Spoilers: American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 6

Spoilers For American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 6
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American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 6 might be taking us back to a place similar to Camp Crystal Lake. In case you are missing those old-school horror stories from the 90s, the next episode may fill in a little of that. Recently on the show, we witnessed a story telling us how gaslighting someone could go entirely wrong. Gaslighting is one thing but using the real artifacts to mess things around is another. Also taking the advantage of one’s needs and dreams. So that’s what happened to Liv, who always wanted to have a baby but things went wrong when she went to take any way possible.

Liv ready to take desperate measures, encouraged her enemies. The ones she trusted, believing they are the ones she can trust and got played. A use of totem may have given her the baby she wanted but also invited something else into her house. Something that wants to take her baby away. But the question remains, how much of this is real. For Liv as well as the people around her. Probably even everything of this could be played. So anyway, let’s break down everything that happened previously on the show, and then we will move to see what we can expect from the next.

American Horror Stories S01 E05 Recap

Previously on American Horror Stories, we heard about Liv and Matt’s story. The couple is trying for a baby for the past two years. When no results come in, the doctor suggests other options. But Liv wants to experience having a baby in her stomach and waiting to meet him. So the couple doesn’t want to give up. The receptionist at the doctor gives Liv a solution. An ancient totem, when put under the bed while getting intimate may help them have a baby. Liv wants to go to every length, so she takes a shot at it.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 6
From American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 6 Featuring The Ba’al Demon

Sixteen months into the future, Liv does have a baby but seems like she isn’t happy, and the baby doesn’t want to be with her. She even gets rid of the totem she forgot. But the next night onwards, she starts seeing a demon near her baby. The totem is transforming and changing over time. Even the maid leaves, and talking to the therapist doesn’t work. So she starts investigating and finds out about an ancient demon called Ba’al. Also at night, she makes sure to record everything. The only thing is Matt and her therapist, both don’t really believe this.

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 Things escalate to one party at home. Liv and Matt’s friends play Ouija, and the devil answers He’s Mine talking about the baby. Liv going mad doesn’t fit right with Matt leading to a fight who gives up now. Wanting not to give up, Liv approaches the receptionist Bernadette again. So she helps by suggesting a ritual from the book that ends with her attacking Matt accidentally.

The Ending Of American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 5
American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 6 Featuring Liv

Matt survives but Liv is sent to Asylum. It is revealed that Matt is in love with receptionist Bernadette. He and his friends created this ghostly plan to send Liv away. At the party, the real Ba’al appears and kills them all except Matt. The episode closes by revealing the ritual Liv used turned out to be a summoning smell instead of banishment. So Liv brought the real Ba’al and later sleeps with him for another baby as Matt is sent to prison.

American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date and Spoilers

American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 6 is releasing on August 12, 2021, and will be available to stream on Hulu. Two episode remains before the first season of American Horror Stories wraps up. So expect another episode to come around following the sixth, which will mark the end of American Horror Stories Season 1. Check out the trailer for the series below with a synopsis of the coming sixth episode.

American Horror Stories Season 1 Episode 6 is titled “Feral”. The official synopsis of the episode doesn’t give away much, but it will be more of a Friday The 13th kind of story. The synopsis tells of a family out on a camping trip leading them to discover something wrong in the woods. Someone is peeking and living and may not want them there. Is it a serial killer? A ghost? A bigfoot? Any other kind of monster. We have to wait to see what it is.

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