American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 2: The Morning After

American Horror Story season 8 has been premiered, and the first episode has been broadcasted. Now, as I believe, most of you would have seen the first episode, as nobody could resist it. American Horror Story is one of the majorly followed shows, not just because of its different storyline, but because of its revamped cast in each renewal of season.

The first episode was really a constrained episode, which did not provide much to conclude. So, let’s go ahead with information related to next episode, which is American Horror Story season 8 episode 2 release date, where to watch, preview, and spoilers.

American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 2: The Morning After

The show is into its eighth season, with the first episode dropped on the premiere date. The second episode of American Horror Story season 8 is all set to release on 19 September 2018. The second episode is titled “The Morning After”. The show has determined to have 10 episodes, the lowest from all the season sharing the same with the sixth season.

The show is broadcasted on FX channel every Wednesday. The show can also be streamed on FX app and using other online streaming service providers who provide access to FX channel.

Even if we do not have much to offer about what are the recent progressions in the season, one thing is really clear, that it is a crossover of first season’s Murder House and third season’s Coven. The season has started with a nuclear war chaotic situation, which affected Hong Kong, Russia, the Baltics and other, and not to forget, the US might also be affected.

Then we are introduced to Timothy, who is taken as a hostage by “the Cooperative” along with a SWAT team. They believe that he has the perfect genetic formation they need. They transport him to an underground facility, where he meets Emily, as they are both moved to Outpost 3. There we saw Ms. Wilhemina Venable who is the matriarch of Cooperative. Purple is the color worn by Emily and Timothy, which means that they are worthy. There are some others with the same color too.

On the contrary, Mallory is in Grey, which means that she is unworthy. Now, we have been introduced to the show. Next episode will feature more information and more questions being answered, along with any major revelation, as there are only ten episodes in this season. The main question which will arise in the minds of hostages would be related to the betterment of their choice of place, as they would feel even more happy to be in nuclear war rather than this place.

You cannot download American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 2 anywhere online. You will be able to watch American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 2 online on FX.

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