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Among Us New Map Coming Soon: What We Know

Among Us New Map Release Date

So 4 months after the announcement, InnerSloth games are finally going to release the new Among Us map which is called Airship. A reveal trailer of this new map was shown in December 2020 in the game awards. Well, Among Us has gotten ridiculously popular in the last year. Probably everyone knows about this game as there is so much content related to this game on every social media. If you still don’t know what Among Us is then let me tell you.

Among Us is an online multiplayer game developed and published by InnerSloth Games. This game was launched in 2018 but 2020 was the year when this game took the world by storm. We saw a lot of games gain sudden popularity among the masses like Among Us and Fall Guys. In this game, you and other players (up to 10 players) are dropped on a map. You have to complete basic tasks and find out who the ‘imposter’ is. The imposter isn’t assigned any tasks and he acts like he is helping others so that he/she cannot get caught.

The imposter has the ability to kill others and once someone is killed, everyone else has a chance to call an emergency meeting to discuss what things they know. This was just a basic overview of the game, there is a lot of other detailed tactics like how to do the tasks, how you can identify an imposter, and much more.

Update Details

Now talking about the upcoming map. This map will be called ‘The Airship’. This map is supposed to be the biggest map in the game yet. For the first time ever, a map in this game will contain ladders and moving walkways. There are also reports that we may get new tasks with this new map. If we count Airship then there will be 4 maps in the game. Every map which came after the first map had a unique task attached to it. Along with the new map, there are two more things coming in the next update.

One of them is a basic account system for better moderation. Keeping game rooms moderated is a big challenge for developers nowadays. It is not only about creating an algorithm that bans a user after he gets a certain amount of reports against him. It has to be much more filtered and well thought.

Among Us Airship

The second one is different starting rooms. Now players will be able to choose their starting point when they enter a map. Every starting point is different. Some are very safe to start with and some are very risky. So this change will allow all the players to experiment and make new strategies for different starting points.

Talking about challenges, even creating a new map was a challenge. The developers didn’t expect this game to be a huge hit. They had already moved on to some other plans. Since the game is cross-platform, the challenge gets tougher. Developers have to make sure that their update works smoothly across all devices. As the game gained sudden popularity in 2020, the number of players increased massively, and maintaining the servers also became a challenge for InnerSloth. They say they are working in order to provide quality content rather than spam updates after updates. InnerSloth is still a team of 5 people. They will definitely be hiring new people but they will do it responsibly.

Among Us New Map Release Date

Among Us New Map Release Date is March 31st. InnerSloth announced with a tweet that they will be launching this new map and also mentioned other updates like the preliminary accounting system, different starting rooms, and more in an unordered list.

All the updates coming with the map have their own unique touch and every one of them is important. Streamers and hardcore players will find new ways to play this game with the different starting point updates and regular players who are probably bored with the old maps and old tasks will get a chance to experience something new. An improved moderation system will make this game a better place for players of all ages and will keep a good eye on toxic players.

Have you played this popular multiplayer game in this pandemic with your friends? Or are you yet to jump the bandwagon. Tell us in the comments section below.

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