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Top Anime Series To Watch on Netflix India

Great anime series on Netflix India

It is a basic idea to Netflix and chill on a Sunday afternoon or a lazy day. With so many options to choose from, you can watch whatever you like! Be it Netflix originals or series that they’ve gained streaming rights for, Netflix does not disappoint us when it comes to helping us let out of our boredom. It quite usual to scroll down the list of anime series on Netflix to find something new to watch. But how many trial and errors shall be done to find that one anime that might blow your mind? Well, none. We have hand-picked some recent and great anime series on Netflix India for you. Based on whatever genre interests you, feel free to watch some of the best new anime on Netflix India by referring to this list!

Over the time, the quality of content on Netflix has improved. Shows on Netflix often get replaced after their license expires. The replacements are often great series that are really worthy of the time we spend on them. We have listed ten new anime series that aired in 2020 and 2021, some of which are on-going and some which are scheduled to air in June. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of great anime series on Netflix India. However, if you want to watch series that are relatively new, the mentioned anime shall not be missed. Of course, the series are not ranked in any order because some have a difference in genre that can’t be compared.

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Haikyu!! To The Top

Filled with warm sportsmanship and an intense aura of rushing adrenaline, Haikyu continued with its fourth season in 2020. All the fourth seasons are available on Netflix Indian for streaming. The anime was released in two cours, the first premiered in the winter of 2020 and the second during the summer of the same year. Much like the previous seasons, Haikyu!! makes sure to entertain its viewers while showcasing amazing matches. With the progression of the story, we have come across stronger and stronger and tactical players.

Haikyu To The Top

Haikyu!! To The Top.

After defeating Shiratorizawa in season 3, Karasuno has advanced to the national. Their next opponent is Inarizaki, the foxes. Haikyu!! To The Top focuses on the further development of Hinata as a player. The match against Inarizaki expands a larger view of the sport as we meet more elite players like the Miya Twins and a clever blocker like Rintarou Suna. For anyone seeking to watch great anime series on Netflix India, Haikyu is something highly recommended.

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My Hero Academia: Season 5

Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia has been one of the successful anime from Bones studio. It’s a name known to those too who haven’t begun watching the anime. The good news is that people wanting to watch the anime can stream it on Netflix. In fact, Netflix updates the newest episodes of season 5 too. Here you can catch up with the ongoing season of My Hero Academia weekly.

My Hero Academia season 5

My Hero Academia: Season 5.

In a distant world, superhuman powers are widely accepted. It is common knowledge for people to have different mutant abilities called “Quirks”. Amidst the superhuman society are villains who abuse this power. To counter them, the highest profession of this world is a Hero, people who train hard to defeat these villains. My Hero Academia centers around Izuku Midoriya, a boy from a prestigious school for blooming heroes, U.A High, aspiring to be a great hero.

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Seven Deadly Sins: The Dragon’s Judgement

If you’re all caught up with previous seasons of Seven Deadly Sins, Netflix is bringing the newest and fifth season too. Seven Deadly Sins season 5 will be available on Netflix from 28 June 2021. The anime has influenced many fans with its interesting plot. It is an action-packed fantasy anime that can grasp every bit of your attention. It is undoubtedly a great anime series on Netflix India that must not be missed.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

Seven Deadly Sins: The Dragon’s Judgement.

Britannia is facing another threat. The Seven Deadly Sins must give it their all to defeat this enemy. Season 5 will unveil new secrets about the past as old friends reunite.

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Gokushufudou: The Way Of The Househusband

Adapted from the manga by the same name, Gokushudou is a comedy anime that will leave viewers rolling with laughter. The animation is not so great, but the gags still make up for it. Before one knows, they end up binge-watching the season without a break. It is a short anime with no particular story. Instead, the anime consists of short yet hilarious accounts of Tatsu, the Yakuza protagonist. Gokushufudou: The Way Of The Househusband aired in the early spring of 2021.


Gokushufudou: The Way Of The Househusband.

Tatsu used to be a feared Yakuza. His deeds were so merciless that he was nicknamed The Immortal Dragon. However, one day he disappeared from the underground. Now, Tatsu is a devoted househusband who takes his responsibilities very seriously. To support his wife, Miku, who is a designer, Tatsu works hard to make sure his ‘missions’ are complete. Gokushufudou: The Way Of The Househusband shows us the daily life of Tatsu as he enters the battlefield of supermarkets and prepares satisfying meals for his wife.

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Castlevania: Season 4

Another great series on Netflix India is Castlevania. The anime premiered on 13 May 2021. Castlevania is a Netflix original gem that lets its viewers embark on a dark fantasy journey. It is based on the game by the same name and truly does justice to it. The anime has introduced many interesting characters and made an amazing plot out of it. From the animation to the voice acting, there are a lot of things worth appreciating in Castlevania. Experience a blood-rushing war between vampires and humans by streaming all four seasons of this anime series.

Castlevania Season 4

Castlevania: Season 4.

Season 4 of Castlevania is the final season. Up till season 3, we have seen the rise and fall of Dracula after the death of Lisa Țepeș, his wife. After his fall, other vampires have taken over the castle as Alucard, his son dives into the darkness. Castlevania season 4 is the finale, an ultimate battle to decide the fate of humans. The final season drops a grand curtain on the show, making it an epic memory.

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Record Of Ragnarok

This anime has not aired yet, but it looks promising. Record of Ragnarok is based on the 2017 manga by

Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui. It is illustrated by Ajichika. The manga was published by Tokuma Shoten and then by Coamix. Record Of Ragnarok is a brutal seinen anime that will premiere on Netflix on June 17, 2021. The CGI might not look interesting in the trailer, but the premise still pushes people to look forward to this anime. Given its interesting plot, Record of Ragnarok could be a great anime series on Netflix India.

In the anime Record of Ragnarok, humans have been judged. Gods have decided to remove them from existence, claiming them incapable of improving. The only one against the idea is the Valkyrie Brunhild. Thus humans are given a chance to prove themselves. Thirteen humans are selected to take part in a tournament. These thirteen humans, with the assistance of a Valkyrie, shall duel with thirteen Gods. The Gods propose that humanity shall survive if the humans win at least 7 duels out of the 13. Thus the thirteen must thrive, for humanity and the Valkyrie who can transform in weapons, for shall the user be killed, the Valkyrie will die as well.

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Sailor Moon Eternal (Part 1 and 2)

Many fans’ first ever anime is Sailor Moon. This classic anime has built many childhoods. It is probably not a brilliant nor an epic anime. But, it holds so much from the childhood of many people that it’s difficult to not look forward to it. Sailor Moon made a comeback earlier this month. A Sailor Moon movie was released in two parts. However, the movie was only released in Japanese theatres. Netflix has however released the license and the streaming right for the anime. On June 3, Sailor Moon Eternal will be released on Netflix. To take a nostalgic stroll down memory lane, feel free to check out the newest Sailor Moon movie on Netflix.

Great anime series on Netflix India

Sailor Moon Eternal.

Usagi and Chibiusa come across Pegasus, who is looking for the Chosen Maiden who can break the seal of the Golden Crystal. At the same time, a suspicious organization called The Dead Moon Circus makes an appearance to find the Legendary Silver Crystal. They release ‘Lemures’, which are nightmares, to achieve their goal.

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The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED

If you are looking for a good detective series, The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED is a great series on Netflix India that might suit your taste. Animated in CloverWorks studio, this anime stands out for its catching mystery. Although it has some very mixed reviews, The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED has a good concept around it. Of course, I wouldn’t go ahead and call it genius, but the mystery remains well hidden for a good amount of time. Additionally, the anime has interesting characters that make watching the anime fun. Development occurs pretty evenly, and the lead characters become very likable in a short time.

Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED

Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED.

Haru Katou is a detective in the Metropolitan Police Department Modern Crime Prevention Task Force. He believes in justice and stands firm in his principle. Katou is partnered up with Daisuke Kanbe, a rich billionaire who believes that money can solve anything. Katou is often annoyed by his ignorance and his way of life. The anime focuses on these two incompatible partners as they struggle to overcome their issues to solve different cases.

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The Great Pretender

There are many genres that sound fitting to describe The Great Pretender. It has just the right of action and psychological drama with overflowing gags. The Great Pretender is a great series on Netflix India that I would recommend to every anime fan. This anime was released in the summer of 2020. It is based on the manga by Ryōta Kosawa. This comedic series is created with the utmost care and precise pace. It is neither too slow nor too fast. Every episode slowly unfolds the story one by one in the most pleasing way. The anime can be easily overlooked, given that it does not give off many flashy vibes like a shonen anime. However, if given a chance, The Great Pretender has a lot of thrill to offer that might just blow your mind.

The Great Pretender

The Great Pretender.

The protagonist of this show is Makoto Edamura. He is a crook who ends up getting conned by a tourist. Running from the police after getting conned, he runs into the tourist again. The tourist introduces himself as Laurent Thierry. The Great Pretender covers the story of Makoto as he follows Laurent in assisting in his mischief.

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Jujutsu Kaisen

One of the biggest anime of 2021 so far, Jujutsu Kaisen, is coming to Netflix. Jujutsu Kaisen is scheduled to be released on 3 June 2021 on Netflix. The anime originally aired in 2020 in two cours. Its second cour aired in the winter of 2021. Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen was a beautiful blend of an amazing plot, exceptionally well-done animation, strong characters, and catchy music. The anime has won several awards so far. If you haven’t caught up with this great anime, we recommend you do so once it starts streaming on Netflix.

Great anime series on Netflix India

Jujutsu Kaisen.

When Itadori’s grandfather dies, he tells him to live life in a way that when he dies, he is surrounded by people. Itadori Yuji is an extremely athletic student. However, he has no interest in joining a sports club and spends his time in the occult club. The occult club picks up a strange object covered with a cloth. When they unwrap it, they discover a decayed finger inside it. Unknowingly, they have unleashed Sukuna’s finger, a special grade cursed object that attracts other cursed spirits. When they get attacked, a mysterious sorcerer comes to save them. However, things get worse. Determined to save the club members, Itadori ends up swallowing the finger, letting Ryomen Sukuna, the King of Curses, into his body.

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