American Vandal Season 2 Cast, Trailer, Release Date

American Vandal Season 2 Release Date

Today let’s talk about American Vandal Season 2 trailer, cast, and release date. Running at 1:55, the trailer starts with a date and the testimonies of several participants in a high school prank that involved some poisoned lemonade and a massive epidemic of diarrhea. An investigation followed, and this is what the show is all about, the hunt for the TurdBurglar, a criminal responsible for the mass diarrhea incident that affected a high school in the United States of America.

American Vandal Season 2 Trailer

American Vandal Season 2

The true crime satire second season of American Vandal trailer was released this Tuesday by Netflix, continuing their style and format of producing original series with different topics to entertain us. For the second season documentarians Peter Maldonado, portrayed by Tyler Alvarez and Sam Ecklund, portrayed by Griffin Gluck are famous after their documentary American Vandal got picked up by Netflix and now they investigate this high school which had a massive poisoning and diarrhea attack by an unknown source.

The crime looks awful from the perspective we get to see in the trailer, so our protagonists will have to follow the leads and investigate thoroughly after the facts to discover and properly tag the identity of the Turd Burglar.

American Vandal Season 2 Cast

American Vandal Season 2 Release Date

This Emmy-nominated, Peabody Award-winning satire show will have lots of feces-related jokes, puns, and gags, it’s very eschatological, and it premieres on Netflix on September 14, 2018. Created by Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda, in interviews they didn’t think it was possible to have a second season, so they decided to push the envelope and have Netflix produce the second installment, and we are just going to have to wait and see how does it go from there.

The first season was all about a mockumentary satire in the likes of Netflix’s Mind of a Murderer. So after the success of the first season, which had the two protagonists chase down a serial graffiti perpetrator that enjoyed drawing penises on the back of several automobiles, these guys are back again for another shot at finding some sick twisted character that poisoned an entire Catholic high school causing them massive diarrhea.

American Vandal Season 2 Cast

Tyler Alvarez, Griffin Gluck, Jimmy Tatro, Travis Tope, Melvin Gregg, Taylor Dearden, DeRon Horton. Directed by Tony Yacenda. Produced by Tony Yacenda, Dan Perrault, Dan Lagana, Joe Farrell, Ari Lubet, Josh Lieberman, and Michael Rotenberg.


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