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Anime Review – Mars Red Season 1

Mars Red

Mars Red has concluded the first season after the release of episode 13. The story took place in 1923 where the great war between humans and the vampire begins; the war brought many years to an end, but things settle for few years. The vampire rises again, terrorizing humans, and the Japanese came up with a plan to counter the vampire. They created a Special Forces Unit 16, known as Code Zero, under Nakajima Tenyama, and Colonel Youshunobu Maeba leads the team. Dr. Takeuchi came with a plan of creating human vampires that will study the lives of the vampire to eliminate them.

The plan works accordingly, and they created a powerful special force led by Yoshinobu to kill all the vampires. Nakajima guides Yoshinobu as they begin to execute the missions. Colonel Yoshinobu Maeda finds the vampire girl who poses no threat to humans and decides to visit the girl. That day Kurusu is the one who accompanied him to see that vamp girl. When the two arrived, they find that Misaki and Yoshinobu try to act tough and realize that he has met with this girl before in his life. Misaki and Yoshinobu were two lovers who got separated for a long time.

Yoshinobu enjoys listening to Misaki’s poem that reveals the truth about the future and the upcoming war between the vampires. The Special Forces Unit 16 continues to lock Misaki inside the jail. They are investigating how they can take down the vampire’s army using her. The warriors head out in their daily missions to protect the humans around, but the vampires’ cases kept on increasing. The higher-ups start to think that Nakajima is not doing the right job and decides to give him little time to solve the vampires.

Mars Red Season 1 Summary

Yoshinobu continues to work with his team of human vampires, killing weaklings vampires, and they were not aware that they are high-ranked vampires. The queen and king of the vampires continue to scheme against the humans. Lieutenant General Nakajima devices the idea of creating Code Zero. They thought that they were doing good business while eliminating the vampires, but the plan backfires. In dark hours the unit receives missions to take care of the vampires and find the truth behind their increase. The higher-ups realize that society is in danger and protects them using Code Zero.

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The vampire incidents begin with a young man 25 years ago who got bitten by a vampire, and the government recruited him to work for them. Kurusu receives help from Dr. Takeuchi, who offers him blood to prevent being a rampaging vampire. Kurusu used to sell stuff with his father before he got bitten by a vampire. But he became a human-vampire after getting human blood injected into his body. Kurusu’s life changed, and they become a different human-vampire from other human vampires. He realizes that he has to stop the war between humans and vampires using his new vampire form.

Mars Red

Mars Red

The End of Vampire and Human War

Yoshinobu Maeda is known for being the most powerful warrior in humankind. Due to his hard work, he became the captain of Special Forces Unit 16 or Code Zero. Yoshinobu believes that he will end the war between humans and vampires with the help of other members of the unit.  The A-Class Vampire joins his team and Kurusu and begins to execute their mission in dark hours. Aoi became interested in writing about vampire articles and became a massive fan of Misaki, who is more popular than Romeo and Juliet. But she met with Romeo and finds that Romeo has taken over the fame ever since Misaki disappears.

In the past, Misaki died while performing her poems on stage. But the vampire who likes her saved her life. The vampire name Deffrott helps Misaki but giving her his blood, and she revives. Yoshinobu and Nakajima failed, and the new captain rises to protect humans from the vampires. Glen created his new Special Forces Unit 16 and killed all the vampires in the city within 24 hours. Glen praises himself that he did something that Najakima and Yoshinobu failed to do in many years. He wowed that the only vampire left alive will be him.

Misaki witnessed everything and wonders what Glen is planning. Yoshinobu gained his new vampire form called dark wing and has a brawl with Deffrot. Yoshinobu is programed that the vampires must die. The two had a fierce battle that ended after Aoi got hurt and Yoshinobu returned to his senses. In the end, Defrott killed Glen, who was planning to form a new army of vampires in the new land. Kurusu saved the vampire kids who were in danger. The vampire cases have now ended, and Japan is back to its peaceful days.

Where To Watch Mars Red Season 1

Mars Red Season 1 is available online on Funimation. Also, read Fall 2021 Anime Films That Will Be Worth Watching.

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