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Anime like Dota: Dragon’s Blood That Are A Must-Watch

anime like dota
Dota: Dragon's Blood

The quality of Netflix originals has improved greatly over the years. There are several shows that not only have I liked but continue to recommend to other anime watchers from time and then. One enjoyable watch among the anime from Netflix was Dota: Dragon’s Blood. Based on a video game series, the show was received with several mixed reactions. On a personal note, I feel Dota was quite enjoyable and entertained its fantasy-loving audience. It was produced by Studio Mir and Production Reve. I bet I’m not the only one who shares such a positive look on the show because it was recently renewed for another season. But before it comes out, why shall we not check out other anime like Dota?

Dota was a mix of fantasy and action. The plot was intriguing, although the concept was not entirely new. The protagonist’s powers have been enhanced, and in the course of time, his initial negative opinions channel towards positivity. Even more so, the show has very healthy pacing. It is neither too fast that it feels rushed nor too slow that it loses touch. Of course, Dota was not entirely perfect and came along with its own bits of flaws and imperfections. But we are not here to criticize the show because it was a finely made show that entertained many irrespective of whatever setbacks it had. It had a great set of staff and cast that delivered their jobs perfectly well. Dota brings ahead a dark story filled with many stunning moments worth remembering for life.

About Dota

The plot of Dota shares similarities with the original game. Dota’s story revolves primarily around Knight Davion. He is a Dragon Knight who wishes to rid their world of dragons and their wrath. A battle breaks out between Dragons and Demons. An elder dragon ends up merging with Davion’s soul. He gets caught up amidst a bigger and darker mess than he had seen coming. He teams up with Princess Mirana and heads on to a journey to stop Terrorblade, a demon who is hunting dragons and collecting their souls. 

Dota is undoubtedly interesting. Dragons, demons, and a medieval setting; the anime is almost like a hub for all the cool fantasy units. It is currently streaming on Netflix. As aforementioned, a second season has been confirmed, and it won’t be long before we have it with us. Impressed by the show, it is only natural to look for more anime like Dota. People loved Dota for different reasons. While some loved the intense and epic plot of the anime, others really loved the concept behind it. There were also some audiences who were hooked to the show for the dragons. Keeping these preferences in mind, here are some of our best-handpicked recommendations of anime like Dota.

Of course, the list is not ranked because these shows have some differences not worth comparing.

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Dragon’s Dogma

Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma is an amazing anime like Dota. Similar to the anime in question, Dragon’s Dogma is based on a video game. Its protagonist is Ethan, a very typical anime character. The show tries to form a deep emotional background on its characters. However, the most favorite part of it remains the big elegant dragons that it features. The plot is quite thrilling and worth the recommendation if you really enjoyed DOTA to the core. There are twists and turns that may give you quite a bit of shock if you watched the episodes without much thought. At the same time, if you are really invested in it, I doubt you’d not see these twists coming. 

Dragon Dogma’s storytelling is yet another beautiful experience. It does well in terms of animation and art too, which in fact can be considered one of its many good points.

Dragon;s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma

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Another anime based on a game and another Netflix anime like Dota, Castlevania easily ranks well in this list. The show received several positive remarks from its viewers as well as from the fans of the show. Like DOTA, the show has great fantasy elements, each of which is derived from the game. Castlevania’s main attractions are the absolutely breathtaking vampire hunters and their equally mesmerizing enemies, the vampires. But that’s not all that this Netflix original has to offer. It welcomes a plot with twists, animation that simply rocks, and an art style that compliments the dark theme that is set in.

Castlevania is an anime that must definitely not be missed if you have a Netflix subscription and if you liked the concept of DOTA. 

anime like Dota


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The Dragon Prince

Although the anime is directed towards a younger audience, The Dragon Prince can easily win the hearts of its viewers irrespective of their age. The first three seasons of the anime were simply mind-blowing. It has all the great things that one looks for in an anime, beginning from good art and sound effects to great voice actors. A lot of people remain quite critical about the show’s art style and character designs, but I feel it suits the theme of the show. The Dragon Prince is not just a fantasy genre anime. It has a fair amount of comedy, romance, action, and mystery blended into it as well. The anime has a great start, and hence it becomes very easy to get hooked on to it. Its creators deserve a great deal of appreciation for the hard work they put into this anime.

The Dragon Prince has completed three seasons, and its fourth season has also been announced.

anime like Dota

Dragon Prince

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Blood of Zeus

The 2020 Netflix show might not have Demons, but it still feels very similar to Dota. There are several good backstories that help us connect deeper to the characters that the show offers. Blood of Zeus is charming in many ways, but its character designs steal the show. It is set amidst Greek mythologies. Of course, the story is not perfect, and there are probably many minute plot holes in this anime. But, despite its shortcomings, the anime proves very entertaining. Alongside the anime’s intense plot, there are a lot of things worth loving in this anime. Its music is an absolute killer, and its animation during fight scenes makes it a winner.

If you are looking for anime like Dota, you might want to take some time and make some popcorn to binge Blood of Zeus overnight.

anime like dota

Blood of Zeus

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Black Clover

If you liked Dota for its character development, you might want to try Black Clover next. The show is immensely popular for the struggles and progress of its protagonist, Asta. From being someone who no one believed in to the most epic character of his age, Asta gives us a taste of positive growth. I feel like the anime’s quality has also developed alongside over the years. It’s such a satisfying view as we journey from the characters’ lowest level to the highest.

Black Clover is a supreme anime that comes across demons and witches. An anime like Dota, Black Clover uses magic as a primary part of the plot. We highly recommend this series. Once you get into it, you will see how much one can connect to the plot and the characters. Through its gradual but obvious progress, we open doors to a magical journey filled with action and humor.

black clover

Black Clover

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Fairy Tail

This is one of the most popular shonen anime series that I barely doubt anyone has missed out on. But if you haven’t and you watched Dota, you’ll find this quite interesting. Fairy Tail begins with the typical ‘boy meets girl’ starting, but it takes a new path. This is no love story, nor is it about growing the strongest. Fairy Tail is a magical anime like Dota. Its primary concept is teamwork and friendship. We stand appreciating several badass fighting styles and magical powers. These mages build guilds that fight threats of the world. Fairy Tail has a huge load of characters, some of which are even insignificant to the story. But who cares as long as they can show off their unique fighting skills, right?

Fairy Tail might not be a masterpiece, but it’s definitely worth the watch, especially if you like Dota. It has a lighthearted setting and makes a pretty good watch for a relaxing yet exciting Sunday afternoon.

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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

The most recent Resident Evil anime, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, came out earlier this year in 2021. The reviews it received were not as good as the creators were expecting. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness was a bit of a letdown, but if you really liked Dota, you might want to watch this anime. The action scenes of this anime were very well coordinated. Added to this was the amazing fantasy built up that came hand in hand with zombies and other dark ideas. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is yet another anime like DOTA that shall not be missed if you enjoyed the latter.

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The Legend of Korra

If DOTA was your type, the entire Avatar series might intrigue you. However, The Legend of Korra is an especially similar anime to Dota. Aang’s and Korra’s stories are very heart-touching. First, we see the specialty in Aang and follow his story. In the sequel, we come across his successor, Korra, who takes hold of our attention and heart a few moments after her appearance. The Legend of Korra (and its prequel anime, too) brings in intense magic and an intense storyline which you will enjoy a lot. So if you haven’t watched the series, grab your popcorn and start binging the show!

the legend of korra

The Legend of Korra

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Tokyo Ghoul

Dota is an anime where the protagonist becomes what he hates and what other anime does it remind you of except Tokyo Ghoul? Tokyo Ghoul is a fan favorite. It has several stunning action sequences and a plot with several twists. The anime is easily one of the most popular shows available to date. Kaneki Ken’s finger cracking is far from being away from the minds of the fans. Looking for an anime like Dota? Then Tokyo Ghoul might be something that may satisfy you. It has the right amount of romance, action, fantasy, and gore to help you keep going on.

The show drifted from its main source and developed a story of its own. Like many other shows that didn’t follow the source manga, Tokyo Ghoul received some backlash. However, a lot of fans still seemed to enjoy it. This is an anime where flesh-eating ghouls live among humans. A shy college student, Ken Kaneki, gets attacked by a ghoul, and after a mysterious operation is done on him, he turns into a half-ghoul half-human who seeks his way into fitting into society.

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Claymore is yet another anime like Dota, where the protagonist’s hybrid nature is the focal center of the show. This is quite an interesting show with a lot of bloodshed. Claymore is a very cleverly written psychological thriller. Everything that happens in the show comes with a consequence, be it good or bad. The entire plot is well constructed, and a lot of thought has been put into it, one can tell. I feel Claymore is too radiant to be missed. It is somewhat like Dota but with its brutality taken a step further. If you haven’t watched the show, we highly recommend it.

Claymore centers primarily around Claire, a half youma half-human who has been sent to annihilate the youma, flesh-eating monsters who have been attacking humans. After she saves Raki, he follows her on her journey. The story follows their journey as they meet different youma and fight their way to survive.

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