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Spoilers & Preview: Alone Season 8 Episode 2

What TO Expect From Alone S08E02?
From Alone S08 Intro

Alone Season 8 is back this time around with a brand new season and all-new 10 contestants joining the show. The show teases Alone’s deadliest location yet in form of Grizzly mountains. There is bone-chilling cold, isolation, and most scary wildlife creatures. The contestants this season are Colter Barnes, Jordon Bell, Matt Corradino, Michelle Finn, Clay Hayes, Theresa Emmerich Kamper, Biko Wright, Rose Anna Moore, Nate Weber, and Tim Madsen. While we settle down for more, the season doesn’t do justice to the title Alone with the abundant grizzly population the location has this time around for the contestants. If the contestants have to survive longer, what they need is a stronger shelter and that’s what the first episode was all about. Now Alone Season 8 Episode 2 will be more about how these wildlife creatures actually make their presence feel.

The first episode of Alone Season 8 featured Clay, Matt, Biko, Tim, and Rose getting the gist of the location they will be living in. Clay and Rose are hunters while Matt, Biko, and Tim are no less than survivors for sure. We saw Clay getting the gist of wildlife in form of a mountain lion. Then Matt making the best of his fire-making skills. Then Tim showcasing how to build a strong structure while Biko lived the location to the fullest. Amongst all of them, Rose was the only one who actually managed to find some food. Towards the end, Tim started to feel his health is deteriorating resulting in calling for further help. So let’s take a look at everything that went down in the first episode. Then we will move on to take a look at Alone Season 8 Episode 2

Recap For Alone Season 8

We opened up the first day taking a look at how Clay is settling in first. He takes a look around the location he is allotted to. Hunts down a bird, thanks to his bow and arrow skills. But thing is, he is not the only hunter ou there. Clay comes across a mountain lion who stares him down until Clay tries to get hold of his weapons. The lion chances upon this to escape. We also see Matt settling in moving on. He quickly gets comfortable using the primitive fire-making skills he developed for years. Even for him, he is not alone. He soon discovers bear poop meaning there are grizzlies around for sure.

What Went Down Previously On Alone Season 8?

From Alone S08E01

By the time night comes upon, thunder strikes in with heavy rainfall. Clay manages to go ahead and prepare the tarp early to save himself from rain. The second day opens up with Biko. He has twins on the way, so the game is much more than fun for him as he settles down in the wilderness. We meet Tim next spending the third day on his location with a miserable night. The location he is allotted to is filled with Grizzly bear tracks. So it requires him to build a strong shelter. It will not only save him from bears but also the natural threats such as thunder, lightning, and rain.

On day four we meet Rose and she is quite a hunter. So wildlife won’t be much of a problem but a shelter does. Something that will keep her warm at night. Coming back to Matt, we meet his friends as in his camera. While he hopes to work on shelter, he comes across grizzly bears far away. A mother bears too which is a bigger threat. Tim on the other hand has already built quite a strong shelter. Now he looks forward to fish for some food. The work did tire him and he is very hungry. The wind makes it difficult for him to fish.

Did Anyone Find Food In Alone S08 yet?

From Alone S08E01 Featuring Rose

The next Clay wakes up to better weather. Before another storm hits, he needs to build a stronger shelter. But first, he needs to find food as well. So he opts to fish as well. Rose another hand found kinnikinnick berry for her. Now it’s time for her to get back to her shelter. But spending the night doesn’t go well for her. Biko is done with forging the knife he was initially in the episode. Tim still hopes the wind may die and he can finally go and fish. Things start going down when he starts feeling he might be having a heart attack. So he calls in for help and the crew comes in for the rescue.

Alone Season 8 Episode 2 Release Date and Preview

Alone Season 8 Episode 2 is releasing on 10 June 2021 and will air on History Channel at 9.30 pm ET. Expect a new episode every Thursday following the second until the season wraps. You can also watch the second episode of Alone Season 8 on the History Channel’s Official Website once it finished airing. You can also buy or rent the episodes of Alone Season 8 along with the upcoming second episode on video-on-demand services such as Amazon Prime, iTunes, and VUDU. Since there is no official promo for the episode, check out the official synopsis for the episode along with the trailer below.

Alone S08E02 Requires Stonger Shelters From Creatures

From Alone S08E01 Featuring Matt

Alone Season 8 Episode 2 is titled, “Open Season”. The official synopsis of the episode states the grizzly threat has started showing its face. The previous episode already teased the contestants on the abundant population of these bears here. So they need to take measures before more of them show up. Now the second episode brings what it promised. The contestants need to figure out to counter the grizzly population. While some have strong shelters, others need to build one to protect. Apart from all of this, some of the players will also face of Chilko river. The food is a major problem and it’s hard hunting a fish down here for sure.


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