vital points that the show focuses on, some of which can be quite philosophical without any cryptic complications that can be too difficult for the audience to grasp. Moreover, the plot of the story is not sacrificed so that there is more focus on the theme. Instead, the two are blended gloriously. The romance in the anime is too great to go unnoticed. With all the love and magic, we definitely recommend it to people looking for an anime to watch on Christmas.

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Wolf Children

With Wolf Children, Mamoru has outdone himself as the film shows his excellent observations and analysis of his own life. It is definitely the kind of anime to watch on Christmas under the dim lights. The theme of the film is largely based on the thoughts Mamoru once had when he was surrounded by these women who were getting pregnant all at once. And, he translated this time into a beautiful tale that showcased Parenthood at a young age, going through an unusual childhood, and walking alone on a path of strong changes leading to self-discovery at an adolescent age.

The elegance of the storyline lies in the tone that complements it so perfectly, and both have been executed mesmerizingly with elaborate animation that has been created in 3D first and then augmented in 2D (which is quite the opposite to the norm followed by most anime films). It’s actually a very simple effect. And the art is familiar in its style too. You can even associate the style to Ghibli’s production. Mamoru’s other works show a similar form of style, providing an extra ounce of depth that gives a genuine authenticity and artistic richness.

anime to watch on christmas

Wolf Children

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Nijiro Days

Nijiiro Days is about four high school-going boys. Their names are Natsuki Hashiba, Tsuyoshi Nwoe, Tomoya Matsunaga, and Keiichi Katakura. The story is about their lives in high school. One Christmas Eve, Natsuki is dumped by his girlfriend. This makes him sad, and he begins crying about it. He is found by Santa, who hands him some tissue papers. Santa is actually a girl in a Santa outfit, and Natsuki falls in love with the girl. He later meets the girl again, who goes to the same high school. Her name is Anna Kobayakawa.

Honestly, the anime show finishes faster than you expect it to, mostly because the show is so soothing and peaceful and nothing too violent happens. It can be quite relatable and reminiscent of our own high school days. There are funny elements also included in this anime. Those are blended well with the ongoing romance of the characters without pushing the limits too hard. This makes everything even more realistic to pass off as a genuine high school experience.

rainbow days

Nijiro Days

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Toradora is a story that moves away from cliches and is quite an unpredictable love story. For its cite and funny plot, this is definitely a great anime to watch on Christmas with your significant other (probably under the mistletoe!) There is an uncanny depth of characters, each given a reason and intention behind everything they did and how they acted. Some of them are given certain traits like being unnaturally prideful, stubborn, or even dumb. These characters are the highlight of the slow and the reason why you must watch it. The personalities assigned to each of these characters are unique, realistic, and very relatable. No character measures higher over others, as is the case in most anime shows. No character is too cool, too good, or too bad for the school.

There is no annoying side character that bullies others or acts like a snob, which can sometimes overshadow other important characters. And that keeps the portrayal of each character from becoming black and white. The way these characters are shown, with their strengths and weaknesses, insecurities and vulnerability, are all reasons why it makes such a worthy watch.

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Dororo, at its heart, is known for being a show that captures the dark and moody essence of life. The major theme is revenge that is stilled from the beginning. Most fans dub the show as the ‘monster of the weeks. This episodic show has a very typical style of narrating the storyline. But, the catchiest part is how the character development occurs as the episodes continue. You can take Hyakkimaru, for instance. The character begins with quite a bland sketch in the beginning but soon starts to develop more human nature, a stronger sense of feelings, and starts to be more like himself. He is accompanied by the show’s namesake character, Dororo, and the chemistry between the two characters progresses with each episode.

At one point, we are even able to see Hyakkimaru laugh, which is something unexpected both from the audience and himself. Dororo, on the other hand, is a character that is full of positive, charming, and playful energy in the show. Dororo is kiddish, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that he can’t have a mature side too. The show is about how these two polar opposite characters try to survive in a dark world and how relying on each other helps them in facing the grim world. The premise of Dororo may be quite dark, but it is hopeful and happy in the end, which is definitely why we recommend it as a Christmas anime.

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Sailor Moon

What better way to spend a Christmas holiday than to spend it feeling nostalgic and reminiscing about our childhood? I chose Sailor Moon out of all for its glittery and magical presence that makes it such an amazing anime to watch on Christmas. Sailor Moon is more than just an anime. It’s an emotion. An emotion so deep needs to be expressed loud and clear by binging through the night or the day as we sit with our loved ones. The anime has been one of the most popular 1990s anime that took over several anime fans’ hearts and continues to do so. Even if you haven’t watched it yet, take this Christmas as an excuse and make sure to watch and experience the true essence of a magical shoujo series!

anime to watch on christmas

Sailor Moon

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Winter Sonata

This is one of the most perfect anime to watch on Christmas. Winter Sonata is a beautiful remake of a Korean drama of the same name. This is why we are going to compare it with the original show to see how well it did overall. If you have seen the drama, you already know how the series goes. It captures the story of the hardships faced by the protagonists of the show and what they go through because of the past mistakes made by their elders. ‘Makjang’ is an element that interferes with the beliefs in the unbelievable, especially in terms of exaggerated plots that include serious issues like terminal illness, rape, incest, or adultery.

The core of this show can be sufficiently described as makjang because of how the plot runs. Most kdramas use makjang elements to keep their audience hooked to the show. The suspense is what makes the show interesting and worth watching. This is what Winter Sonata uses, too, as it ventures from Korean to Japanese and international audiences. Not only that, but it also adds on itself multiple layers of makjang elements, extreme plots that make it interesting despite sounding ridiculously unreal. This is how it becomes addictive to the viewers.

Tokyo Godfathers

If put in simple words, Tokyo Godfather is a very simple yet heartwarming Christmas story that is about family and family relations. The show is quite elaborate, but at the same time, it’s also very unique, something that is not seen in shows about family. The protagonists of the show are a family that is less than average. Of course, it is greatly inspired by the old Hollywood movie, 3 Godfathers, but that doesn’t mean that it diminishes the charm of this anime. Additionally, if you compare the old movie and the anime show, there is a vast difference in the details shown in both.

anime to watch on christmas

Tokyo Godfathers

The show gives a loud picture of how difficult life can be, and yet, even amidst that, it does not miss out on the fun and the humor. In fact, it leaves you feeling good and refreshed with the optimism it brings to you. No wonder it’s the absolute holiday watch you should binge on.

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Kanon 2006

Kanon 2006 can initially look like a regular series that is about life, but the storyline moves fast from its outlook, and as you are given better glimpses into the life of each individual girl’s life, you come to realize how beautifully the arcs have been drawn in this narration. It has a lot of beautiful moments that include romance and drama.

kanon 2006

However, most of the events occurring are based on supernatural elements, which contrast the initial bits of the story. It’s not a bad thing, though. It’s, in fact, quite enjoyable and fun to watch. The music of the show is exceptional too and fits the storyline wonderfully. A lot of themes are played on the piano. So, if you are into soft music, you will enjoy the series and the soundtrack. It is both soothing to the ears and pleasing to the eyes, making it quite an attractive anime to watch on Christmas.

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K-On is a story that is going to be etched in your memories for a long time. Yes, it is not the most original creation and has fillers to build character. But that somehow works in favor of the show. In fact, fillers are what keeps this show going on for good, and you would love every minute of it. The episodes are relaxing with silly plotlines that can make you laugh.

If you have seen the anime show Lucky Star, you can understand how K-On is since both boast similar themes and storylines. The artistic appeal is aesthetic in a silly but cute manner. And what’s even better is that the characters are given cute voices, which can make you gush in mush. It’s definitely one of the cutest anime shows that can make the Holiday season even happier.

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