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Anime Review: HIGEHIRO Season 1


Let’s take a look at HIGEHIRO Season 1 after ending its episode a few weeks ago. This anime is about love and reveals how a young man got duped by the love of his life. Yoshida has a crush on one of the colleagues and decides to confess his “love,” but things didn’t end the way he liked since Gotou rejected him. Yoshida has been in love with G0tou for more than five years, but he got dumped, and the lady told him that she is in love with someone. After being rejected, he went to the bar with his best friend Hashimoto and drank until midnight. Hashimoto reminds Yoshida that they have Sayu Ogiwara.

Saya is in her school uniform shivering on the street, and Yoshida wonders why this student is out here in the streets at this hour. Yoshida confronts the young girl and asks her if she has run away from home. The girl revealed everything and told him that she is Sayu. The two agreed to stay together, but Sayu proposes to share the love with him. Yoshida refused and said he doesn’t hit on students. The two slept separately, and in the morning, Sayu told Yoshida that she ran away from Hokkaido and spent her time with men to get a place to stay and food.

Yoshida realizes that something makes Sayu run away from home and decides to stay with her until she moves back home. Yoshida is a young man at the age of twenty-six who grew up to be a highly independent guy. The young man loves to work hard and tries to get rid of the stress that the love of his life rejected him. Sayu Ogiwara played a vital role in Yoshida’s life. Let’s find more about Sayu and Ogiwara.

Anime Review HIGEHIRO Season 1

The two enjoy staying together, but Sayu insists on Yoshida sharing the same bed with her. Yoshida rejects her offer, and Sayu accepted after realizing that Gotou still hurts Yoshida. The two begin to teach each other how they should live inside the apartment. Sayu enjoys cooking for Yoshida, and the colleagues at work find that Yoshida is staying with a student. They tried to question him, and he told his best friend about Sayu and how she runs away from home.

Gotou begins to feel jealous of Yoshida after noticing that he shaved and looks lovely every day. They went on a date, and she questioned him about the students he is staying with at his house. Yoshida explained the truth beyond Sayu’s past, and Gotou felt relieved after hearing the story. Gotou started to hang out with Yoshida monitoring his movement. One day the two visit Sayu, and when she opens the door, she realizes that Gotou is the lady who puts Yoshida in pain.

Sayu’s Past

The two have a girl-to-girl talk, and Yoshida gives them time to clear the misunderstanding. Mishima also tried her moves on Yoshida, but things didn’t go well. The two ends up watching the movie together and become best friends. Mishima worries about what will happen if the two get separated when Sayu went home. Sayu gets a part-time job nearby Yoshida’s house at the convenience store in Tokyo. She met with the guy that claimed to share the same bet with her, and Sayu denies everything.



The guy tries to blackmail her, but Asami interferes and protects her. Hashimoto always supports Yoshida and gives him advice about staying with Sayu. Hashimoto thinks a love spark exists between the two, but Yoshida refuses and says he would never fall in love with students. The young man love to tease Yoshida and hit him with jokes to lighten the mood in the workplace. One day Asami and Sayu spot a man following Sayu, and they later discovered that it is Sayu’s brother.

The next day Sayu’s brother Issa Ogiwara a president and CEO of Ogiwara Company, came to Yoshida’s house. The trio sits down and settles the scores, and Yoshida realizes that Sayu is heading home. On the day of her departure, Yoshida accompanies her to see Mrs. Ogiwara. Mrs. Ogiwara got dumped by her husband since she gave birth to a girl named Sayu. Yoshida and Sayu’s mother met and talked about Sayu. The girl who runs away from home has finally returned to her parent.

Where To Watch HIGEHIRO Season 1 Online

You can watch HIGEHIRO Season 1 online on Crunchyroll.

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