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Alice, Sweet Alice Ending Explained

Alice, Sweet Alice Ending Explained

In this article, we will get the ending explained of Alice, Sweet Alice. This is an American horror movie originally named Communion. The American slasher film was released in 1976, starring Linda Miller, Brooke Shields, and Paula Sheppard. The horror thriller was co-written and directed by Alfred Sole. Moreover, the movie is a classic hit of Hollywood. Likewise, the movie was ranked as the fourth-best slasher movie of all time. Furthermore, one of its scenes is among the top 100 Scariest Movie Moments. Alice, Sweet Alice was praised and loved by all. In 2007, Dante Tomaselli confirmed the remake of the movie. But the movie was delayed in 2016, gradually they arranged the funds and started the shooting as soon as possible. Alice, Sweet Alice ending explained, cast, and plots is something we will discuss today.

The movie revolved around a twelve years old girl who became a prime suspect in a murder. The movie has a lot of emotion, horror, and the troubles of adolescents. It was originally named Communion but re-named Alice, Sweet Alice, and released in the United States theatres on 18 November 1977. However, it was re-released in 1981 under the name Holy terror. Back on the topic, Let’s know the ending of Alice, Sweet Alice, but before that, meet its cast and know the plot.

Plot outlined and Summary

In 1991, Alice and her sister Karen with their divorced mother had a visit to Priest’s house. Karen was about to attend her first communion, but Alice seems jealous of Kevin and locked her in a room. Kevin was stabbed by a mysterious figure wearing a yellow mask and a rain slicker. Alice is in the spotlight of suspicion, thereby interrogated by the police. Later on, the movie takes twists and turns. A lot of people died at the hands of the merciless killer. Can a 12-year-old girl be a murderer? Is Alice the real suspect? The movie is all about this mystery, and if you want to know the answer, scroll down the article.

Alice , Sweet Alice

Alice, Sweet Alice

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Alice, Sweet  Alice: cast

Let’s meet the cast of Alice, Sweet Alice.

Linda Miller

Linda Miller portrayed the role of Catherine Spages, Alice’s Mother. She is an American actor and television star. The 78 years old actress is best known for her feature movies One Summer Love and Alice, Sweet Alice.

Paula Sheppard

Paula Sheppard played the role of Alice Spages. She is an amazing actor and beautifully portrayed the role of Alice.

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields played the character of Karen Spages. She is an American model and actress. The 65 years old actress has also starred in shows like ‘The Blue Lagoon. ‘

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Alice Sweet Alice: Ending Explained

Alice, Sweet Alice’s ending is about knowing the answer, Is Alice the Real Culprit? If not, then who? The rumor of her being a killer isn’t ill-founded. Most of the evidence is against her. The troubling murmurs became so real that even her mother Catherine believes that she is the culprit. Meanwhile, Alice’s estranged father is striving to prove her innocent. The movie keeps fascinating, and all adults shrill snapping at each other without caring about their grieving state. Meanwhile, Alice starts living in the basement, building her religious shrine.

Elsewhere, the murder continues the process of killing one after the other. It’s only after the death of Dominic, Alice was finally eliminated as a suspect. Later that day, the Priest’s housekeeper enters the building, unaware that Alice and Catherine are still in there. Mr. Alphanoso has an encounter with Mrs. Tredoni, who is the real culprit. But she stabbed him with a knife and fled away. Fortunately, at the same time detective, Spina arrives at the location and saw her running. She followed her to the church, where father Tom denies Mrs. Tredoni’s communion. Later on, she points the knife at Catherine and stabs the Priest with a knife. In the end, Alice moves into the church with a bloodstained butcher of Mrs. Tredoni and puts it into Tredoni’s Shopping bag.

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