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America’s Got Talent Season 16 Episode 20: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

America's Got Talent Season 16 Episode 20
America's Got Talent Season 16

The fans are eagerly waiting for America’s Got Talent Season 16 Episode 20 to go live on their television screens. The world-famous television reality series has now reached its final stage, more specifically the final day of another amazing season. It has been an amazing three-and-a-half months-long journey for the judges, the host, and the audience from all around the world. Just like all the previous seasons, America’s Got Talent Season 16 has lived up to the potential this series is globally known for.

It has given us some of the most fascinating talents from all around America. That is why it has been a treat to watch those talents perform on stage. In addition to that, this season gave us some tremendous Golden Buzzer performances as well. This reality series has managed to achieve some great heights in terms of viewership and fanbase. Whereas, the audience have got to witness some really great talents from the comfort of their homes.

It is the humongous success of the series that we are now so close to the release of America’s Got Talent Season 16 Episode 20. The episode will pick up right where the nineteenth episode left off. The judges of this season named Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel have been amazing on their front as well. The fans have come to love them for their judgment, their drama, their reactions to the various performances, and more. Even our host for the season and the very famous American actor Terry Crews have entertained the fans a lot and made it to their hearts. Although, it is time we discuss more of America’s Got Talent Season 16 Episode 20. But before that, let us first take a recap of Episode 19 as well.

AGT S16 E20 Release Date

Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel in America’s Got Talent Season 16

America’s Got Talent Season 16 Episode 19 Recap

Episode 19 of America’s Got Talent Season 16 went live on 14th September 2021. The episode is titled “Finale” and was released at 8 pm Eastern Time on the popular American television network NBC. The show featured the top ten finalists from Season 16 that have made it through. The ten finalists finally geared up for their final performance of the season one last time. They went on to perform their best in front of the judges and the audience.

The episode kicked off with the performance of singer Jimmie Herrod who was the Golden Buzzer performer for Sofia Vergara. He picked up the classic song “What a Wonderful World” and made it his own. The judges applauded his performance a lot saying that he can make any song his own. Then the second performance featured another Golden Buzzer performer Lea Kyle who performed an art heist theme. The judges did praise her but Simon mentioned that her performance was rather short.

America's Got Talent Season 16 Episode 20

Performers in America’s Got Talent Season 16

The third and the fourth performances featured Victory Brinker and Gina Brillon respectively. Victory who is an opera singer and only nine years old once again blew away the judges with her song. They even agreed that she has the possibility of winning this season and called her an exceptional star. Whereas, Gina who is a comedian picked up pace as she performed. The judges appreciated her comedic skills. Heidi went a step further and called her a winner already.

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How Did The Other Finalists Perform?

The fifth performance of the show gave us a look at World Taekwondo Demonstration Team. They impressed the judges a lot with their moves, combats, and stunts on the stage. Their performance was even called the most entertaining performance of the night. Then came the sixth performance featuring Aidan Bryant who made Simon stand over the desk of the judges for the applause. The other judges also gave him a standing ovation.

Moving on, the seventh performance featured another singer Brooke Simpson who sang “White Flag”. She impressed the judges a lot who went said that she has been raising the bar every time she has performed. The next and the eighth performance of the episode featured magician Dustin Tavella and once again he blew away the judges especially Simon which is a rather big deal. The last two performances of the episode focused on Josh Blue and Northwell Health Nurse Choir respectively.

America's Got Talent Season 16 Episode 20

Dustin Tavella in America’s Got Talent Season 16

Josh Blue is the second comedian finalist of the season and he gave another fabulous performance. Moreover, he followed up on the advice of Simon from last week and increased the naughtiness in his act this time. On the other hand, Northwell Health Nurse Choir sang “Stand By You” and it was no surprise that they received another standing ovation from the judges. They were the final act of the episode and ended the night the way it should end.

America’s Got Talent Season 16 Episode 20: When Will It Release And What To Expect?

The next episode is going to bring in a lot of emotions from all around. America’s Got Talent Season 16 Episode 20 is going to release on 15th September 2021 at 8 pm Eastern Time. In addition to that, the episode will be titled “Finale Results” and will release on the NBC television network. This is also going to be the final episode of the season as it will be the episode when the winner of Season 16 is announced.

America's Got Talent Season 16 Episode 20

America’s Got Talent Season 16 Episode 20 will release on 15th September 2021

It is going to be a must-watch, especially for all of those who have been watching each and every episode with patience and excitement. However, those who have their favorites in the finals will also be wishing their favorites to win the show. Whatever happens though, one thing will be present in this episode just like the others and that is lots of excitement and emotions. The viewers who want to watch the rest of the seasons of the show can head to Hulu and Peacock TV. Fans can watch clips from different seasons on the official Youtube channel of America’s Got Talent as well.

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