Anime Characters Voiced by Yūki Kaji

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Anime Characters Voiced by Yūki Kaji

With time you may have noticed how animation has evolved, so has the audio quality. Unlike the classics, nowadays, the voice actors of various characters are unique in their own way. The voice of the characters in every anime gives us an imaginary glimpse of the personality of the character playing a certain role. However, at times, our imaginations can be deceptive due to their double role. One such voice actor is Yuki Kaji, whose icy voice is well known for his role as Shoto Todoroki. In this article, we will discuss some of the famous anime characters voiced by Yuki Kaji.

Yuki Kaji is a well-known voice actor as well as a Japanese actor and singer. He is represented through Agency VIMS and was previously a member of four people singing G Addict, also a part of the Goulart Knights project. He played one of the major characters in the film Kami Voice: The Voice Makes a Miracle. In 2009, he received the Best Rookie Actor Award at the 3rd Seiyu Awards. His voice earned him the Best Voice Actor Award two years in a row at the 7th and 8th Seiyu Awards, in 2013 and 2014. Other than that, he also hosted Yuki Kaji’s Monologue, an online radio program. In April 2017, He had his own variety show Kaji 100! : The 100 Things Yuki Kaji Wants to Do premiered on the Nitteleplus channel. In this article, we will discuss anime characters that are voiced by Yuki Kaji.

Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan)

Eren Yeager was a former Survey Corps member. He was the primary character of Attack on Titan. He lived with his parents in Shiganshina District until the collapse of Wall Maria, when he saw his mother being devoured by a Titan. This tragedy would fuel Eren’s hate for the Titans, and he vowed to wipe them all from the face of the Earth.

Anime Characters Voiced by Yūki Kaji - Eren
Eren Yaegar

Yuji Kuja’s voice sounded solemn throughout most of Eren’s narration. Eren was best characterized as hardheaded, strong-willed, passionate, and impetuous, characteristics that reflected both his tremendous desire to defend humanity and, later, his equally strong desire to escape the Walls. He was so determined to join the Survey Corps as a youngster that he screamed and yelled at his mother, referring to the people in the hamlet as “silly” and comparing them to complacent animals.

Shuichi Akai (teen) – Detective Conan

Shuichi Akai is an FBI agent who plays an important role in the fight against the Black Organization. He once disguised himself as Dai Moroboshi and entered the Organization, where he was given the pseudonym Rye. During this period, he formed adversaries with Gin and fell in love with Akemi Miyano. He is Shukichi Haneda’s and Masumi Sera’s elder brother.

Anime Characters Voiced by Yūki Kaji

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Shuichi is a determined yet unyielding agent. Almost in personal situations, he maintains a calm, even distant, demeanor toward everyone, yet his redeeming quality is a strong feeling of commitment to everyone he knows. He is a competent and tireless pursuer and investigator, traits that have earned him the title of “Silver Bullet” and earned him the title of the Black Organization’s number one opponent.

Kenma Kozume (Haikyuu!)

Kenma Kozume was a second-year student at Nekoma High. He was the volleyball team’s setter, and his teammates referred to him as the “heart” and “brain” of the squad.

Kenma Kozume

Kenma has a calm, collected, and analytical nature. He seldom loses his anger and rarely gets very enthusiastic or worked up about most things, with a few exceptions being video games, Hinata, Lev – in The Arrival of Haiba Lev (OVA), and Yamamoto during their early years of high school.

Arata Shindō (Psycho Pass)

Arata Shindo works as an Inspector in Division 01 of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Department. Shindo is the PSB’s first inspector to be recognized as Criminally Asymptomatic by the Sibyl System. He is one of the key characters in Psycho-Pass 3.

Anime Characters Voiced by Yūki Kaji - Arata

Shindo’s personality has been characterized as lively and confident. Some people dislike him because he is a bit silly, but he is also clever and has a serious side. He cares about others and behaves cheerfully in front of them on purpose so that they do not worry. He feels that the system isn’t everything and that people should always use discretion before firing on a Dominator, typically considering other techniques first. Arata is one of the most intelligent anime characters voiced by Yuki Kaji.

Sabito (Demon Slayer)

Sakonji Urokodaki’s previous apprentice was Sabito. He looked to be assisting Tanjiro Kamado in his Final Selection test preparations. Sabito was a serious young man who felt that all of his activities should be commensurate with a guy’s status. During his time teaching Tanjiro Kamado, he was seen as a cruel mentor who was always quick to point out his weaknesses and refused to recognize him as a man. When questioned about destroying the Hand Demon, Sabito seemed gloomy, claiming that no matter how hard someone tries, it would never be enough to bring the beast down.


Koichi Hirose (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind)

Koichi Hirose appears briefly as a minor character in Vento Aureo and is a deuteragonist in Diamond is Unbreakable. He is a shy first-year high school student who meets Josuke Higashikata and becomes caught in the world of Stand users. Additionally, he gains the ability to use Echoes as a Stand User.

Koichi Hirose

Koichi is an endearing but modest young guy who grows in stature during Diamond is Unbreakable, becoming more forceful in the face of several clashes with bad Stand users. The transformation of his Stand, Echoes, displays his biggest leaps.

Nishikata (Teasing Master Tagaki San)

In the Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, the male protagonist is Nishikata. He is a middle school boy who is often ridiculed by Takagi, his seatmate. Nishikata is a guy who often blushes and is easily humiliated, particularly when his buddy Takagi teases him at school. He might be bashful with Takagi at times, particularly when she brings up themes like love and passion. He even feels he’s behaving like a jerk around her, which he finds uncomfortable since he’s an easy target for Takagi to taunt. Nishikata is one of the most adorable anime characters voiced by Yuki Kaji.


Judeau (Berserk)

Judeau was a founding member of the Band of the Falcon. He joined Griffith’s then-nascent Band of the Falcon as a tumbler from a circus company, drawn by the White Falcon’s magnetism and seeking to soar in the wake of the one who appeared the greatest after taking into account his own deficiencies. Judeau remained one of the Band of the Falcon’s most important members throughout the years, even becoming a member of the troupe to be ennobled with Griffith. Judeau was eventually killed as part of Griffith’s sacrifice during the Eclipse.


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Ayato Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul)

Touka Kirishima’s younger brother Ayato goes under the name Black Rabbit. He grew up with his sister in the 20th ward but departed at some point. According to Kazuichi Banjou, Ayato then wandered the wards of Tokyo, wreaking havoc until his special capabilities grabbed Tatara’s sight. So Ayato joined Aogiri Tree, where he remained an executive until its demise. He afterward joined Goat under the One-Eyed King.

Ayato Kirishima

Ayato was a cocky, brazen adolescent who had a scowl or a frightening sneer on his face. Aside from his appearance, he had many traits with Touka, such as his penchant to use vulgar or unsuitable words. He would scold Kaneki for not addressing him with the proper honorific or Banjou for not returning his missed calls. He was harsher than his sister but admittedly “softer” than his Aogiri superiors. His belief that “the weak die and the strong survive” was motivated by the deaths of his parents. Ayato resented his father, Arata, for leaving him and Touka as children. Ayato even mentioned that loathing Kaneki was due to his likeness to Arata.

Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins)

The anime character Meliodas is voiced by Yuki Kaji in Japanese. Meliodas’ key characteristics are his candor and bravery, as exhibited when he sees the Rust Knight, eventually revealed to be Elizabeth Liones. When his clients puke on the Boar Hat’s floor, he frightens Hawk by shouting things like “roast pig” and implying he may roast the talking pig. He is also quite raunchy and likes to make jokes. He is extremely kind and has a strong sense of fairness.


Yukine (Noragami)

Yukine, actual name Haruki Tajima, is one of the three major characters. He serves as a shinki and guidepost for Yato. Under the name Hagusa, he is also a shinki of Father. Yukine looks like a young adolescent with short, unkempt hair in his human form. In both the anime and manga versions, his hair is gold. However, in the anime, his eyes are reddish-orange, whereas, in the manga, they are yellow-amber. Yato’s name is written on his left collarbone, while Father’s name is written on his upper right arm.


Tatsuro Kosugi (Bakuman)

Tatsuro Kosugi was the newest member of JUMP’s Editorial Department and the editor of Nanamine Tooru. At first look, he seems shy, yet he preserves lofty standards of what manga should be, breaking down when he informs Hattori that the mangaka he works with is using unethical methods to create his manga. Kosugi disagrees with his mangaka’s method of creating manga or coming up with concepts for his manga.

Tatsuro Kosugi

Issei Hyoudou (High School DxD)

High School DxD’s primary male protagonist is Issei Hyoudou. He is a third-year high school student in Class 3-B at Kuoh Academy and a member of the school’s “Perverse Trio,” a trio of the most perverted males in the whole student body. Issei is easily one of the quirkiest anime characters voiced by Yuki Kaji.

He is a member of the Occult Research Club and the Pawn of Rias Gremory’s Peerage. Following the Evil Dragon War, he was raised to the level of High-Class Devil, becoming King of his own autonomous peerage and one step closer to realizing his ambition of having a harem and being a “Harem King.”

Issei Hyoudou

Issei is first revealed to be stupid, self-centered, and arrogant, with a continuously twisted inclination that leads him to fantasize about women’s breasts and establish his own harem. As a result, he was immediately dubbed as a pervert by the females of Kuoh Academy, and he acquired renown as a member of Kuoh Academy’s Perverted Trio.

Konekomaru Miwa (Blue Exorcist)

Konekomaru Miwa, along with Ryuji Suguro and Renzo Shima, is a True Cross Order Exwire, a student of the Exorcist Cram School, and the surviving leader of the Miwa family. He was highly protective of the people who reared him, and he is on the lookout for anybody who could attempt to harm his friends and family.

Konekomaru Miwa

Konekomaru is also viewed as a peacemaker since he is always attempting to prevent Ryuji Suguro from getting into fights. Other than that, he is courteous and friendly to everyone, yet he has a deep hate for Satan since he caused the loss of his family. He is also seen to have a bit of a blunt demeanor.

Walker Yumasaki (Durarara!!)

Walker Yamasaki is a Dollars member that is often seen driving about town with his buddies Erika Karisawa, Saburo Togusa, and Kyouhei Kadota. He, like Erika, is an otaku, or someone who is infatuated with anime and manga, and the two are almost always together.

Walker Yumasaki

Walker is an enigma. His easygoing, ignorant demeanor creates the impression he is a deluded devotee. He and Erika have both remarked that they can no longer distinguish between fact and fantasy. Despite what others assume, Walker is a serious thinker who is ready to act for those he values. Walker’s acts bear traces of his background. He enjoys torturing his victims by reading light novels or comics in the most excruciating manner imaginable. Walker has been rehabilitated since Kyouhei brought him out of the underground. He joined the Dollars because he refused to be silent.

Finnian (Black Butler)

Finnian, sometimes known as “Finny” or “Finni,” is the Phantomhive household’s gardener. Sometimes Finnian is known as “Finny” or “Finni,” is the Phantomhive household’s gardener. Finnian is a vibrant, energetic person. He, like the other Phantomhive slaves, is intensely devoted to Ciel Phantomhive, whom he regards as his rescuer, and he holds Sebastian Michaelis in high regard.

Anime Characters Voiced by Yūki Kaji - Finnian

Finnian is prone to emotional outbursts, especially when he makes a mistake at work or observes something unfair, and he is quick to protect Ciel. Sebastian describes him as “an imbecile with a terrible memory.”

Lyon Vastia (Fairy Tail)

Lyon Vastia is the current ace of the Lamia Scale Ice-Make Mage. He is also Gray Fullbuster’s opponent and was initially presented as Sub-Zero Emperor Lyon. Lyon, who is normally chilly and calm, was previously too ambitious and took his aims and desires very seriously. He is very proud of his abilities and takes great satisfaction in owning them. This had prompted him to seek to resurrect the Demon Deliora in the hopes of outdoing his instructor Ur, who had given up her life to keep the Demon frozen permanently.

Anime Characters Voiced by Yūki Kaji

Lyon is also prone to get swept away by his emotions. He has relaxed greatly since joining Lamia Scale, although he still has his impetuous character. In the Grand Magic Games Arc, he is also revealed to be rather haughty. He is also known to have a vendetta towards Gray.

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Anderson is a Vatican priest and Iscariot’s agent. He hunts monsters and is Alucard’s arch-rival. His ethnicity is unclear in the anime and OVA, but he has a Scottish accent in the English dub. He runs an orphanage outside of Vatican City in Italy. In the TV anime and OVA series, he is both an adversary and anti-villain to Alucard.


Anderson is a devout Catholic. He is obsessive about his “crusade” and incessantly references the Bible when speaking. He is driven to attain his goal, generally by any means required. It is apparent from his statements and continual quotation of scripture that he is obedient to “the word of God”. For example, he called Integra “Babylon” in allusion to “the Who*e of Babylon,” and he demonstrated an enormous disdain for Protestants (like Integra) in reference to the long history of animosity between the two. He is one of the very few dark anime characters voiced by Yuki Kaji.

Takeshi Aiza (Your Lie in April)

Takeshi Aiza is a character in the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso manga series. He is Nagi Aiza’s elder brother and a Year 9 student at Kurumi-Gaoka High School. Takeshi is an honest and direct individual who is open about his rivalry and disdain towards Kousei Arima initially.

Anime Characters Voiced by Yūki Kaji
Takeshi Aiza

This animosity is eventually shown to be respect for Kousei and how he saw Kousei as a hero. Takeshi idolizes Kousei to the point of rebuking him when he fails to achieve his standards as a pianist. He soon begins to despise him since Kousei and his younger sister, Nagi, performed a duet.

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