Angel’s Last Mission: Love Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast & Renewal

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Angel's Last Mission: Love season 2
Angel's Last Mission: Love season 2

Kdrama world is a stockpile of fantasy dramas. And, what’s a better combination than fantasy and romance? We will tell you. Nothing. In 2019, KBS2 released “Angel’s Last Mission: Love,” and it was nothing but a masterpiece. Even after two years of its release, fans are sharing the best reviews. Hence, we are sure that all Kdrama enthusiasts must have streamed it. However, another question associated with “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” is whether it will have a season 2? Therefore, all the details related to “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” season 2 and its release date will be further in the article.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love is a South Korean romance drama by KBS2 starring Shin Hae Sun and Kim Myung Soo. The ill-fated tale of a ballerina is transformed into a fairytale but with uncountable hurdles. The storyline has earned love from almost everyone who has watched the show. Hence, the curiosity to know if it will have a season 2 are abundant.

The drama aired on May 22, 2019, on KBS2. It had 32 episodes in total, so the drama concluded on July 11, 2019. Since then, the fans have been waiting to know if “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” season 2 is in the works or not. As per KBS2 and the cast of the drama, there have been hints towards the next installment.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Season 2 Release Date

As of now, there is no release date for “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” season 2. When the show ended in July 2019, KBS2 did not direct the viewers towards another season. With the happy ending, the plot finished the story, which began with the drama. Moreover, the cast, while sharing their final thoughts, was delighted with how the drama ended. Therefore, it’s hard to justify that there will be a season 2 of the romance fantasy show.

Sadly, fans will not have another season of the beautiful drama. But you can always stream the 32 episodes online. As we have mentioned above, Angel’s Last Mission: Love was a superhit in the country. However, it has now reached people across borders. Henceforth, Kdrama lovers can also enjoy the drama on various platforms online.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Online Watch and Streaming Details

The KBS2 drama is available on numerous online platforms at the moment. Starting with the giant, Netflix- the drama is readily available on the premium streamer for people living at the corners of the world. Thankfully, Netflix is available in almost 190 regions of the world. So, it’s okay for you to sit in a small town in Italy and enjoy the South Korean drama. All you need is a subscription, and you’re ready to binge-watch.

Angel's Last Mission: Love season 2 release date
A still from “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” (cr: KBS2)

Other big online portals are Rakuten Viki and Kocowa Tv. Both of them offer the drama with a subscription plan. The two are comparatively cheaper than Netflix. Hence, you can opt for Viki and Kocowa as well. Kocowa is not available in certain regions, so make sure to do your research as per your location. On the other hand, Viki is a global platform, and one can find thousands of Asian dramas and movies on the website.

Lastly, KBS World and Apple TV also have drama on their list. And you can watch it on the two streamers for free. So, if Apple TV and KBS World are accessible to you quickly, watch the drama without any hassle and penny there.

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All of the above streamers have English subtitles. So, what are you waiting for?

Angel’s Last Mission: Love Cast

The cast of Angel’s Last Mission: Love did a fantastic job portraying their assigned characters. Viewers and fans of the drama praised the actors for their parts. Moreover, the cast had some interesting words to say while parting ways from the drama.

The cast includes Shin Hae Sun as Lee Yeon Seo, a skeptical and arrogant ballerina. Top of her academy, she is the prima ballerina, but she has to give up her dream due to an accident. Later, after her parent’s sudden death, she becomes even more cynical and stops trusting people around her. Moreover, all people want with her is now the money she will inherit. Her life is filled with negativity and no joy. Hence, she feels hard to love anyone. Shin Hae Sun earned appraises for her performance from fans, which even led her to more significant roles, such as in “Mr. Queen.”

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Kim Myung Soo plays Kim Dan, the exact opposite of Lee Yeon Seo. Kim Dan is optimistic, lively, and likes to be positive. He is also an angel who keeps getting into trouble. To return to heaven, he is assigned with a task to find true love for the cold-hearted ballerina. What will happen when the angel will himself falls in love with the ballerina? Myung-Soo is a great actor, but he is also a singer in the boy group- INFINITE. His credit list also includes dramas like “Miss Hammurabi” and “Secret Royal Inspector.”

While saying goodbye to their characters, Shin Hae Sun said she would never forget the project as a precious part of her life. Moreover, she shared that she has lived as ‘Yeon Seo” for six to seven months, so it will be hard to forget about the role. Meanwhile, INFINITE’s L, who played Dan, said that he wants to thank all the viewers and fans for supporting the character. He had an enjoyable time on the set and will always remember it.

“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” cast also incorporates Lee Dong Gun as Ji Kang Woo, Kim Bo Mi as Geum Ni Na, Woo Hee Jin as Jung Yoo Mi, and Gil Eun Hye as Geum Ru Na.

The Plot

The drama follows the love tale of a troublemaker angel who needs to find love for the icy ballerina in order to return to heaven. But, due to their chemistry and flashback stories, the two end up falling for each other. Lee Yeon Seo (Hae-Sun) can say and do anything because of her hefty family’s Fantasia Ballet Company. But, after a tragedy, she loses her sight in an accident. Afterward, she turns into a sarcastic yet arrogant ballerina who disrespects everyone, including her loyal personal secretary and butler.

The bitter Yeon Seo meets Kim Dan (Myung-Soo), who tries to find love for her, but instead ends up falling for her. The two are complete opposites, yet they still manage to flutter each other’s hearts.

Angel's Last Mission: Love season 2
Shin Hae-Sun and INFINITE’s L

The drama will take you on an exciting ride, with the main leads being the center of the plot. Also, it deals with serious issues encompassing god, and why bad things happen to good people. So, get ready to reduce to tears and grab a box of tissue as well.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love is directed by Lee Jung Sub, who is known for hits like “Healer” and “Queen For Seven Days.” Currently, he is helming “Dali and the Cocky Prince.” On the other hand, the script is penned by Choi Yoon Kyo of “Lucky Romance.”

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Final Thoughts- Angel’s Last Mission: Love

There is not going to be a season 2 of Angel’s Last Mission: Love. But, luckily, the drama delivered us with the best cast, plot, OST, crew, and locations in the first season only. The drama began with comedic and a contradictory storyline. But, as the audience dived into the show, they found the characters growing and evolving into the better version of themselves.

Plus, if you are a dance lover, you will be able to feel the emotions when Shin Sae Hyun dances in the drama. Even though she is bitter and cold, she connects with her passion. The heart-touching drama is perfect for you if you like warm-hearted and wholesome dramas. And to elevate how you feel, the OSTs of “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” will do an incredible job too.

The outfits, cinematography, locations, and writing is to swoon over too. In short, “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” is a full house and definitely, a must-watch for all Kdrama lovers. While there will be no season 2, we are glad for the drama.

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