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American Idol Season 20: Release Date, Judges & Latest Updates

American Idol Judges. Image Cr. ABC

Every Singer’s dream is to see themselves standing on the stage and get applauded by thousands of people. American Idol has helped those dreams come true for the past 20 years. It is a singing competition created by Simon Fuller. Also known as “The Search for a Superstar,” the show is based on another singing competition, The Pop Idol. Pop Idol (2001-03) was a British reality singing show that chased the best Pop artists in the country. 

American Idol premiere was in 2002, and it was like a continuation of Pop Idol. Today, it has become one of the most thriving singing contests in the world. Produced by Freemantle and 19 Entertainment, the show made its presentation on the Fox Network (2002-16.) After running for 15 seasons in a row, there was a break for two years. ABC Network took over American Idol and renewed the competition in 2018.

Our favorite experts are returning as Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, & Lionel Richie in American Idol Season 20. The show’s superstar panel adds to the interest and desire for both the performers and audience! Our Idols will get presented by none other than Ryan Seacrest & Brian Dunkieman. Ryan Seacrest has become the heart of the show since 2002. 

Although the world-famous panel of experts will be present, we will be the ones who will help them win! That has been the format of every “Idol’s show” since it got created. The audience chooses the idols who are much eligible to progress. They do it via phone, SMS, internet. The first season’s winner was Kelly Clarkson, and last season’s winner was Chayce Beckham. Let’s dig out some more details about American Idol Season 20. 

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American Idol Season 19

Season 19 Winner- Chayce Beckham

American Idol Season 20: Latest Updates on the Release Date

Our favorite singing competition will feature only after the end of 2021. ABC has not announced the release date yet. But we can guess the exact month when it will release! The show’s executive producer Megan Wolflick shared some information. She said that the American Idol would keep on creating genuine superstars like before. They will keep on evolving and let authentic singers succeed in this show. Megan’s words confirm that the show is returning for sure. She also stated about the chemistry and enthusiasm that gets felt among the judges. Wolflick’s words of appreciation for the connection between the judges and the evergreen host Ryan Seacrest are heartfelt! 

Superstar Katy Perry has gelled into the panel with Country superstar Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. Her presence in the show has made a lot of difference with the ratings of American Idol. She will be one of the main reasons fans around the world will watch season 20. Megan shared her excitement for the landmark season 20. They will make sure to search and produce the best talent in the nation!

The previous season won by Chayce Beckham was launched in February. The other seasons also premiered during this time of the year. So we guess that the 20th season will release on February 13, 2022. It is not confirmed yet, but the official announcement will be made soon by ABC. Since ABC has renewed the superhit show, it got launched during the winter breaks. Idol will keep the format going, having eighteen episodes every season. Showrunner- Michael Wolflick has hinted that they are working on a landmark celebration for season 20. 

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American Idol

Season  1 Winner Kelly Clarkson

Recap on Previous Season Winners

The person you see above is none other than Kelly Clarkson! Yes, you heard it right. She won the first season of American Idol and is today one of the best singers in the world. One of her all-time superhits, “Stronger,” had launched in 2012. It became Kelly’s third song to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Stronger also got nominated for three Grammy awards. The song has reached 40 crore views on YouTube. Kelly Clarkson’s NetWorth is $45 Million! That is what happens when you become an American Idol! 

Let’s discuss the other idols which got aired on ABC. Chayce Beckham won the heart of every viewer in season 19. He won the show after competing against Spence in the finale. He performed with his soaring voice after winning in the final. Katty Perry once said that Chayce sounds like the heart of America! Chayce is one of my favorites too. The second he won, it seemed like he already knew! 

Corona put a hiatus on the production. But it still could not stop Just Sam from becoming the American Idol of season 18! It was the first-ever finale that got filmed remotely. There were five finalists, and each got two chances to showcase their supreme talent. In the end, Just Sam won the show, with Arthur Gunn becoming the runner-up. She celebrated in a video chat and told the world how grateful she was to the fans. It was like a dream coming true for Just Sam.

Laine Hardy won the 17th season of the superhit show in 2018. He managed to beat Alejandro Aranda & Madison Vandenburg. He was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Much deserving winner! 

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The Judges & Host of American Idol:

Simon Fuller had planned four judges just like Pop Idol’s format. At last, the panel could make up for only three judges. In the first season (2002,) Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, and Paula Abdul sat on the expert’s seats. In 2003, RJ Angie Martinez got chosen to be the fourth judge of the show. But he withdrew, as he felt uncomfortable criticizing talented artists. The three continued to be the experts of American Idol for the next eight seasons.

After the eighth season, Kara DioGuardi got hired to be the fourth judge. She is a Latin Grammy Award-nominated singer & songwriter. She did well for the next two years before leaving the show in the tenth season. Paula Abdul bid goodbye to her fellow experts before leaving in the ninth season. Abdul failed to accept the terms of the show producers, which led to her exit. Ellen DeGeneres succeeded Paula and took her seat after she left. But the Emmy Award winner survived for only one season in the competition. The biggest heartbreak was when Simon Cowell left the show in 2010. He wanted to begin the American version of X-Factor

Randy Jackson quit the show after 12 iconic seasons but came back as a mentor. World-famous singers Jennifer Lopez & Steven Tyler entered the panel in 2010. But even they left after two seasons. Nicki Minaj replaced them, but only for one season. From then onwards, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan & Lionel Riche became the perennial judges of American Idol! (2016-P) 

The charming American host, an Emmy Award winner, Ryan Seacrest, symbolizes the heart of this super hit. He is the producer and also the permanent host from the very first season of American Idol. 

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Ryan Seacrest

The Auditions Format:

Who all are eligible to participate? Let’s discuss the age limit. Contestants who are fifteen to twenty-eight are eligible to take part in American Idol Season 20. In the first three seasons, the age limit was 16-24. Now the upper limit has expanded, and the lower limit has decreased by one block. Only residents from the USA can participate in this show! In the auditions, the contestants have to pass the preliminary rounds. If they succeed, then they get the chance to perform in front of the producers. Once the producer is satisfied, only then do the contestants perform in the auditions! The ones who get selected get sent to Hollywood.

There are three rounds of eliminations in Hollywood. The first cycle shows contestants coming in groups but giving individual performances. In the second round, the singers perform in small groups and sing together. For the final round, the singers perform with a song of their field. It usually depends on the season.

After the tenth season, online voting started. In the Semis, every singer’s destiny gets determined by the American audience! Before the singer starts performings, and even during his performance, a toll-free number gets displayed. After the episode ends, there is a time limit of two hours. Viewers can call or send SMS or register votes through the internet. The fans are allowed to vote as many times as they want in that period of two hours! It’s a crucial period. That’s why the contestants request the audience to vote for them! The one who gets the most votes wins the show.

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