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Anime Review: Fruits Basket The Final Season

Fruits Basket The Final Season

Fruits Basket The Final Season has concluded after the Soma Family Curse gets broken. Tohru helped the Soma family through difficulties until the final stage of the Zodiac curse. This season was the last season of the anime, as the title states, Fruits Basket The Final Season. The final season was an interesting one since it ended with all of the Soma Family reuniting into one thing. No one would ever believe that Akito would ever come to her terms with other Soma Family members since she was the most feared boss around the Soma estate.

Fruits Basket The Final Season follows the story of a young girl by the name of Tohru Honda. Tohru Honda is the main character leading the likes of Kyo, Soma, Shigure Soma, Akito Soma. Momiji Soma, Yuki Soma, and the rest of the Soma Family. The young girl fight to bring peace to the Soma Family even though she is a commoner. Tohru Honda lost her parents at a young age and ended up living in the Soma Estates. The Soma Family felt blessed since someone who will lead them to light has arrived in their family. The day Tohru arrived in the Soma Family, not all members of the family welcomed her.

Life becomes tough for Tohru, who tried to reunite all the members of the family. Yuki and Kyo fell in love with her, but Yuki ends up discovering that Kyo and Tohru loved each other. Yuki sacrificed his love for his younger brother since he knows that he loved Tohru’s character. Things became difficult for Kyo since he was a cocky brat and didn’t want to express his feelings. Let’s look at the summary of Fruits Basket The Final Season.

Fruits Basket The Final Season Summary

Kyo pretends to care for no one since he was afraid that he might end up hurting someone due to the Zodiac curse. Akito continues with her daily bossy behavior challenging Tohru that no one will win her heart. The Soma Family thinks that Akito is a boy, but only Shigure and two other family members know the truth. The secret remains hidden for many years. Tohru tries to find the truth beyond the Zodiac curse to save the Soma Family from death since the curse can’t take a life if not broken. Shigure gives Tohru some clues to counter the Zodiac curse.

The daily life of Tohru revolves around school and the Soma Family. In school, Tohru befriends Machi, Aoi, and other students for are struggling with life. The girl is loved by many due to her kindness and how she showed love to everyone. Yuki is the most popular guy in school and girls want to be his girlfriend, but he got his eyes set on Machi. The relationship between Yuki and Machi remains hidden since the two were afraid to confront each other.

Yuki enjoys being the president at school and saves many students who wanted to give up on their dreams. He also became a bridge that connects Tohru and Kyo. But Kyo continues to be himself and worries all the time he hurts Tohru. Yuki always comes to a rescue when things are not working between Kyo and Tohru. Yuki teases Kyo, who realizes that his brother is pulling him up to learn to say thank you or apologizes when he hurts someone.

Fruits Basket The Final Season

Fruits Basket The Final Season

Life in The Soma Family

Life in the Soma Family became better after the arrival of Tohru, who teams up with Shigure to help the family to get out of the darkness. Shigure knows all the secrets behind the Soma Estate. Shigure became an ace card in Tohru’s plans to reunite the family, but he fell in love with Akito. Akito betrayed Shigure when she slept with Shigure’s rival. But Shigure continues to love her no matter how the betrayal hurts. Akito continues to hurt everyone in the family, but Tohru intervenes and settles the scores. Kyo couldn’t stand how Akito behaved around others and wanted to take her on without knowing that she is a girl.

The days pass as Tohru breaks the fights in the house until she finds the truth behind the Zodiac curse. Shigure told her everything and that Kyo’s Zodiac curse will break soon and he won’t die. Tohru gets relieved and wanted to tell Kyo the truth, but Kyo shutters down since he is not aware of anything. Kyo thought that the month of his death is near and realizes that death will separate him and his beloved one Tohru. Kureno also told Tohru that Akito is the girl and reveals why they hide the secret for a long time since Akito is like the god of the Soma Family.

One day Kyo and Tohru open up to each other, but Kyo Kyo ends up running away, thinking that he is responsible for Tohru’s mom’s died. Yuki heard the truth and wonders why that idiot run away. Akito confronts Tohru, who touched Akito’s heart with her speech, and Akito ends up stabbing her hand. Fortunately, Shigure arrives and settles everything. Toru headed to the hospital and met with Kyo, and the two reunites. The anime ends with Akito revealing that she is a girl, and peace gets restored in the Soma family since the Zodiac curse got broken.

Where To Watch Fruits Basket The Final Season

Fruits Basket The Final Season is available online on AnimeLab, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

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