American Horror Story Season 7 On Netflix

American Horror Story Season 7 Netflix

American Horror Story’s Season 8 has been confirmed, and fans are anxious for the show to hit the screens once again, but at the same time, the arrival of the show’s seventh season on Netflix is also something to get really excited about. We’d been waiting for an announcement on when the show would hit Netflix, and we finally have it.

In this post, we’ll let you in on all that we know about American Horror Story Season 7 on Netflix. Make sure you’re caught up to the series because there may be spoilers ahead. With that out of the way, we can get started. As we had predicted earlier, the show will be on Netflix in this month, within a matter of weeks now.

American Horror Story Season7

American Horror Story Season 7 will be out on Netflix on September 18, 2018. Until then, you can watch all the previous seasons of the show there, which are also available. Having watched Season 7 already, I have to say that a few episodes didn’t sit too well with the fans, but overall I enjoyed how this season of the show concluded. The show won’t be ending anytime soon though, as it has been confirmed for two more seasons, at least.

Fans had begun to speculate that each season represents the nine circles of Hell from Dante’s Inferno, and it seems that they were right. According to the showrunners, the next season of American Horror Story will see them try different things and, and fans won’t be used to seeing what they’ve planned for the future.

Creator Ryan Murphy had this to say about American Horror Story Season 8:

“I pitched it to [FX boss] John Landgraf today right after his TCA panel, and he loved it, but he’s asked me not to say what it is,” he said of the theme. “I told him, and he fell out of his chair with joy. I think people will like it, it’s different from what we’ve done before, but I always try to do the opposite of what I’ve done on that show.”

Are you excited for the future of American Horror Story? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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