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Animated Movies To Watch If You Loved Coco


Everyone knows how Pixar is one of the amazing production companies out there who always makes tales that can touch your heart so deeply that even after hours of finishing the tale, you find yourself still thinking about it. One such amazing piece of the project has been made by the company called Coco. The fans have absolutely loved this animated film and it has performed so well when it comes to commercial success at the global box office. The film has been watched by millions of people and the audience as well as the critics had no choice but to praise the perfection employed with the visuals and the plot. The main inspiration that lies behind the story was Day of the Dead. It is a popular holiday celebrated in Mexico.

Well, you guys might already know that Coco was an animated tale but then too, it respected the Mexican culture with its animation and the voice cast being top-notch which rocked the heart of fans. If we come to look at it, even the story of Coco was quite emotional and had a deep impact on a variety of us. Although, it has been more than three years since the launch of the movie back in 2017. Thus, all the fans are craving for more stories and films that resemble Coco. If you are one such reader who is hunting down tales to watch that have the most similarity to Coco, then we have got you covered. Here we have wrapped up some of the movies that you will enjoy checking out if you liked Coco.

The Incredibles

This tale came out back in 2004 but it still lives in the heart of fans. This animated tale has also been created by Pixar and has it backbone laid on the concept of family. This is the same theme that we have experienced in Coco and thus, The Incredibles seems like a perfect choice for Coco fans. All this while, the main protagonists of the movie are a family that consists of two parents of course as well as their three kids but they really are no orphans with any sort of backstory. They are just the normal kids who have been brought up normally. Well, not as normally as you might think. Although, just like Coco, fans seemed to love The Incredibles and it went on to achieve a successful venture at the box office.

And why wouldn’t it be? The plot? Amazing. The visuals? Amazing. The thrill that fans experience while watching the superheroes fight for the right things? Amazing. The film has even gone on to win two Academy Awards. All this while, there is also one of the notions regarding the film that makes it very unique. As it turns out, the audience has dubbed The Incredibles as one of the best superhero films, be it live and action ones or animated ones. I guess this is enough to make you guys think more about the tale and watch it right now.

Spirited Away

Many people might already know about this film as it has a lot to offer us, both emotionally and in the entertainment way. The major concept of the series is about the protagonist entering into another world and how she adjusts to it all. But unlike another film, it is not an American tale. Spirited Away id a masterpiece, a jewel, that has been made by the top-notch anime company in Japan called Studio Ghibli. Even Hayao Miyazaki has created it himself and as result, it has to be this super. So in this film, we witness that our animated lead character has to pay off her parent’s debt. But as she is trying to do so, she enters into another world and this is the point from where the story starts.

It makes up for a nice after-noon watch when you might want to relax and forget about the things that are troubling you. The movie connects with you on a very spiritual level and you can not resist but crave for more when it comes to that. Also, you guys should know that Spirited Away has established itself as the most successful movie from Japan at the time when it was released. The fans, the critics as well as the audience had nothing but praises for the tale. Also, you all should know that Spirited Away has won an Academy Award for being the Best Animated Feature, and till this point in time, it the only movie that is not in English to do so.

Finding Nemo

As we have seen in Coco too, the quest that the family members have set on in order to find one of your own. This fact is more evidently seen in Finding Nemo, I mean, look at the title of the film itself and you will understand already. So, the movie is all about a fish father and a fish son. One day, as Nemo (the fish son), was curious and wanted to explore more of the ocean, he got caught by the bad fishermen and was taken away. He was then put up for sale in a fish aquarium shop and makes friends there. But obviously, the four corners of a fish tank are smaller than the infinite ocean. This makes Nemo realize how big a mistake he has done and how it is very difficult for him to find his father again. On the other hand, his father is so depressed over the loss of his son that he just could not take it.

He sets on a journey with his friend Dory, a very chatty fish, to find his son and bring him back home. The film is still considered the highest-grossing animated film that has ever been created and thus, has found immense success at the box office. All this while, there also are other great nominations in the bag of Finding Nemo such as being the best-selling DVD title ever because it has sold over 40 million copies around the world. The movie is again by Pixar and by this time, you guys would have understood that Pixar really makes the greatest animated features that not only serve kids but sometimes the adults too.


If you have watched Coco closely and if it is your favorite film, then you will realize how the main theme of the tale is not death. Rather, Coco is all about family and how it is super important for us. Also, Disney has been giving away some of the cult classic animated films that are making history. One such tale is Frozen and I already know that you all have heard its name if not watched it already. Just like Coco by Pixar, Frozen also is a tale that features family and its importance. The tale throws the entire spotlight on two sisters, that is Elsa and Anna.

They both realize that despite anything that comes between them, their love is stronger than everything and it is honestly the only thing that matters to them. The first Frozen film has gone on to earn more than a billion dollars at the global box office and was an instant hit. Disney has won two Academy Awards with this tale and when we think of it, the movie surely deserved that. Since Disney started changing its theme and entered into a more upgraded manner of visuals and storytelling, also known as the Renaissance ers of the House of Mouse, Frozen is dubbed as the best film.

Corpse Bride

As we have seen Coco, most of the time, gave off the vibes of death, even though it was more about the family theme, it still had the death concept present in it. Just like that Corpse also deals with the same theme and shares its similarity with Coco. Victor is the main protagonist of the series who is able to talk and hang out with dead people. As we can see, his wife died and now Victor was able to resurrect from there.

With this new movie, a new concept was brought forth in the industry of entertainment and it saw how corpses do not always have to be connected with the horror genre. We learned how everything, every soul present in this universe has emotions be it a human or a ghost. Now, the story has been created by Tim Burton and you all might now understand that it is a masterpiece created by an awesome director.

Alice in Wonderland

This is one of the oldest films that was created by Disney. Initially, the film was released back in 1951 but there have been many renovations in the visuals as well as some twists added in the tale over the years. Back at the time of its release, the audience did not like the tale so much but nevertheless, it went on to be called a cult classic and as of right now, it is hard to live in a world where we have not heard its story at least once in our life. This movie has executed the most classical scenario that we can ever come across in an animated series.

So, the main protagonist enters into a different world and goes through a transformation. This is exactly the concept on which Coco is based upon. This movie is considered as one of the best works that are done by Disney and thus, have even become a cult classic. People did not appreciate the story much when it first came out but then too, it has become the most popular works of the company.

Inside Out

When I say that this movie is the sweetest when it comes to emotions, then I mean it. The tale has two plots going at the same time that link all the characters together. Also, the concept involved in the film so different than the general tales, and again, it has been created by Pixar so the tale has to be amazing. Now, you will ask what is similar between Coco and Inside Out? Well, it is the fact that both these films are originally created by Pixar and not a sequel to any kind of tale. In recent times, we can see that Pixar is only majorly focusing on sequels rather than creating new tales. Inside Out is that tale that you need to watch when things are not going so well in your life, the film has the effect to cheer you up instantly after you have finished watching.

The creators have given a body and voice to all the emotions that are inside our heads and how they run us. Even the critics, as well as the audience, appreciate the tale with the box office scores proving how much it was loved by all. The tale came out back in 2015 and rocked the concept of general animated films. It has even won the Academy Award for being the Best Animated Feature. The story is set when Happiness is lost in a person and all the other emotions take up their place and create chaos in our head. The story has so much offer that when you see it, you will know how important it is to always be happy no matter what.


During these recent times, Disney as well as Pixar has been creating a lot of family genre animated films and honestly, they are the best for children who are growing up because these films instill the value of family among them. Onward is one such animated film that focuses on the theme of family and narrates how important it is to have one. Pixar has again created this beautiful film and fans seemed to love it a lot. This movie also resembles Frozen but unlike that film, we have two brothers in focus here.

Through the course of the tale, they realize how important family is and how their bond is very special. The two even ignite a very strong connection to their mother as well as with the father who has recently deceased. The commercial success that Onward should have had was not quite possible because of the pandemic. Despite all of that, the people who actually saw it, could not agree more with the fact that Onward was one of the best hits of 2020.

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