Anime Coming To Netflix In February 2022: Complete List

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Netflix is the biggest hub of entertainment. It offers a lot of movies, TV shows, Web series, and anime at a very affordable subscription cost. Netflix invested a great a huge figure in the anime industry and gained up to the mark results globally. Even in countries like India, Bangladesh, etc, where anime streaming platforms are very limited, Netflix’s investment opens up the gates of possibilities for the other streaming sites to look up this hidden market. In this article, We will talk about some of the greatest anime coming to Netflix in the month of February 2022. Make sure to read this article till the end.

January 2022 had been heaven for anime fans. We witnessed some of the timeless classics in this month itself, and some of the great events took place in the month of January. From the return of Yaeger’s brothers in Attack on Titan to the new One Piece opening, January left no stones unturned to surprise us. Like, we always said, The best thing about being an anime fan is, It always surprised you from time to time. Don’t expect February to go easy. There are tons of announcements and anime waiting for you right on the corner.

Here is the complete list of anime coming to Netflix in February 2022.

1. One Piece: The Desert Princess And The Pirates

Finally, the One Piece movie is going to be available for fans in 2022. The movie will be based on the Alabasta arc from the original anime series by Eiichiro Oda. The animations and art style are modern and better as compared to anime, but the story is the same as you watched in the anime. If you are a One Piece fan and haven’t watched this movie yet, You can definitely give it a try, but please don’t consider it as a substitute for the Alabasta arc from the anime itself. The release date hasn’t been yet updated by Netflix.

Since The anime is filled with a lot of detail and character detail about Vivi. It is highly recommended to keep anime the first priority to understand the show more clearly. Vivi might serve the great purpose ahead in the show. In Reverie, We saw Imu Sama with the photograph of Vivi and Luffy.

Anime Coming To Netflix In February 2022
Vivi from One Piece

2. One Piece: Bloom In The Winter, Miracle Sakura

Chopper’s backstory is one of the saddest backstories in all of One Piece, and this movie is based on the life of Chopper. This movie covers everything we saw in the Drum Island arc but with better art style and animations. If you have already watched One Piece, Don’t expect anything new in the movie, but as a fan, You can definitely give it a try and rejoice some of the saddest and heartwarming moments from the anime. And finally, as we said earlier, Don’t use this movie as a substitute for the same arc from the original anime. The release date hasn’t been yet updated by Netflix.

Chopper’s backstory is highly underrated. His story perfectly describes, Why he wants to be the best doctor who ever existed.

Anime Coming To Netflix In February 2022
Chopper from One Piece

3. Child Of Kamiari Month

This movie is one of the most anticipated movies on Netflix and becomes a center of discussion among anime fans. The movie will be based on a young girl who loses her mother and realizes that she must attend the meeting of Gods that took place every year in the holy land of Izumo. The movie will be heartwarming and may make us shed some tears. Aji Makita, Maaya Sakamoto, Miyu Irino, Ko Shibasaki and many other talented cast is working on this upcoming master piece. The movie is all set to premiere on 8th February on Netflix. You can watch the trailer below.

Currently, these three are the confirmed anime titles released on Netflix in the month of February 2022. If we get further update on the release date or any anime, it should be available pretty soon. Several other non-anime titles are going to appear on Netflix very soon.

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