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Amber Rose New Boyfriend: Who is She Dating After The Breakup?

who is Amber Rose dating after a breakup ?
Amber Rose

Amber Rose has dated many famous people in the past. But Who is Amber Rose dating after a breakup? Before getting into it, let’s get to know who she is. Born in 1983, Amber Rose Leovenchuck is an American model, television presenter, and actress. After the divorce of her parents, Amber took up the job of a stripper under the pseudonym Paris. She appeared in a 2008 video titled “Put On” and caught the eyes of people. Her career has been a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs. But apart from her career, let’s look into her dating life.

Who is Amber Rose dating after a breakup?  She has dated some famous celebrities, such as the rapper Kanye West, who recently got divorced from the sensational Kim Kardashian. In 2011 Amber started dating another famous rapper Wiz Khalifa, got engaged, married, and had a son in 2013. A year after the birth of their child, she filed for a divorce. Wiz Kalifa and Amber have joint custody over their son Sebastian Taylor Tomaz as of 2015. Amber talks freely about her sexuality, she is confident in her sexuality and stated that she could love a man or a woman the gender doesn’t matter. She later disclosed in a podcast that she once dated a trans man. In this article, let’s find out about her breakup, her famous boyfriends, whom she is currently dating, and a little about her life and career.

Amber Rose Admits To Dating Transgender Man:

Dating Life

After her breakup with the NBA player Monte Morris in 2018, Amber began dating Alexander Edwards, famously known as AE. Amber and he have been dating for three years but there’s a lot that goes on that goes unnoticed. AE has admitted to cheating on Amber with at least twelve other women. Although he claimed that he loves her and their son, and stepson very much but he is unable to change his true nature. Moreover, the women whom he slept with knew that he was dating and had a baby. He told that Amber was ready to forgive him for all that he’s done if he gave a public apology. He also said that he wouldn’t like the idea of an open relationship. This meant that Amber could go on dates as well while he looked after their son, but this did not bode well with him.

who is the famous Amber Rose dating after a breakup

Amber Rose with Alexander Edwards

 Before dating AE

A woman known for being confident in her skin, Amber has a net worth of 12 million dollars. Before dating AE, she has dated few people such as Machine Gun Kelly, the man who is currently dating the bombshell, Megan Fox. She also dated Kanye from 2008-10. Apart from speaking up about her sexuality Amber led the L.A. based SlutWalk.In this event, she took a stand for those women who were shamed for their sexual behavior. She spoke out about the various instances and wrongdoings she faced to the point of being publically shamed. In  2011 she was a guest judge on the iconic show RuPaul’s Drag Race. And in 2016, Amber participated in the 23rd season of the television show Dancing With The Stars. She has dated at least 38 people including 21 Savage, Ben Simmons, Akon, Offset, Odell Beckham Jr, Nick Simmons, French Montana etc.

Personal Life and career

Apart from Who is Amber Rose dating after a breakup? Let us look into the other aspects of her life. During her career as a model, Amber walked at New York fashion week for Celestino. She further made cameos in Niki Minaj’s “Massive Attack”, Wiz Khalifa’s “No Sleep”, etc. When it comes to her career as a singer Amber released her debut single “Fame” along with Wiz Khalifa. Amber launched her eyewear line and a clothing line. She published her book under Simon and Schuster titled “How to Be a Bad Bitch” in which she speaks about everything starting from career to love, finances and all. Amber starred in her talk show titled The Amber Rose Show, aired on VH1. As a participant on the show Dancing With the Stars, Amber finished in 9th place before being eliminated. An overview of Amber Rose’s personal life, dating, career etc have been provided throughout this article.

the famous Amber Rose

Amber Rose

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