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Alice in Borderland Season 2: Release Date, Renewal, Cast & A Detailed Discussion About Its Sequel

Alice In Borderland Season 2 release date
Alice In Borderland Cast

Alice in Borderland season 2: Shinsuke Sato is quite popular in the industry of entertainment for directing a variety of adaptations in the form of live and action films. He has done so for manga as well as anime alike. The majority of his titles include works on I am Hero as well as Kingdom and Bleach. Well, as of bright now, we know that Alice in Borderland is the latest addition to the works of Sato. The films can be considered as an excellent piece of science as well as fiction and thriller genres. The tale throws the entire spotlight on three friends who find themselves in a parallel version of Tokyo (much like Upside Down is of Hawkins/or maybe the entire world, who knows). When they arrive at this place, it is required of them to play deafly games. They must do so in order to survive the attacks on them or their loved ones. The series came out for the world to cherish in December of 2020 itself.

Obviously, this manga on which Alice in Borderland is based is a much-loved manga series that is highly popular in Japan. A major contribution of it being famous goes to the series which is available to watch on Netflix, the streaming giant. As all the fans know, the manga has employed action sequences that have been choreographed really well. It comes along with powerful visual effects and thus, this high anticipation surrounding the manga. But after a successful debut of Alice in Borderland season 1, all eyes have turned towards the possibility of Alice in Borderland season 2. Everyone is counting the chances of the show happening or not. Well, here we have wrapped up every piece of information that we currently are aware of regarding a new installment and its updates.

Alice in Borderland season 2 release date

Alice in Borderland: A poster

Alice in Borderland season 2― What are the possibilities?

The first season of Alice in Borderland came out yesterday, that is, the 10th of December 2020. It was dropped off entirely on Netflix with all the episodes releasing at once. The first season is made up of eight episodes that have a running time of 41 to 51 minutes each. We know that all the fans have already binge-watched the entire season in one day. As far as there are concerns regarding Alice in Borderland season 2, then it is quite unfortunate news. It is because no new official announcement has been made to this point in time. Although, the news media platforms are surely speculating something.

All those who have seen the last episode must be quite aware that it ended at a level that could possibly set a new season. Another factor that assures fans about Alice in Borderland season 2 is that it is based on a manga adaptation that is penned down by Haro Aso. This book runs for at least 18 volumes and has a total of 87 chapters. This is why we know that there is enough source material for a variety of seasons. Well, as for the release date of Alice in Borderland season 2, we can expect it to come out sometime in 2022. This will only happen if Netflix renewed the show which they have not done yet.

Alice in Borderland season 2 ― Story Breakdown!

Regarding the topic of cast members, Alice in Borderland has assembled a list studded with stars. The lead role in the show is of actor Kento Yamazaki. He reprises Ryohei Arisu. This is a teenager who is madly in love with video games. Thus, he is often witnessed causing trouble among his peers. Then we have Keita Machida who enacts the character of Daikichi Karube. Yuki Morinaga does the part of Chota Segawa. Both of them are friends with Arisu. Later in the scenes, the audience can witness the three of them coming across a pretty mysterious woman.

Alice in Borderland season 2

Alice in Borderland Manga

Her name is Yuzuha Usagi and her role has been reprised by Tao Tsuchiya. It was revealed that this lady is acting finding her lath through the deserted world all alone. Also, there are other actors who have featured in the series. The list includes Chishiya who reprises the role of Nijiro Murakami. Kuina enacting the character of Aya Asahina. Kuzuryu plays the part of Tsuyoshi Abe. Asahi reprises the role of Mizuki Yoshida. And last but not the least, we have Mira who enacts the character of Riisa Naka. Well, as for the tale of Alice in Borderland, it is a pretty deadly one. I mean, deadly in the literal sense. It is because we see most of the characters of the show dying at some point in time.

Alice in Borderland season 2 ― Cast Members and potential future!

If there happens to be a second installment, then we will not witness any of them. The roles that might come back include Kento Yamazaki along with Tao Tsuchiya and Nijiro Murakami. We might also have Aya Asahina along with Riisa Naka. If Alice in Borderland season 2 ever happens, it is sure that new cast members will join the list. Back in the first installment, we all saw that the talent of Arisu to solve problems kind of keep him alive throughout the show. It is because people in the alternate world actually end up doing stuff that they would never think of doing in the real world. Arisu becomes pretty sure that the only way he could end this game (which is literally killing the people he knows) is to find out the person who is responsible for all of this chaos.

Well, as a climax for the first installment, we witnessed that Momoka, as well as Asahi, were the people who dealt with this game, and all this while, we pretending to play it. It was shown that when people died in this alternative universe, it gave them a longer life to live. Well, this is not any good because Momoka is surrounded by guilt and that is why kills herself. Although, we still have Asahi who is dealing with her fate. The characters who survived in the first half of the show are Arisu, Chechnya. Usagi as well as Kuna. They are promoted to the next stage of the alternate version game and this is why we all can hope that Alic in Borderland season 2 might happen at some time.

Alice in Borderland season 2 renewal

Alice in Borderland Cast

Alice in Borderland Season 2 Release Date & Renewal

Alice in Borderland Season 2 is not yet confirmed, however, due to the massive success of the show, one can assume, we are definitely getting a second season. Alice in Borderland Season 2 will be released in December 2021 or anytime in Fall 2021, this is if follows its previous release schedule for the first season. The series went into production earlier this year, despite the Covid Pandemic, the series finished its production by the year-end, and was released on December 10, 2020. We will update you on the same as soon as we have more information on the matter.

At the moment, Alice in Borderland is not yet renewed or given the green light by Netflix, we will update this part of the post, as soon as the show is renewed. (Renewal Status: Not Renewed as of 11 December 2020)

Alice In Borderland Cast

The cast of the show includes the following for the first season. The lead cast will reprise their role in the second season, however, the ones that died in the first season will not be coming back in the second season.

  • Tsuyoshi Abe playing as Kuzuryu
  • Shô Aoyagi playing as Agni
  • Aya Asahina playing as Kuina
  • Nobuaki Kaneko playing as Hatter
  • Keita Machida playing as Karube
  • Ayame Misaki playing as Shibuki
  • Ayaka Miyoshi playing as An
  • Yûki Morinaga playing as Chota
  • Nijirô Murakami playing as Cheshire
  • Riisa Naka playing as Mira
  • Dôri Sakurada playing as Niragi
  • Tao Tsuchiya playing as Yuzuha Usagi
  • Yûtarô Watanabe playing as Tatta
  • Kento Yamazaki playing as Ryohei Arisu
  • Shuntarô Yanagi playing as Last Boss
  • Mizuki Yoshida playing as Asahi

Alice In Borderlands has over 8 episodes in the first season, we can expect the same in the second season of the show.

  • Alice In Borderlands Episode 1: “Episode 1”
  • Alice In Borderlands Episode 2: “Episode 2”
  • Alice In Borderlands Episode 3: “Episode 3”
  • Alice In Borderlands Episode 4: “Episode 4”
  • Alice In Borderlands Episode 5: “Episode 5”
  • Alice In Borderlands Episode 6: “Episode 6”
  • Alice In Borderlands Episode 7: “Episode 7”
  • Alice In Borderlands Episode 8: “Episode 8”

The title for the episode is not given, and they are only titled as the episode numbers, we will update you for the same as we have more information on this. Stay tuned to OtakuKart.

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