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Anime Review: Seven Deadly Sins Final Season

Seven Deadly Sins

The brawl between humanity and Demon Race has come to an end after three thousand years. Meliodas, the leader and the Captain of Seven Deadly Sins, leads the crew to fight against the Demons and protect his beloved Princess Elizabeth. Seven Deadly Sins wants to rescue Elizabeth and break her dying curse before she dies. Let’s revisit the war between humankind and Demons and how Elizabeth managed to survive e the curse. The story begins with the separation of the Seven Deadly Sing and Meliodas along with Hawks gathers to search for the rest of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins.

They begin to sell liquor and food that taste horrible, but the alcohol is too good. On the way, they met a girl chased by a powerful man, and Meliodas protects that girl by defeating the powerful guy. The girls got revealed to be Princess Elizabeth, and she begins traveling with the duo to search for other members of the Seven Deadly Sins. The trio manages to gather Gowther, Merlin, Ban, Escanor, Diane, and King. They become the Seven Deadly Sins, including their Captain Meliodas. Each member of a group has their Sin, and they work to repent their Sins.

The Holy War is something that worries the Sins since humanity will get erased during the Holy War. Elizabeth and Meliodas tried to stop the war from happening. They decided to head to Purgatory to defeat the Demon King and stop the Demon King from arriving in their world, but things changed when only Meliodas head to the Demon Realm alone. Ban decided to follow the Captain, and the two reunite inside the Purgatory. They begin to battle with the monsters around while the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins fight with the Commandments led by Zeldris. Zeldris is Meliodas’s brother, and he is the son of the Demon King that Meliodas want to defeat.

Seven Deadly Sins Final Season Summary

He is fighting to get his lover back since the Demon King told him that he would revive Zelda. Zeldris accepted to offer and fight with the Seven Deadly Sins. Cusack and Chandler form a pact to fight with the Sins as Zeldris watches them. At the Purgatory, Meliodas and Ban met with Hawk’s brother Wild who has been searching for Hawks for the rest of his life. He got relieved after hearing that Hawks is still alive in the other world. Wild decided to help the duo to defeat the Demon King. The Demon King defeated them many times and spent many years fighting with the Demon King.

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Wild reveals that the Demon King stole Hawk at their young age and sent him to another world to keep an eye over Meliodas. After suffering much defeat, Meliodas tricks the Demon King for Ban to escape when he battles with the Demon King. Meliodas promise that he will return after settling scores with the Demon King. Ban arrives in their world and saves Elaine from the Demons that were after her. After defeating those Demons, Ban sacrifices his immortality for Elaine to live since she was about to die.

Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

The End of 3000 Years Journey

The fierce battle took place; the Original Demon appears after Cusack and Chandler merged but Escanor steps and helped others defeat the Original Demon. Zeldris decided to step in and fight with the Seven Deadly Sin and punish them with the new powers that got awaken from his body. Later Meliodas came back and settled the scores with Zeldris, and the battle ended with a draw. One day the Seven Deadly Sins find that the Demon is coming into their world. Meliodas and Elizabeth rush to the scene and find the Demon King waiting for them. The battle begins, and Elizabeth decided to fight for the first time.

The Seven Deadly Sins members arrive during the battle and remind Meliodas that they fight as a team. Escarnor decided to exceed his limit, and Meliodas realizes that Escanor is trying to kill himself and the Demon King. Escanor manages to smash the Demon King, who runs out of power. Meliodas decided to inter fear and got a new form that helped them slash the Demon King. After the war, the Demon King told Meliodas that he would regret what he has done and vanishes. The peace got restored in Britannia, but the Sins discovered the truth behind Merlin’s past.

They find out about the Lord of Chaos that awakens King Arthur’s body, who decided to fight with Cath. Arthur wields the Holy Sword and helps Merlin to fight with Cath. Meliodas arrived and saved Merlin from the finishing blow. The Seven Deadly Sins works together and defeats Cath using Full Counter. The three thousand years of the journey between Elizabeth and Meliodas ended in peace after eliminating the Demon King and the other enemies.

Where To Watch Seven Deadly Sins Final Season Online

You can watch Seven Deadly Sins Final Season online on Netflix.

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