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Anime Review: The Princess of Snow and Blood Season 1

The Princess of Snow and Blood

In 1931 Yoshinobu Tokugawa maintain power around Japan and changed history. The Princess of Snow and Blood anime follows a young girl who loses her parents at a young age. The higher-ups created something called the Dragon Vein during the experiments. They realize that the is a group called the Kuchinawa that wants to eliminate the government. The Nue rise to challenge that group. They know that most of its members lost their beloved once due to that group. At a young age, Sawa witnessed her parent getting killed by a strange man, and she hid under the bed until the drama unfold.

After her parents die, Sawa roams alone around the streets and meets with a mysterious man who decided to train her. During the training, the man reveals himself to be Jin Kuzuhara and the leader of the Nue organization. The two trained together with different goals, and Jin realizes that Sawa possesses the powers to help him achieve his goal. Sawa decided to get her revenge from a group called Snake Eyes that killed her family. Jin employs Sawa a the execution of the Nue Organization.

Jin finds that Sawa’s clan is blue-blooded, and she is powerful. The two behind are working on their missions until two other members join them. They operate a special mission during the night and kills every enemy that steps on their path. But only Jin hides secrets about the Nue Organization. Makoto knows the truth about Jin and decided to keep quiet to see how things will go. One day Sawa met with Asahi and realizes that she has no parents she needs care and took her inside her house.

The Princess of Snow and Blood Season 1 Summary

Asahi works hard, and Sawa felt like she has become a mother and shower Asahi with parental love. Elaine also joined the Nue executions, but she likes men to hit her and try to seduce Jin all the time. Jin keeps on rejecting her and teams her up with Sawa to take her execution job seriously. Elaine enjoys robbing rich men to earn more money, and at night rich men queue in her house taking their turns. Sawa keeps on chasing a man know as Janome, who is the head of the Snake Eyes.

Later Sawa finds that Asahi’s life is in danger and decided to protect her. Matoko interferes and helps Sawa to protect Asahi, but she got stolen by Janome’s man. The two encounters Janome and Makoto help Sawa to defeat Janome after he turned into a two-headed snake. Sawa manages to get her revenge after killing Janome and decided to leave the Nue organization with the help of Asahi. Makoto teaches Asahi to kill Sawa, but they will revive her after Jin confirms that she is dead.

The Princess of Snow and Blood

The Princess of Snow and Blood

Spy Executioner

Asahi and Makoto’s plan worked and then realizes that if Jin finds out, they are dead. Sawa and Asahi manage to escape and leave the Nue organization. Makoto continues with his treasure hunt job and unveils the truth behind Jin’s secrets. Sawa and Asahi enjoy their life, and Sawa promised Asahi that she would never kill since they have got rid of their enemies. When she comes back from work, she finds Makoto killing Asahi at the playground and fighting with Makoto until she defeats her.

Jin finds the truth about Sawas’s death and decided to retrieve her. After defeating Makoto, she asks Sawa to kill her since she killed Asahi in front of her. Sawa realizes that she promised Asahi that she would never kill and spare Makoto’s life. But a mysterious black hawk killed Makoto after taking his heart out using its claws. Jin arrives and consoles Sawa. Later the two attend the funeral of Makoto and Asahi. Sawa mourns for a week, and Jin decided to head to Tokyo.

Jin asks Sawa if he wants to join her and allow her to decide that they will meet in Tokyo. Jin left Sawa, who met with a strange executioner who has been spying on her. Sawa realizes that Jin hired the spy. The two went to Tokyo together, and Sawa isn’t aware of the last mission where they battle with the man in black inside the train. Later Sawa finds that Jin is responsible for eliminating her cal and confronts him. Jin accepted and told her to escape since the government is after her. Elena helps Sawa escape after the battles with the spy executioner and defeats her. Sawa’s life ended when she is alone since she lost everyone in her life.

Where To Watch The Princess of Snow and Blood Season 1

You can watch The Princess of Snow and Blood Season 1 online on Crunchyroll.

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