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Andy Glitre Dies: Former Triple J Host Passes Away

Andy Glitre's Cause Of Death
Andy Glitre

It is sad to realize that we have lost yet another artist this year. No wonder this year has been a tough one for everyone. However, people are going through chaos and trying to live amidst mourning. We are talking about none other than Andy Glitter. Ever since the news of his death has surfaced on the Internet, people have been sad. Moreover, they are curious to find out more about Andy Glitre’s cause of death. This is the only way of knowing why the legendary artist left us so early. He was just 64-years-old. Andy Glitre was known for being one of the best British DJ ever.

He was worshipped by the younger talents. Likewise, Andy contributed a lot towards the growth of DJ artists in Australia. No doubt, he was an important part of the music industry worldwide. Hence, the void that he has created will never be able to fill by anyone else. Hence, it became important to talk about Andy Glitre and his death. Also, we need to look into his personal life and career to know the artist and his contributions in depth. Therefore, this article will be focused on Andy Glitre’s achievements and how he became an important figure. Alongside discussing the cause of his death.

What Happened To Andy Glitre?

Andy Glitre’s death has created a storm on the Internet. He was one of the most talked-about DJs in the world. Ever since his death was announced, Andy’s fans were curious to know the reason behind his sudden death. Fans all over the world are devastated to hear this news. However, the void has been made. All we can do now is wait to know what happened with our legend. As of now, no cause of death has been reported. Hence, we are left with the assumption that Andy Glitre might have died due to natural consequences. However, his fans are not ready to accept the fact that he is no more.

The internet is filled with tributes and memories for this huge loss. Likewise, people are sending condolences to his family and friends. Few celebrities like comedian Adam Spencer tweeted their condolences and asked the fans to pray for his peace. Likewise, everyone who was linked to the former DJ shared their memories. It was indeed too soon for the great artist to leave us to mourn over his death. Moreover, the fans of Sydney’s nightclub named “Respect” were also among the people who expressed their grief on social media platforms.

Andy Glitre's Cause Of Death

The cause behind Andy Glitre’s death is still unknown.

He was a prominent member of the club for years, which made his loss sad for them. Other celebrities mourning his death through social media platforms include “Jane Gazo.” Craig Donarski, the former executive producer of Triple J, highlighted his contribution to the industry. Also, he said that Andy Glitre was a passionate person. He was deeply involved in the things he loved. No doubt, he was the one who introduced the Australians to funk and dance music.

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Andy Glitre: Life and Contributions

Andy Glitter was one of the most influential musicians in the world. His contributions towards the music industry in the 80s and 90s were worth the efforts. Andy played a major role in introducing funk, soul, and dance music to Australian citizens. He was known as a famous British DJ. Moreover, Andy Glitre is prominently known for being the host of famous Triple J Shows. These were “The Rhythm Method” and “Groove Train.” His hard work contributed a lot in helping him gain international recognition. Andy was the one who brought underground music in front of the whole world. Likewise, it helped music to take its spot in the industry.

Andy Glitre's Cause Of Death

He was a famous DJ and performed at various RAT parties. His music was loved by millions of people. Some of his mates recall him as an intimidating person. He was always passionate about spreading music across the continents. Fortunately, he was able to achieve his goals and fulfill his dream of being the one behind funk music. As of his recent works, Andy Glitre was a broadcaster at an independent dance music radio station called “Kiss FM.” No one can fill the void he has created. Yet, we hope to see another emerging star having a passionate heart like Andy Glitter.

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