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Allan Raskall Partner: Career, Life & Relationships

allan raskall partner
Allan and wife Martine going out for lunch date

In the field of journalism, there are very few people who are quite famous among the common man. Allan Raskall is one such name among all the well-known names. Its been almost more than three decades now since Allan Raskall joined the Nine Network as a journalist. The 45-year-old is a very important part of the Nine Network. Allan holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts and communication. When it comes to his personal life, the journalist is quite secretive about it. Here in this article, we will be discussing Allan Raskall’s partner and his relationships.

When it comes to his personal life, there is no information about the Journalists birthdate, parents, education, and everything related to his early days and childhood. Once in an interview, Allan was questioned about his sexuality. To that, he gave a sweet answer saying his sexuality shouldn’t matter, at least in this environment. It shouldn’t be a problem in today’s world. But for your information, let me tell you that Allan is not gay. He is very, very supportive of homosexual rights and constantly tweets regarding their rights. Its been almost 20 years since Allan was married to a girl. So let’s see who is the lucky girl, who has a special place in Allan’s heart and life.

allan raskall partner

Who is Allan Raskall’s partner?

It’s been 20 years since Allan Raskall is married to his partner Martine. As per the speculations, his wife is a businesswoman. Twenty years is a long time to dedicate to someone. But Mr. and Mrs. Martine are happily living together with a blissful life. On and off during the couple take it to social media to express their love for each other and to wish each other on birthdays and anniversaries. Allan, unlike other husbands, doesn’t forget his anniversaries and wife’s birthday. There is no information about the couples’ children still, the couple lives a very happy life together.

There is nothing available about the duo’s dating history, but it seems like the pair have been together for a long time. Even before they got married, prior to their wedding, the pair was awarded a couple of the year award. In 2001 the couples decided to get married and tied the knot officially on February 14, 2001. They both are quite secretive about their personal life hence there is no information about their birthdate, education, and more. It’s been 20 years, and the duo is still a sensational couple. They are just the perfect match for each other and made for each other couple.

Allan’s wife is a businesswoman that means he, too, may be her partner in the same. Recently he was spotted with his wife Martine for a lunch date. The duo looks quite mesmerizing together. Allan wore a black shirt accompanied with black pants and a red over the court with a golden Lapel pin which was gifted to him by his lovely wife. On the other hand, his wife Martine wore a black sleeveless dress with a silver brooch. On and off, the couple is spotted together for a dinner date or lunch date. This signifies that for Allan, his wife and personal life are as important as his career. And he is good at managing and giving equal time to both work and personal life.

allan raskall partner

Allan and Martin in Queensland

More about Allan Raskall

Allan Raskall also took his wife on vacation to Queensland recently. Allan and his wife Martine love pets and have around three dogs of 3 different breeds in their house. He also stays in touch with his old friends and also takes time out from his busy schedule for them too, Often he is spotted with them on an outing or for picnics at various destinations. He loves riding bikes and often goes riding along with his male friends.

Talking about his career, he is a well-known journalist working for the Nine Network for the last three decades. He launches various awareness programs on social media accounts regarding breast cancer and the homosexual community. Raskall’s annual salary is around AU$68,261. Most of which is earned from his job as a journalist. He has a tweeter and Instagram account where he posts pictures from work, along with his wife Martine, friends, and colleges. Martine has been Allan Raskall’s long-term partner since 2011.

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