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American Horror Stories Season 10 Episode 4: Release Date & Spoilers

American Horror Story season 10 has finally rocked our digital screens with a fresh batch of episodes and no one is complaining. This outing is called American Horror Story: Double Feature. We see that this new amazing season starts with a premiere from a small town near the sea. This is the place where we witness a struggling writer who has a family to feed with troublesome, chaotic happenings surroundings them. These people find themselves caught up in various bizarre events that are taking place in town.

Previously in the series, we have seen that Harry Gardner is pregnant with his wife Doris. They already have two daughters named Alma who are soon going to move to Provincetown in Massachusetts. While being in the process, they are chased and harassed by a local lady named Karen. Harry does not have a single idea appearing on his mind and thus, he decides to go out in order to freshen his mind. The town has only one restaurant and here, Harry comes across various locals such as Austin as well as Sarah. They both are successful writers and assure Harry that he will soon find the inspiration he is looking forward to having

American Horror Stories Season 10 Episode 4

American Horror Stories Season 10

Later, we see a strange bald man just outside Harry’s house and he has pale skin but when he looks for him, the man is nowhere to be seen. Austin hands over a drug to Harry and suggests that this is going to improve his creativity. Harry hesitates at first but soon takes the black pill, gets through his work, and when the bald man comes again, kills him. In the second entry of the show, we saw that Harry now has an instant need for blood. This episode was titled Pale and saw Harry struggling to keep his mind off of killing people. It is explained later to us that the pill enhances the amount of talent that a person has helps the people but the ones who lack talent, are turned into pale bald men just like the one Harry killed earlier. As for the bloodlust, it just comes along with the pill in the form of a side-effect.

American Horror Stories Season 10 Recap

Later, a piece of great news comes in for Harry where his agent says that this screenplay has written off a great path for his success. On hearing this, he decides to continue with the pills. Soon enough, Austin and Belle take out Harry along with them to satisfy the lust he has for blood Alma, back at home, is frustrated with the skills she has as a violinist. She too decides to take these pills in order to intensify his talent and starts experiencing bloodlust. Later, Alma finds it very difficult to contain this new lure of hers and ends up killing more than just an animal.

On the other hand, Harry is receiving great success in his niche and work. This urges his agent to come to his town for a visit. The situation is hard for him to hide all the lust for blood from her. This episode also provided us a detailed insight into the whole origin of the black pill along with the person called The Chemist who came up with the idea of creating it. Now, we shall head over to the information we have regarding the next episode of the show.

American Horror Stories Season 10 Episode 4 Release Date

American Horror Stories season 10 episode 4 is scheduled for a release on the 8th of September 2021. This season is made up of 10 episodes out of which, three have already aired The next one is again going to drop out on FX at 10 PM according to Eastern Time. Also, you guys should know that this installment is actually cut into two parts. The first one is Red Tide which will be provided with 6 episodes. Then we have Death Valley to have four episodes in total. If you are a fan of this series, I suggest you guys lookout for new episodes every seven days as they air on Wednesdays. You all can watch the newest on FX as it airs or on its official website. Live streaming can also be done through YouTube TV as well as Fubo TV.

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