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anime like violet evergarden
Violet Evergarden

There is nothing more satisfying than an anime that makes you feel several storming emotions but manages to keep you calm. Violet Evergarden has long impressed several fans by presenting itself with the utmost innocence and tranquillity that a story could offer. There are many anime like Violet Evergarden, at least not many that can execute the idea as well. The show is one of Kyoto Animation’s supreme works that deserves all the love and attention it gets. Violet Evergarden came out in the Winter of 2018 and was licensed by Funimation. It left everyone in awe as they witnessed the aesthetic nature of the show led by one of the most loved female protagonists.

The anime tells the story of Violet Evergarden, who has returned from The Great War and starts working as an Auto Memory Doll. It is a story about self-discovery, all the while leading its viewers a step closer to it. But Violet Evergarden is not all about the plot. The anime is filled with beautiful concept arts. Its scenic beauty is its main attraction. Kyoto Animation exceeds expectations with the amount of work it has poured into making every scene worth remembering for life.

Did Violet Evergarden leave a long-lasting impression on you too? Here are some anime like Violet Evergarden that you should check out this year!

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Silent Voice

Perhaps not for the plot, but Silent Voice is definitely an anime like Violet Garden for the mood it builds. Silent Voice is no less than an emotional roller coaster. The reason behind it is that the movie plays with the softest corner of your heart as it progresses. Kyoto Animation’s biggest point is that it provides high-quality animation. It adds amazing details like glittering eyes, cutesy-moe seifuku character, impressive background, and many more.

With the finest quality of animation, Silent Voice becomes more relatable than ever. If romance is your cup of tea, you will definitely love this beautiful story that highlights love in new colors. Even for those fans who don’t like romance, Silent Voice can be a refreshing touch that won’t disappoint them. In general, it is a good show to binge on, and no wonder it has been called the second-best movie after Haruhi. I would totally recommend it to anime lovers who love anime like Violet Evergarden, and if you want to be a step ahead, you can read the manga completely.

anime like violet evergarden
A Silent Voice

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Death Parade

Death Parade is a unique and extraordinary show. You can feel why it is an anime like Violet Evergarden as it explores deep thoughts without the use of violence and profanity. The anime puts an emphasis on serious concepts like death, and it expands the idea into a gaming kind of format. But it’s also not just restricted to that. We get to see the ins and outs of playing the game and how the characters or players are. In a more figurative sense, it is a lot like playing the roles of life and death.

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The beautiful part is that the show operates it differently from the regular games of survival. Plus, the catchy part is that the characters of the show are already dead. Produced by Madhouse, Death Parade is a wonderful show that runs for 1 hour. What’s more interesting is that the series is a broader version of another half-hour short called ‘Death Billiards,’ which was already enough to make this show into a successful tv show. The success of the Death Parade anime was inevitable.

anime like violet evergarden
Death Parade

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Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the Dawn, at its first glance, seems like an average shoujo reverse harem. However, the show has a lot more in store, especially at the end of the first episode, and as the story goes on, the intensity builds higher. The plotline is written quite well, and it focuses mostly on powerful themes like betrayal and vengeful. The characters, too, have been given exceptional attention and see a lot of development throughout the show. With the anime focussing on a strong female lead, you would see several similarities to Violet Evergarden.

Yona, the lead of the show, has been a fan favorite for the longest time. Her character is shown as someone weak, vulnerable, and fragile in the beginning, much like a kitten, but as the show continues, she becomes a fierce, wild, and strong creature. You can see how this independent character carefully awaits its prey and cautiously makes sure she never becomes a victim. Her protector, Hak, is also a vital character, someone she has known and trusted since childhood. Hak is a badass that will do anything to keep Yona out of danger and helps her by all means. He can even use himself as a tool for her safety. There are some dragons who play pretty cool characters, and each of those has a backstory worth looking into.

yona of the dawn
Yona Of The Dawn

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The Ancient Magus’ Bride has a plot that may appear quite simple at first but starts including a sophisticated plotline gradually. It is very much of an anime like Violet Evergarden, although it is amidst magical beings and supernatural themes. The lead of the show, Chise Hatori, has had the ability to see mysterious creatures ever since her childhood. When she loses her mother at a young age, she is tossed between various relatives, the reason being that nobody wanted to keep her since they thought something was wrong with her.

As an adult, Chise is rather unattached from the world due to her childhood. One day she meets a strange man with whom she signs a contract. Thereafter, she is put on auction. All she ever wanted or cared about having was a place she could always come back to and call it home. In the auction, a tall man appears, covered with black clothes top to bottom, and his head having an animal skull. He is called Elias, and he is a mage who had taken Chise to be his future wife as well as an apprentice. What occurs next is for you to find out.

the ancient magus' bride
The Ancient Magus’ Bride

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Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song

What is the most attractive thing about Vivy? Well, the first thing you are bound to notice is that this is an AI that has the single purpose of making others happy through her singing. She doesn’t sound much different from the humans. However, after 100 years of observing humanity, her mission takes a darker turn. First, there was a malign AI called Matsumoto which could not be removed from Vivy’s core even by the genius archive, Arayashiki. Second, through Matsumoto, Vivy gets help as she finds a new objective that has been going on between AIs and humans for 100 years. Matsumoto came up with something called the Singularity Project, which aimed at changing the AI’s important events that had led to the war in the first place.

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Vivy is a spectacular show. It is more than what one expects it to be. With a blend of action, emotion, smooth animation sequencing, impressive character growth, and a soundtrack that can melt your heart, Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is a show that you are bound to save in your heart forever. There are, of course, some inexplicable, ridiculous bits in the plot, but all that is worth it for the delightful experience this movie is overall.

anime like violet evergarden
Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song.

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Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories has a story that takes place in the future world. A time when humanoid Androids are pretty common in society. These Androids have been given the name ‘Giftias’ and are sentient beings who constantly help their human owners (or humans in general) in whichever way they can. However, these humanoid Androids are given a very limited lifespan. And this is why they need to be taken out of service before it gets too long. Now comes Tsukasa, an 18-year-old young man who is offered the esteemed position at the SAI Corporation.

The SAI is a group of colleagues responsible for taking the Giftias who are no longer in service. At the same time, the organization scrapes those who have fulfilled their lifelines. He also has a sidekick who always stands by his side no matter what. It is Isla, an incredible, cute, and loveable character who is also a Giftia. Both Isla and Tsukasa form a team together as ordered by their boss. Slowly, as they start working together, socializing, and knowing more about each other, and eventually, they start falling in love with each other.

anime like violet evergarden
Plastic Memories

Perhaps the synopsis is quite self-explanatory why you would absolutely love Plastic Memories if you liked an anime like Violet Evergarden.

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Your Lie In April

One of the most deceitfully brilliant masterpieces, Your Lie in April, is an anime like Violet Evergarden that appears to be soft and light-hearted in the beginning. The palettes of the animation are all pastel and happy, making you think that this was just another romantic comedy. But, things start taking a more sinister turn as the delusions that the show cast on you fades away, and soon you are made to realize that this is a travesty in the making.

So, what makes Your Lie in April such a big tragedy? The truth is there is not just a single element but an entire series of different parts that make you feel so. But, sadness isn’t what the show is about in the end. It is more about what you get to learn in your healing process, the fundamentals of moving on from a broken heart, and to learn parts of ourselves that aren’t pretty, that we otherwise wish would go away. The theme of self-acceptance is a huge part of the show. It represents that sometimes you may need to hold a hand to learn a few things, while other times you need to let go.

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anime like violet evergarden
Your Lie in April

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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

If you loved the war themes of Violet Evergarden had yourself craving for something similar but more intense, you should be looking forward to Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. There are so many good things about the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. But one of the best things about it is that it does not add any necessary fillers, unlike shows like Naruto and Inuyasha. This is why you can’t lose momentum as you watch the story unfold.

The episodes are also very concise, and you can’t miss out on a scene since everything plays a vital role. The dialogues, too, are very to-the-point. Overall animation of the FMA Brotherhood is well done, and you can see the experts did justice to it. Of course, when compared to the original FMA, it’s still a bit more simple, but that’s also because it’s impossible to follow a standard set that high.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

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A Place Further Than The Universe

‘A place further than the universe’ is actually a very peaceful story that follows the life of a high school student named Mari Tamaki. Tamaki desires to make the most of her life while she’s young. However, she still feels scared of following her heart. One day, she comes across a girl named Shirase Kobuchizawa, who has been saving up money to travel to Antarctica. She wants to do so so that she can find her lost mother. She is also accompanied by two other girls, her besties named Yuzuki and Hinata. Thus, begins the journey of love.

What I loved about this show is that it can make you crave attention. Seriously! Every minute you spend watching this show, you would be craving for something like a girls’ trip and even might end up following your desires like Tamaki.

A Place Further Than The Universe
A Place Further Than The Universe

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Her Blue Sky

Her Blue Sky has many amazing themes speaking for it. It shows the bond between siblings and how love nourishes them. It’s very relatable, especially how Akane acts with her sibling. She had to give away everything that she wanted to raise her sister all alone by herself. The way she sacrificed her time and efforts to raise Aoi and to make her happy is commendable but also tragic. She even had to give up on the person she fell in love with. Aoi, too, felt the guilt of making Akane go through it. She felt bad that Akane had to give up on her potential for her. The regrets both felt showed the bond the sisters shared, and it’s just mesmerizing. An anime like Violet Evergarden, Her Blue Sky guides the viewers through self-discovery featuring several beautiful arts of the bluest sky and countryside Japan.

anime like violet evergarden
Her Blue Sky

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