Altair Facts from Assassin’s Creed That You May Not Know

The interesting facts about Altair from Assassin's Creed

The one character with whom all the fans started the franchise called Assassin’s Creed, Altair, who was he really? Was he an important figure at his time? Who were his family members, if there were any? This blog will talk about some interesting facts about the Master Assassin Altair Ibn-La’ Ahad, which many few fans know. Altair Ibn-La’ Ahad was an important member of the Assassin’s Order and was the son of Umar Ibn-La’Ahad, an Arab Muslim Assassin, and Maud, a Christian mother. He trained in the Assassin’s way from his childhood days.

He grew in Assassin’s Order and was in his twenties when he became a deadly and prominent member of the Brotherhood. This ultimately made Altair an arrogant man, which led to him making a huge mistake where the headquarters of the Assassins’ Order to their mortal enemies, the Templars order, was revealed. Due to this mistake, Altair’s rank was taken off of him and his mentor Al-Mualim tasked him with assassinating eight individuals as redemption. After murdering the individuals, Altair learned that his mentor was just using him to get a Piece of Eden called Apple of Eden, where he murdered his mentor for his betrayal of the Order. He then continued and carried on the Assassin’s Order as its Grandmaster.

The interesting facts about Altaïr From Assassin’s Creed:

He Married An Ex-Templar Member

One of Altair’s most interesting yet weird facts is that he married an English Templars Order member named Maria Thorpe. He met her when he was on a mission to eliminate the eight templar individuals. She came as a decoy of Grandmaster of Templars’ Order, Robert de Sable, where she successfully tricked him.

The interesting facts about Altair from Assassin's Creed
Altair Meets Maria Thorpe

After the death of Sable, Maria learned the true nature of Templars and sided with Assassin’s Order, where she grew closer to Altair and later married him. They both had children named Sef and Darim.

He Fended Off The Mongol Empire

During the Mongol Empire expansion, Altair, Maria, and their son Darim traveled to Wester Xia Empire to stop Genghis Khan. He was sure that Genghis khan’s progress was due to the help of a Piece-of-Eden, and he deemed it necessary to eliminate this threat.

Altair with Qulan Gal

After reaching there, the group found the camp of the Mongols. Due to his age, he could not do much, but Darim and Qulan Gal assassinated Genghis Khan, thus completing their mission. 

He Went Into Self-Exile

When Altair, Maria, and Darim returned to Maysaf after their mission of stopping the Mongols, they found Maysaf was not how he had left. The next day, Altair and Maria learned that Abbas had started a Coup and executed their son, Sef.

The interesting facts about Altair from Assassin's Creed
Maria’s Death

When Swami, the right-hand man of Abbas, told Altair about how he executed his son, Altair became furious and used the Apple of Eden. During the skirmish, Maria took a fatal blow from Swami meant for Altair, which killed her. He, with his son, escaped to Alamut, where he remained in a self-exile.

He Restructured The Assassin Order

Several years later, Altair returned to Maysaf to reclaim the title of Grandmaster, along with stopping the deteriorating state of Assassin’s Order. He killed Abbas with a hidden gun. In his final moments, Abbas still refused to believe what Altair said about his father and said that he would find it in Afterlife.

Altair kills Abbas Reclaiming the Order

After these events, he restructured the Order and dispersed it around the world. He believed that dispersing the Assassins Order is better than it being in only one place. This is evident in all the games following Assassin’s Creed.

He Died Alone And Peacefully

After taking the Order back from Abbas, Altair started creating a huge library underneath the Maysaf castle, which stored thousands of books of knowledge that Altair learned from the Apple of Eden. He created five keys that can open the library. The keys were also his memories.

The interesting facts about Altair from Assassin's Creed
Altair Final Days Alone

After the Mongols lay siege to Maysaf, he evacuated everyone from there. He gave the codex and the five keys to Niccolo and Maffeo to hide them from the wrong hands. Darim deduced that the library was a vault that would seal Apple as well as his father. He entered the library after saying farewell to his son. There he recorded his last moments in the sixth seal and passed away peacefully.

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