Anime Shows Like Gurren Lagann That Fans Needs To Watch

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Gurren Lagann is an anime show that has been created by Hiroyuki Imaishi as well as Kazuki Nakashima. The genre of Gurren Lagann excels in the department of science as well as fiction. It is a mecha anime show that throws the entire spotlight on a bunch of teenagers and their journey to stop the Spiral King, that is, Lordgenome. They are trying to do s by utilizing large as well as powerful cyborgs.

Despite the fact that this anime show is now over, it is widely popular among fans to be one of the best mecha anime to come out during the 2000s. This news has been concluded by IMDb. Many people also argue that this series is one of the best mecha anime that has included battles that will rival those we have witnessed in Dragon Ball Z. Thus, here we have wrapped up some similar anime content for all the fans to watch if they miss Gurren Lagann.

Kill La Kill

This anime series, Kill La Kill, throw the entire spotlight on Ryuko Matoi. She is a young girl who comes across a powerful piece of clothing known as Senketsu. This event happens after she is defeated by the ruler of Honnoji Academy, that is, Satsuki Kiryuin. Now that Ryuko is in possession of Senketsu, she wished to defeat Satsuki as well as find out all the other information that surrounds the murder of his father. Just like we have witnessed in Gurren Lagann, Kill La Kill also employs some of the outland sorts of anime sequences.

There is also hype around a building soundtrack that comes along with a cast of memorable as well as quirky characters that everyone is going to adore. Not only the fact that Kill La Kill has been directed by the same man who has worked on Gurren Lagann, but also that Kill La Kill has included its own share of iconic scenes that are in accordance with those we have seen in Gurren Lagann.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

This animated show, Neon Genesis Evangelion, throws the entire spotlight on Gendo Ikari who commands his son, that is, Shinji. He asks him to pilot a large Cyborg whose name is Evangelion in order to put a stop to a mysterious menace which is known and Angels. Thus, this anime show revolves around Shinji as he is trying to save all the humans along with some other pilots of Evangelion. Just like we have witnessed in Gurren Lagann, even Neon Genesis Evangelion consists of a diverse cast of characters. They all also pilot some of the colossal mechanical robots to fight a threat that has not originated in this world. Not only that but the show also has included some of the very memorabilia soundtracks as well as sequences that are going to stay with any fan for all the years to come.

Attack on Titan

This anime series, Attack on Titan, is all about a boy whose name is Eren Yaeger. He goes on to seek vengeance against a large group of monsters known ad Titans for all the pain that they have caused him as well as his family and friends. All this while, he gets accompanied by all his friends as well as some of the powerful military force known as the Survey Corps. Here, Eren sets on a journey to kill every Titan before it gets too late.

Just like we have witnessed in Gurren Lagann, Attack on Titan has also given us a protagonist who is a child. His only goal is to take down some creature from the other world in order to prevent the threat to humans. Attack on Titan also has employed some of the fluid action scenes as well as a soundtrack that is going to rival the music we have heard in Gurren Lagann.

My Hero Academia

This anime show, My Hero Academia, throws the entire spotlight on a boy whose name is Izuku Midoriya. He is born into a world that lacks quirk which is actually his world’s version of superpowers. Although later in the scenes we witness that Izuku comes across his idol, that is, All Might, and thus, gets himself admitted into UA High with all the powers of his idol. Well, this show follows Midoriya and his quest about how he came up as the number one hero in the world. Just like we have seen in Gurren Lagann, My Hero Academia is a show for people who are in love with the action genre that has some of the amazingly animated scenes coming with a quality soundtrack. Both of these shows also have a protagonist who is an underdog that fans could cheer on.

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Code Geass

This anime show, Code Geass, is all about a lad whose name is Lelouch Lamoerouge. He receives a power known as Geass that allows him to command all the people to do what he would want them to do. This is all because of a woman called C. C. during a run-in with the Britannian Empire. Thus, in this anime, we witness the journey of Lelouch to overthrow this mighty empire for all the wrongs that they have caused him in the past. Just like we have seen in Gurren Lagann, Code Geass is also a mecha anime show that consists of a rebel like a protagonist who is battling off a more powerful opponent set inside a war theme. Although, there are a variety of fans that are set on arguing that Code Geass is one of the deadliest in anime.

Guilty Crown

This animated show is about a boy named Shuu Ouma. He is going through a Japanese war between the GHQ as well as a self-governing squad of individuals against them. Despite the fact that Shuu desired no sort of engagement in their conflict, his life completely changes when he encounters a mysterious female that helps him to unlock a power that is hidden within him. Just like Simon from Gurren Lagann, Shuu has also gone through some of the losses as well ad hardships of his own. All this while, he finds someone on the journey worthy of being his role model. Both of these shows have been animated greatly with some of the most compelling soundtracks that are going to satisfy any anime fan.

One Piece

This anime show, One Piece, throws the entire spotlight on a boy whose name is Monkey D. Luffy. His only goal in life is to become the new Pirate King while also finding the legendary treasure popularly known as One Piece. This valuable thing was hidden by Gol D. Roger who happens to be a very notorious Pirate King. He also wants to fulfill the dream of his crew members while also battling over other pirates who are not after the same sort of reward. Just like we have witnessed in Gurren Lagann, One Piece is an anime driven by emotions but also is packed with a variety of action sequences. The anime show also has included a vast character list that fans absolutely love.

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