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Ancient Aliens Season 17 Episode 5: Release Date, Stream/Watch & Spoilers

Ancient Aliens Season 17 has started on yet another mystifying note, and all the watchers can not help but wait for episode 5. The season will continue to dive into another one of its top 10 lists. Previously on the show, we saw a new change in the format of its production. We usually saw the hosts talking about aliens or their possible connections with the UFOs. After this discussion is over, the story takes a steep turn into the history as well as the figures and every minute detail that might actually be related to the topic. Although, the creators decided this time to go back into their previous seasons and have a look at the top UFO stories that they have talked about, which has left the world wondering. Thus, we saw Giorgio Tsukalos talking about the Top 10 Alien Covers that Ancient Aliens has previously showcased.

Later, there even was a popular newspaper that questioned the possibility of having an Alien Research program on their list of topics. Later, we saw some of the UFO locations that are very popular. This directly indicated to some of the secret organizations. These groups are trying to get to the bottom of the existence of extraterrestrials as well as the UFOs and their crash incidents, which has caused every eye to turn towards it. This made a pretty dope list that caused us to question the truth of everything that has been happening around the world, to us and to everyone. Whether or not this is something that the officials are trying to hide and keep a secret.

Ancient Aliens Season 17 Episode 5

A still from Ancient Aliens Season 17

The tenth number on this list is made by AATIP. We saw the case of the New York Times article, which focused on Glowing Auras and the Black Money. It is called The Pentagon’s Mysterious UFO Program. This happens to be a top-secret US UFO Program. The ninth position was taken over by Area 51. It dates back to 2013, at the point in time when CIS was ready to declassify the files that were all related to Area 51. It is obviously the biggest location on Earth where supernatural activities have taken place. Then the eighth one was The Book of Enoch’s entry. The story focused on a tale that ranges back to the fourth century AD and is about a group of 30 clerics.

Ancient Aliens Season 17 Recap

There are so many mysteries about the whole council that was held in order to get rid of the Biblical Canon. As it so happens, The Book of Enoch is certainly one of those things. It is a script that tells us about how the fallen angels have come to Earth in order to mate with the daughters of men. The next spot was bagged by the Project Blue Book. This was from 1952. The story focuses on highly ranking US Air force Generals who have always worked hand in hand to search more about UFOs.

On the sixth number, we saw m The Majestic Twelve, which dates back to 1984 in California. The camera focused on Jamie Shandera, who is a movie producer as well as a researcher of UFOs. He gets a mail one day that has no return address on it. This package was mainly about The Eisenhower Briefing document, which was released in 1952. It was penned down by Roscoe Hilekoetter. He was the first director of the CIA. It was written to President-Elect Dwight Eisenhower. In this document, it was clearly seen that the man was discussing the Majestic Twelve.

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Ancient Aliens Season 17 Episode 5 Release Date and Where to Watch

Ancient Aliens Season 17 Episode 5 is scheduled for a release on 24th September 2021. It is supposed to drop out on the History Channel. Now, you guys should know that there are not many details about the next episode which are shared by the creators. In order to watch the show, all you have to do is open History Channel on your TV screens. If you do not have a cable cord, then the official website of the channel will assist you in the process.

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