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All TWICE Members Have Personal Instagram Accounts Now, ONCE Rejoice

TWICE Instagram

The JYP Entertainment super girl group TWICE have made their Instagram debut. The girls already had an official account of the group on Instagram called Twicetagram. But now, all nine members have opened their personal accounts. The news came on 17 May 2022 that the girls have their personal accounts now on the photo-sharing platform. The fans are on the 9th cloud since this gives them a chance to be even more close to their biases.

TWICE already have its official social media handles on Twitter and Instagram. The girls are immensely popular and respected female artists. Their fans, called ONCE, have a reason to be happy. Every Instagram account reflects the personality of a person. It’s going to be exciting to see all members’ individual posts. The 9-member group is a girl group that emerged from a survival show, SIXTEEN. The girls made their debut on 20 October 2015. Since then, TWICE’s popularity has only grown, and they are the true personification of a girl crush.

TWICE Members’ Personal Instagram Accounts

The group has nine members, namely, Ji Hyo the leader, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. Their Instagram personal account reveal has come as a surprise to fans as the girls were already quite active on their IG account as a group. Although it’s a great move to give girls their personal space to openly express themselves to the fans. Most of the K-Pop groups have both a common account and also a personal account for the members.

Lets, ‘s check out each “I can’t Stop Me” singers’ Instagram handle. Also, it is so heartwarming to note that all the girls have posted the same photo as their first post on the app. Check out below.

TWICE Instagram debut

1. Jihyo

The leader of the group Jihyo already has 1.7 M followers within a day since they posted their first photo. Her username is @_zyozyo. Jihyo is very popular for her angelic vocals and pretty visuals. She has posted two photos wherein we see her relishing a pizza. Well, I hope she knows that no one is looking at the pizza when we have Jihyo in the picture. We really hope Jihyo blesses us with her beautiful pictures and maybe song covers on her personal.

TWICE Instagram

Jihyo cr: @_zyozyo/Instagram

2. Nayeon

The eldest of the lot is Nayeon. Though she is often mistaken as the youngest as she is so adorable, and it is difficult to resist her charms. Another great vocalist of the group known for her sky-touching high notes. TWICE Nayeon’s Instagram username is @nayeonyny. She has posted two photos too. The singer has 1.8 M followers on her account already.


Nayoen cr: @neyeonyny/Instagram

3. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon’s Insta username is making me think of J.Y. Park: the founder of JYP entertainment. Maybe that was her idea of wordplay. To highlight her label in her personal account too. The TWICE singer’s Instagram handle is @jy_piece. Jeongyeon has 1.6 million followers and she has made 2 posts too.


Jeongyeon cr: @jy_piece/Instagram

4. Momo

Next, we have our Japanese singer and rapper, Momo. Her Instagram username is silly @momo, and that truly showcases the cute but simple side of Momo. Momo has already gained 2 million followers on her Insta account. She has posted 2 photos too. Like most members, she has also chosen to post a backstage photo of hers.


Momo cr: @momo/Instagram

5. Sana

Moving ahead, we have the second Japanese member of the group, Sana. Sana is very popular that she has been named as one of the most popular K-Pop idols. She is the highest-ranked Japanese on that list. This popularity is also getting reflected on her Instagram account, which has 2 M followers. Sana’s username is @m.by_sana


Sana cr: @m.by_sana

6. Mina

Mina is the third Japanese member of the group. She is an American-born Japanese singer. Mina has had her history of struggling with poor mental health issues, but she has emerged stronger than ever. Furthermore, she is also the member with the shortest training period. Mina’s instagram handle is @mina_sr_my and she has 1.8 Million followers, with one post up that is of the group picture I mentioned above.

Instagram TWICE

Mina cr: @twicetagram/Instagram

7. Dahyun

The very gorgeous singer and rapper is on Instagram and her handle is @dahyyunnee. Dahyun boasts 1.7 million followers and has posted two photos on her account. Looking breathtaking in a tube top outfit, fans can’t stop gushing over her in the comments section. She was one of the most popular contestants on the survival show Sixteen, and it still shows.


Dahyun cr: @dahyyunnee/Instagram

8. Chaeyoung

The TWICE rapper and singer Chaeyoung’s Instagram handle is @chaeyo.0. She has already posted 2 photos. Unlike other members, in her first post, along with the group photo, she has also given us a glimpse at her personal pictures, where she looks adorable. Her latest post is probably a drawing she made, and it looks like a bunny. Fans are already swooning over her art and asking her to share more of them.


Chaeyoung cr: @chaeyo.0/Instagram

9. Tzuyu

The youngest of the group and also the visual of the group. Tzuyu’s Instagram handle is @thinkaboutzu. If you ask me, that’s a really creative username, and it totally stands out. She has 1.8 million followers and has posted one photo. Furthermore, Tzuyu is also the only Taiwanese member of the group.


Tzuyu cr: @Twicetagram/Instagram

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