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When is Among Us Coming To Xbox One & Series X|S?

Among Us New Map Release Date

Among Us is one of the games which skyrocketed out of nowhere straight to the top. (Just like Gamestop). The only difference would be Among Us didn’t fell back again. Among Us launched back in 2018. The game is made and published by InnetSlothLLC. It was first launched for Android. People were too busy to get their eyes away from the booming Battle Royale genre. PUBG, Fortnite, and other battle royale games were ruling the market, and players were too involved in it to notice any upcoming games. Everything changed in 2020—the pandemic, then the lockdown. The lockdown forced people to stay at home, and everyone was finding new ways to keep themselves entertained. Not everyone is a fan of battle royale, so they had to find different games.

Here comes Among Us. People started to play this game, and in no time, this game turned out to be a massive mass favorite. The die-hard battle royale gamers, too, started to pay attention to Among Us. Streamers quickly realized the potential and started streaming this game. Once a bunch of streamer picks up any game, then it is a lottery for the game. The downloads went off the roof, and this game, which started out as a small-scale mobile game, was now played across PC, mobiles, and consoles. People were enjoying this game a lot, and this motivated or pushed the developers to make this game much more engaging and exciting.

Among Us imposter image

What is Among Us?

Well, you all know what Among Us is based on, right? If not, then surely you are the one who is far, far away from social media and gaming. But don’t worry, since you have reached here, let me give you a brief idea. Among Us is an online multiplayer strategy game. You can either play the game with your friends or hop on a server to play with strangers and turn them into your friends. This game requires teamwork and a good sense of deduction. In this game, you and other players are assigned a particular task. One of you isn’t assigned any task, and he/she is a killer. That player has to act like he has been assigned a task and act like he/she is working like the others. The other players have to decide who is this guy who is acting up and killing others. Being an imposter and acting like you are not the one also requires great skill. Some people are actually a lot better at being the imposter in the game rather than being the innocent ones.

There are various kinds of tasks assigned to a player. Doing tasks is fun in itself. The character designs and the indie graphics also make this game a lot more fun. There are so many memes and clips on social media. So many interesting stories of catching an imposter, and of course, there are gamers who have turned into pro even in this game. So there are even tricks and tips to find out an imposter or how to not get identified as an imposter.

Among Us characters

If you all failed to identify “THE IMPOSTER,” then he/she wins. If you are successful, then you all win. Since the imposter is among you all, the game is named Among Us.


Among Us currently has 3 maps Polus, Skeld, and Mira HQ. A brand new map, The Airship, is going to launch today, and it is the biggest map in the game. This game has been a savior from boredom in the lockdown period. People have made so many new friends due to this game. The game really tests your logic and your trust among your friends, though. Not only casual gaming, but this game has been used in so many online get together of a community or a company to relax and have fun.

Coming Soon on Xbox Series X/S

Currently, the game is available on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One. Soon the game will be available on Xbox Series X/S, and the best part about the game is that it supports cross-platform play. So you don’t need to worry about playing on the same platform as your friend’s. It will also be included in Xbox’s Game Pass. The developers are excited as they want the game to be played and loved by everyone.

We don’t have a date yet, but it is coming soon and this year itself. If you have played Among Us already, then you would have known all the details which I have mentioned above. Do share some funny encounters which you had in the game in the comments below.  If not, then now you have an idea about the interesting concept of this game. Go and try out this game once and tell us some exciting imposter stories which you have.

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