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Anime Review – Zombieland Saga Revenge Season 1

Zombie Land Saga Revenge

Zombieland Saga Revenge ended with the victory of the Franchouchou girls; since the first season has ended, we are expecting the next season to air soon. Franchouchou is a group of young idols formed by Kotaro Tatsumi and recruits seven girls each time and encounters the Zombie girls. The Zombie girls and Kotaro dream of reviving the Zombieland Saga Revenge and continuing with the idol business. The girls realize that they had to disguise themselves from the humans to hide their actual identity Zombie forms from humans.

During the process, the zombie girls incurred a considerable debt and decided to work hard to repay the money they owe. Fewer months have passed after the girls performed at Arpino, but they had the worst performance of their life and incur a debt of 20 million yen that they have to repay soon. The zombie girls spent most of the months working at different places to earn some money for paying what they owe. Kotaro, the founder of the Saga, abandoned the girls, and the idol group died. The girls thought that they are successful because os of Kotaro and decide to leave their idol jobs.

Later Franchouchou host another performance at the Saga Live House Geils; the girls decide to play a song that Kotaro assisted them with in the last encore. Kotaro chose not to attend the show and met with the bartender of Bar New Jofuku. The guy reminds him about the importance of the girls and dashes at full speed to help the girls, but the show was unsuccessful. On the next day, Kotaro recovered from stress and met with the girls to start their careers.

Zombieland Saga Revenge Season 1 Summary

Franchouchou attends an interview to promote Yutoku Inari Shrine alongside White Ryu, whom Saki admires. Ryu and Saki met after feeling, and Ryu talked about the retirement. Saki proposes to Ryu and but Ryu rejects her due to age difference. Saki felt hurt since she is an unaging Zombie but the same age as Ryu. Later Kotaro prepares for the next performance at the new Saga Arena’s inauguration. Kotaro realizes that Ai will get them in trouble and decided not to let her perform since she is a former member of  Iron Frill.

Ai left everything in Junko’s hand to lead Franchouchou to victory. Junko gets scared of her past, thinking that she will fail since Ai is not around. The girls decided to follow Ai and find her with  Iron Frill’s lead singer, Shiori. Shiori tries to bribe Ai to join her former team, and the girls heard that and think it is over for them. The girls decided to leave, wondering what will happen to the future of their group. Junko and Sakura decide to keep a secret from the other girls since they don’t want to ruin the group’s upcoming show.

Zombieland Saga Revenge

Zombieland Saga Revenge

The Greatest Saga in History

Ai ends up agreeing that she will rejoin Iron Frill. Later the show begins, and Jinko puts on a great show, and Ai reunites with the Zombie girls. After the show, the Frachouchou girls confront Shiori and reminds her that Ai belongs to their group. Shiori had an interview and announced that Franchouhou is  Iron Frill’s rival. One day Lily entered  Japanese Got Performance. But she lost after Light performed her song. Her song was loved by many even though she lost the competition. Maria met with Tae and heads to watch Dorami perform at a dancing competition.

Tae participates in the competition to defeat Drive-In Tori’s mascot, the reigning champion. After the show, Tae won 3000 yen and bet it on Misa, Maria’s rival, after noticing that Misa had better winning odds. Tae won 20 million yen and headed back to the Zombie girls’ house to show them the money. Sakura finds Tae exposing their truth in front of Okaba and decided to cut her head. The next day Miamai Yuzuriha escaped death after accidentally entering the wrong bathroom. Kotaro saved her and went with her to the house. The girls help her to become the star she wanted to become.

In 2019 the girls had an Arpino content, and Kotaro talked about the upcoming show in Ekimae Fudosan Stadium. After a year has passed, Kotaro organizes a show for the girls. To perform in the stadium on the anniversary day. The incident that Kotaro tried to prevent strikes the Saga and everything got destroyed after floods. Kotaro and the government manages to form a Franchouchou charity to help solve the problems caused by disasters. The girls got shocked when they performed their last performance and find that they have become popular worldwide, which never happened in the saga history.

Where To Watch Zombieland Saga Revenge Season 1

Zombieland Saga Revenge Season 1 is available online on Crunchyroll. Also, read Spoilers & Recap: I’m Standing On A Million Lives Season 2 Episode 1.

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Meshack Makungo is an anime enthusiast from South Africa. He is so into anime & manga that he doesn't like to write anything other than anime & manga. He reviews episodes and manga chapters every day. You can reach out to him at

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