Android 18 Just Eliminated Ribrianne From Tournament of power


You can’t deny that when it comes to female characters, Android 18 is one of the most famous in the whole Dragon Ball series. She was the only woman beside Bulma who can beat the hell out of Vegeta. She is also a big contributor for the survival of Universe 7 in the tournament of power.

She is also not fond of corny characters, well, if you disregard Krillin. That is why it is no one’s surprise that she got rid of the most irritating characters in the Tournament of Power right now. And if I assume that we are on the same page, you’re thinking about the ace warrior of the Universe 2.

It kinda struck me odd that the Universe of love and beauty only got the “love” part right. Ribrianne was one of the most hated characters in the Dragon Ball Super, and for a very obvious and valid reason. She will pick on exhausted enemies and she talks about love every time. Unluckily for her, love is also what made her fall out of the stage.

Ribrianne’s transformation is in plain and simple word…ugly. She transformed into a bigger version of herself, think of Attack On Titan parody where the titans talk a lot about love. But that is not the worst part, Ribrianne can now do mouth blasts like a rampaging Gojulas.

Ribrianne’s size makes it harder for Android 18 to fight and at one point, the Universe 2 ace warrior got the Earth Android on a heart cage. But because of Ribrianne’s speech about love and seeing Krillin almost jumping out of the bench to save her, Android 18 was empowered. With Android 17’s help, she eliminated Ribrianne out of the ring with a punch.


With Universe 2’s ace warrior gone, it might spell trouble for them to stay in the fight. It might be possible that we’re gonna see a double erasure of universes in the future. Universe 2 and Universe 6 is on the brink of erasure. What will happen to them in the future? We will find out soon.