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Amadeu Campos Silva Accident: The Bull-Rider Got Stomped At Tour!

Amadeu Campos Silva accident
Amadeu Campos Silva accident

Three years ago, in January of 2019, rising PBR star Mason Lowe lost his life after a bull stomped in his chest during the Velocity Tour. Now three years into the future, a similar tragedy struck the event. This time Amadeu Campos Silva, a new rising young blood with dreams in his eyes, became a victim and met with an accident. Amadeu Campos Silva, in the past years had made a name for himself by finishing up as runner-up in the Brazilian Finals in 2019 and then moving on to make a US debut. Thus competing at PBR World Finals in 2020.

Everyone saw Amadeu Campos Silva as the bull rider with a promising future who gave his all heart to the sport. Just so that he can achieve his dreams and at the same wanted to look after his family. Carrying the same dream on his back, he took the Velocity tour on 30th August 2021 with the bull Classic Man on his side. But unfortunately, not everything went right as Campos Silva lost his control over Classic Man and, in the process, lost his life at a very young age of 22. Here is what happened.

Amadeu Campos Silva Accident – What Went Down?

Andrew Giangola from Professional Bull Riders spoke about what went down in the accident. According to him, Amadeu Campos Silva was competing for a bull-riding Velocity Tour event at the Save Mart Center in Fresno. So during the same time around, Campos Silva lost his balance on his bull. In the process, he got his spur messed up, which stuck to the flank strap.

The flank strap here is something you may see wrapped around the bull’s lower torso. The main use of the flanks strap is to encourage to buck. So in the process to get his balance back, Campos Silva found himself under the animal. The bull on his side went on to step on the chest of the rider. This resulting in him finding himself closer to death, but the medical emergencies and procedures were carried out.

Amadeu Campos Silva was being treated at the Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, Calif. PBR CEO Sean Gleason was one of the first ones to report the death of Amadeu Campos Silva. He took it to Twitter to let the world know about the accident at the Velocity Tour event in Fresno and the fact that Silva isn’t with us anymore. The entire family of PBR, as well as the western sports family, shared their condolences to the player’s family.

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Reactions To Amdeu Campos Silva’s Death

At the moment, the Fresno County coroner’s office has also confirmed the death of Amadeu Campos Silva. But the proper cause of death hasn’t been revealed yet. Giangola later also talked about the future of the bull named Classic Man. He, from his side, believes the bull had nothing much to do with the freak accident that took place. He was not at fault. The bull was acting normal as it always does. There was nothing extraordinary that was noticed during the bucking motion. So no act of aggression, and Classic Man will continue to be eligible for future events after all this.

Amadeu Campos Silva

Amadeu Campos Silva

Andrew Giangola also went on to praise Amadeu Campos Silva for his achievements. The accident was a heartbreaking tragedy for him. He saw him as a bull rider with a lot of promise, a determined cowboy, a tough one but a kind one. Giangola says Silva was riding for his love of the sport and in order to support his family. Everyone loved him, and PBR extends their condolences to him.

PBR livestock director Cody Lambert later talked about the unfortunate accident and dubbed the act of turning the tangled spur upside down as the major cause behind it. The PBR released a statement on Amdeu Campos Silva calling him a rising star in the sport. Clearly, Silva had a lot of potentials, and velocity tour’s chief executive officer Sean Gleason took it to Twitter to share his relationship with him. He referred to Silva as his son, a brother, a soccer teammate, and a smiling presence in the locker room. All Silva did was pursue his bull-riding dream.

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