American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 10: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

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American Crime Story Season 3
American Crime Story Season 3

The fans are very much eager to watch American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 10 after what they saw in the previous episode. The American television series has been hugely popular since it first came out on 2nd February 2016. Although, the show is different from regular television shows as it follows the anthology genre along with true crime. It combines them all together to make a worthwhile package for the audience, and they have loved it ever since. As the genre of the show suggests, the show follows different stories relating to the most popular criminal cases in the United States.

These were some very high-profile cases that not even shook the people in America but made news all around the world as well. Furthermore, the series focuses on different cases each season since it is an anthology series. In addition to that, the show also focuses on real people from those cases rather than putting up fictional characters. These are some of the major reasons behind the popularity of the show. However, there is another major reason behind the success of the show.

This show is a part of the popular ‘American Story’ franchise and is the second installment in it. The well-known screenwriters Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski have developed the show, whereas Sarah Burgess has developed the ongoing third season. Scott, Larry, and Sarah are also the executive producers of the show, along with Ryan Murphy, Brad Simpson, Daniel Minahan, and many more. The fans have been loving the season and are now awaiting the release of American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 10. However, let us first take a recap of the previous episode and find out what happened.

American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 10
American Crime Story Season 3

American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 of American Crime Story Season 3 came out on 2nd November 2021. Furthermore, the episode was titled “The Grand Jury”. The episode began with Linda Tripp living in a hotel for many days. She is trying to get more evidence when living there in order to make her case much stronger. Meanwhile, her daughter comes in to see her bringing her the emails. She also asks Linda to come back as there are no reporters near the house anymore.

On the other hand, we see Monica Lewinsky getting ready to appear in front of the Grand Jury at the court. The lawyer Emmick asks Monica some questions about her relationship with the American president Bill Clinton. Then we see that the jury members begin to ask their questions. They move forward with questions like whether she felt that she was doing something wrong while having an affair with a married man. In addition to that, they also question her past as she had once had an affair with a married man before as well.

American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 10
A still from Season 3 Episode 10

To all these questions, she tells them that she does feel that having an affair was wrong. But she also says that she was in love with Bill and didn’t know that he was a different man until he made the speech. On the other hand, we see Linda appear in front of the jury as well, and they ask her why she taped her conversations with Monica. To that question, Linda said that she felt she would need those tapes as evidence later on. She also pointed out that she felt there was something wrong going on at the White House and she felt threatened by it. Later on, she even made a statement to the nation that she had been defamed to shut her mouth.

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American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 10: When Will It Release & What To Expect?

The previous episode took the Clinton-Lewinsky case to another level and got the fans intrigued. “American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 10 will release on 9th November 2021 at 10 pm ET on FX.” Furthermore, the episode will be titled “The Wilderness”. The next episode will be a must-watch as it will be the finale of the series. That is why the episode will also be the conclusion of this high-profile case. We will see how the latest statement of Monica about all her intimate encounters with Bill Clinton will affect the case. Furthermore, we will whether Linda Tripp gets her dignity back in front of the nation. So stay tuned to find out.

How To Watch American Crime Story Season 3? Streaming Details

The ongoing American television following the Clinton-Lewinsky case has got the viewers hooked. That is why they are searching about where to watch American Crime Story Season 3? Well, we are going to make it simple with a simple answer. “American Crime Story Season 3 airs every Tuesday at 10 pm ET on the FX television network.” Furthermore, the season is available on Amazon Prime Video as well. Moreover, the viewers can stream it on Disney Plus Hotstar and Youtube TV as well. Therefore go ahead and binge-watch the show if you have not done it yet.

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