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10 Anime Like Pacific Rim: The Black You Must See

Pacific Rim: The Black was Netflix’s recent release. On the 4th of March, seven episodes of the anime were released. The anime is based on the Pacific Rim franchise, consisting of two English live-action movies starring Rinko Kikuchi and Charlie Day. It was announced in 2018 by Netflix and had good CGI and an overall interesting plot. It has been quite a success among anime fans, even if it wasn’t completely from Japan. After watching it, fans have claimed that the anime series was better than the live-action movies.

The main characters of the series are Taylor Travis and Hayley Travis, a pair of siblings. The story is set in a dystopian world where humans hide and fear Kaiju, a monstrous breed who seems to have wiped the humans off the face of Earth. The humans tried fighting back using big machines called Jaegars, only to fail miserably. Travis and Hayley are two Australian kids in search of their parents. In a world where humans are only found scattered and hidden, they find an old Jaegar. Using this Jaegar, called the Atlas Destroyer, the siblings embark on a journey of survival as they set out to find their parents. However, the challenges ahead are not just The Kaiju but also humans who want to take over the Atlas Destroyer.

So did you like the new Netflix original anime? Anime set in the post-apocalyptic world always has similar plots, but it’s amazing how different anime is presented uniquely using the same elements. If you watched Pacific Rim: The Black and liked it, here are 10 anime like Pacific Rim: The Black that you need to watch too! So here is a list of my top ten anime that are similar to Pacific Rim: The Black.


Ten anime like Pacific Rim: The Black that you need to know about

Anime: High School of the Dead.

High School of the Dead is a great watch if you’re into horror and zombies. Similar to Pacific Rim, the anime is set in a world where humans are declining. Although the setting of the anime is kind of light and lacks big robots, it has a good amount of thrill in it. The anime does consist of big guns that will definitely strike your interest. Another bonus? Well, High School of the Dead has some very cute potential waifus.

If you liked Pacific Rim, you should give this anime and manga a try. Here is a quick plot summary.

Plot Summary:

All of a sudden, the dead have begun to rise. Anyone who gets bit turns into one of them. When Hisashi, Takashi Kimuro’s best friend, gets bitten by one of these zombies, he has no choice but to execute his own best friend. He takes the responsibility of protecting Hisashi’s girlfriend, Rei Miyamoto. They escape the school only to find that the entire country has been infected. He gathers more humans from his school, as they have no other option but to fight the undead and protect themselves.

The series follows the journey of these high schoolers as they look for their family members and solve the mystery behind this mysterious outbreak.

IMDb rating: 7.2/10


Ten anime like Pacific Rim The Black that you must watch

Anime: Blame!

This is an anime movie rather than a series. The thing about Blame! is its heroic theme and the presence of realism, although it is set in an imaginary unrealistic world. The anime has slow progress, but it is actually good if you have patience. The movie was well presented with good animations, but I recommend reading the manga too because a lot of things were kind of compressed in the movie. Howsoever, I personally think the movie did a great job on its own too. Since we are talking about anime similar to Pacific Rim: The Black, I think Blame! has some certain similarities. If you watched and like Pacific Rim: The Black for the tech, there is a high chance you might find Blame! one of your kind of anime.

Plot Summary:

The entire world is now enslaved by Cyber technology. Most of humanity is wiped by hostile technology. The remaining humans live off hiding from the Safeguard, the defense system of the cybertech. When Zuru goes out to hunt for food with some other humans, she is attacked by machines. She almost dies, but Killy, a loner, comes to her rescue. He protects her by defeating all the machines.

Killy tells Zuru about his motives. He had come from far under the ground in search of humans who possessed the Net Terminal Gene. Only these humans can take control over these savage machines and end the apocalypse. The aim is simple: find the humans and use them to shut down the safeguard. Zuru is hesitant at first but eventually teams up with Killy to find humans having the Net Terminal Gene.

IMDb Rating: 6.6/10


Ten anime like Pacific Rim The Black that you must watch

Anime: Darling in the FranXX.

Darling In The FranXX is probably an anime that anyone with even the slightest interest in anime must have at least heard of. Yes, it is that anime with the famous Zero Two. The anime has a wide range of popularity. Like any other post-apocalyptic anime on the list, the anime is set in a distant future. The anime gets a bit of hate due to its mindless twists, but I would rather recommend it because it is fun to watch. It has its flow, and I kind of liked going along with it. The anime has a good overall feel to it that many survival anime fail to provide.

The anime has some of its flaws, but I don’t think anyone would regret watching it. Various factors in the anime will get you very excited, and at the same time, some might make you cry. Above all, the anime has more than just monsters and fights. It also has elements of surprise and suspense that will get you quite hooked on to the show. Darling in the FranXX has an intriguing plot, and I think it is worth watching. Also, the romance between the two protagonists is something to look forward to. It defies the clich√® of strong boy protects shy girl and carries it pretty well.

Plot Summary:

In the distant future, humanity lives within a confined land called Plantation, hiding from monstrous beings called Klaxosaurs. The only weapon that can kill them is called the FranXX, which can only be piloted in pairs of girls and boys. The children here are trained from a young age to pilot the FranXX. These children are bred like cattle, only to pilot the FranXX, and they have no experience in the real world.

The series centers on the two main protagonists: Hiro, an unmotivated pilot of FranXX, ever since his failure, and Zero Two, another pilot Hiro encounter near the forest lake. After Zero Two loses her partner during a fight with a Klaxosaur, she pairs up with Hiro. The anime further depicts their growth in the strange world as they discover new emotions and secrets.

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10


Ten anime like Pacific Rim The Black that you must watch

Anime: Black Bullet.

This one is going to be kind of a controversial view but let us go with it anyway. Black Bullet has mixed reviews. While some may say it was terrible, a fair share seems to believe it was a good enough anime. I found it well done except that at parts, it was a bit rushed. However, if we are talking about post-apocalyptic anime, Black Bullet is hard to miss. Especially for this year since Black Bullet is set in the year 2021.

I think despite the negative reviews it attained, it is not as bad as it is said to be. I would recommend this anime since we are listing anime similar to Pacific Rim: The Black. The anime has its moments and an amazing cast that makes it worth watching. Additionally, the opening and closing themes are badass that further makes me want to give this anime another watch. This is that one anime that I would ask anime lovers to watch then judge rather than to decide if they will watch it solely based on negative reviews.

The anime has memorable characters with amazing action and also an

Plot Summary:

The anime was released in 2014. In the near future, seven years later, in 2021, Gastrea, a virus, has infected people. This virus turns people into monsters. The only way to keep the virus away is through the use of Veranium. Humanity has isolated itself by building huge walls out of this very material to protect itself from this virus. However, when females have traces of Gastrea, they gain inhuman strength. Such females are called Initiators. Initiators are very important and trained to protect humans. These Initiators are set at the bay of the walls along with their guides, called promoters, who fight alongside to defeat the different Gastrea infected monsters and hence protect the city within the walls.

The protagonist of the series is Enjo Aihara, an Initiator who works with her promoter, Satomi Rentaro.

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10


Ten anime like Pacific Rim The Black that you must watch

Anime: God Eater.

This is one of the series that actually comes to mind when trying to list anime like Pacific Rim: The Black. God is an anime based on a video game by the same name. Just like the Kaiju in Pacific Rim: The Black, the world of God Eater, is plagued by Aragami. God eater is easily one of those anime that I would recommend to any anime watcher, irrespective of the genre that they like. It gives away the great feel of an overpowered protagonist. The series will touch you emotionally as well as mentally as the story progresses. It has some heart-throbbing actions that would pull a rush of adrenaline in your heart. Additionally, the great set of weaponry illustrated in the anime is great eye candy.

If post-apocalyptic, dystopian, and desperation is your type of anime, go ahead and give God Eater a try. It will not disappoint you.

Plot Summary:

In the dystopian future, humanity has become almost extinct. The Aragami began taking over the Earth in the 2050s and began devouring any life form is found. No one knows how they came into existence, but they know the deadly nature of these life forms that can take the form of huge monsters. Aragami are formed of individual Oracle cells that also serve as their source of intelligence. However, what becomes a favorable piece of information for humanity is that the Aragami consume everything except things that have the same composition of their own.

Fenrir, an organization, develops the God Arcs, made of Oracle cells. These God Arcs become the only weapon that can kill this Aragami. These God Arcs are piloted by specific people, called the God Eaters. The anime focuses on Lenka, an orphan whose parents got eaten by an Aragami. He is determined to exterminate all Aragami. Hence begins his journey of becoming a God Eater, the sole hope for the survival of humanity.

IMDb Rating: 7/10


Ten anime like Pacific Rim The Black that you must watch

Anime: Casshern Sins.

Looking for an anime with an apocalypse? Well, you’re in luck. Casshern Sins has not one but two apocalypses. Casshern Sins feels kind of similar to Pacific Rim: The Black, but at the same time, the former anime has such a unique plot that it barely matches any other anime. However, you can expect a good amount of sci-fi and post-apocalyptic drama in this anime. While the other anime on the list is all about the survival of humanity, Casshern Sins are about robots.

Casshern Sins revolves around the concept of ‘fear of death. The anime has quality content that will make you question this very fear of death that seems to make everyone dread it. This anime is kind of depressing, to begin with. It’s almost like death never stops. At the same time, it is compelling and difficult to leave midway. Casshern Sins does not fail to keep the viewers interested till the end, which is quite an accomplishment for a sci-fi anime with two depressing apocalypses.

Plot Summary:

The story is set in a world where robots have gained self-consciousness. Having achieved the power to sanity, these immortal robots overrule humanity. The leader of these robots is Braiking Boss. Humanity has already gone through one apocalypse so far. To protect humanity, they summon Luna. It is predicted that Luna will bring salvation to the entire human population.

Learning about Luna, Braiking Boss fears the unpredictable future and thus orders three of his best warriors to assassinate her. These three best warriors were Casshern, Dio, and Leda. They successfully carry out the task, but something unpredictable follows. The entire atmosphere fills up with poison. Thus begins the second apocalypse. Humanity, which was already less in number go extinct, leaving only Robots. However, it turns out that the robots are no longer immortal either. Their parts begin to corrode and rust, marking the world’s end.

According to a prophecy, immortality can only be gained by eating the one called Casshern, who has disappeared. However, Casshern reappears a hundred years later, without any memories. The story features Casshern as he tries to remember his past.

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10


Ten anime like Pacific Rim The Black that you must watch

Anime: No Game No Life: Zero.

A prequel movie of No Game No Life anime series was released in 2017. Somewhere around the same year, it was also announced that No Game No Life would have no future seasons. However, the prequel movie was a big hit. The No Game No Life movie has a similar “humanity must survive” backbone like any other post-apocalyptic anime, except that the movie is set in a completely different fantasy world. This movie might lack technology as we know it, but it does have a very cute AI and well-built characters.

What I love in this anime is how the entire concept of strategy is given priority over big machines. While Pacific Rim: The Black has its juicy plot within the Jaegars and its powers, No game No Life depicts humanity at its weakest, without armor or weapons. It does a great job portraying how humanity survives and wins among superior races having both weaponry and powers using foolproof strategy and unity.

I think No Game No Life- Zero is an anime that must be watched by anyone who likes Pacific Rim because while it has its similarities, No Game No Life- Zero remains entirely different.

Plot Summary:

In a world where humanity is considered the weakest among the 16 races, it is common to see humans getting trampled. This is why humans remain hidden far away. However, with the approaching war, the casualties of the human race are increasing every day. The war is about to break out among the 16 races to declare the One True God. Without a God, the world is submerged in chaos.

Riku is a determined young man of the human race. With frustration filling his mind as more humans die, he has turned into an angry warrior. On an expedition, he meets an ex Machina. He names her Schwi and rescues her as she was separated from her crew. Schwi’s mission was to learn about human behavior. She strongly believes that the human race should have gone extinct long ago, but they haven’t because they have strong determination.

Riku teams up with Schwi as they fight alongside to ensure humanity’s survival.

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10


Anime: Cowboy Bebop.

Cowboy Bebop is a 1998 anime series that basically blew my mind the first time I watched it. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend you watch it right away. The anime will grab you emotionally so well that it will be days or even months before you can forget about it. There is barely anything to complain about in this masterpiece of an anime. The anime series ran for only one season with 26 episodes. It was later followed by a Cowboy Bebop movie in 2001.

Cowboy Bebop is not your typical apocalyptic anime that easily makes it to the top 3 in the list for dystopian anime. The anime deals with mature themes while carrying them with grace and light comedy. It has no huge monsters nor shiny weapons, but it sure has a bunch of cool people who go around being awesome. Cowboy Bebop deals with different issues within a person as we meet new characters in the anime. The anime is so centered around the dark past of human life that it becomes impossible not to think about it. Such deep, impactful events are presented, all the while giving us a fun tour through the galaxy.

If you liked Pacific Rim: The Black because you’re into dystopian sci-fi anime and have an affinity to like seinen anime more than shonen, there should be no reason for you to dislike Cowboy Bebop. This is why I strongly recommend Cowboy Bebop as a “must-watch” anime.

Plot Summary:

In the distant future, Earth becomes uninhabitable after a massive explosion that destroys the moon partially. The human population thereby abandons the entire planet and seeks out a new home. In the year 2071, people now live in different celestial bodies. Humanity has started living on Mars, Venus, the asteroid belt, and also in the different satellites of Jupiter. The crime rate within the society also seems to be increasing, and hence there also exists an Inter Solar System Police, shortened to ISSP. The ISSP appoints bounty hunters called Cowboys to catch these criminals.

Spike Spiegel and Jet Black are two cowboys who own a spaceship called the Bebop. They team up with Ein, an intelligent Corgi, Edward, a hacker, and Valentine, a hacker. The new crew catches criminals that have a bounty placed on them. As the series progresses, we are made familiar with the dark past and troubling issues of the crew as well as of the criminals they encounter.

IMDb Rating: 8.9/10


Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The anime aired in the fall of 1995 and still remains one of many fan’s favorite post-apocalyptic anime series. The series has great characters, amazing music, and a slow but effective build-up that would bring the viewers to the tip of their desperation as they wait to know more. It is undoubtedly one of those highly recommended must-watch anime if you’re into science fiction and post-apocalyptic genres in anime. What’s all the more interesting is the great execution despite the vintage arts that still keep fans hooked on to it despite the fact that it ended years ago. If you liked Pacific Rim, I highly recommend this anime. It is an anime relic that needs to be appreciated by everyone.

Plot Summary

The anime is set in 2015 (which was far ahead from 1995, the release year of Neon Genesis Evangelion ), where the world has been brought to ruins by Angels, which are gigantic monsters. The only way to defeating the Angels is by using big machines named Evangelion. Gendo Ikari, director of Nerv, a paramilitary force, summons his son Shinji Ikari to pilot Evangelion Unit- 01 to protect the entire mankind.

The anime follows the journey of Shinji Ikari, who grows along with many other characters to protect the world from Angels. However, Shinja will discover new secrets as the plot progresses.

IMDb Rating: 8.5


Anime: Attack on Titan.

On number 1 of this list, we have Attack On Titan. There is barely anything to say on my behalf about the world-famous anime. The anime was a big hit, along with the manga. Attack on Titan is a gory and gruesome anime that does not fear flashing the realities of a true apocalypse. Instead of big weapons, Attack on Titan starts from scrape, which is rather believable. An absolutely fabulous thing about Attack on Titan is its lack of plot holes. Every major thing has a well-structured explanation that gives less space for flaws in the story.

Attack on Titan prepares the viewers for the worst-case scenario from the very first season. Above all, the character development throughout the different seasons is commendable.

Plot Summary:

The anime is set in the same world but in a timezone when humanity has forgotten all its history. After getting trampled by huge giants called Titans, the people have no other option but to protect themselves within huge walls. What makes Titans even scarier is that they would eat any human on their sight. With little to no information on these Titans, the only ones that leave the walls are the Survey Corps, elite warriors who are trained to kill Titans.

Eren Jaeger has a dream of visiting the world outside the walls someday, which is seen as a maniac dream. When the walls get breached by Titans, and his mother gets eaten, Eren decides to kill every Titan in the world.

IMDb Rating: 8.9/10

Post-apocalyptic anime have their own sense of thrill that makes them an exciting bunch to watch. Despite the killings and the depressing theme, they present a side of humanity that delivers a strong determination to survive. These ten anime are quite similar to Pacific Rim: The Black while having their own bits of differences.

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