Alice In Borderland Season 1 Ending Explained: Only First Half Of Game Is Finished

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What Went Down In The End Of Alice In Borderland?
From Alice In Borderland Season 1

Alice In Borderland is probably one the finest mind-tingling shows to come to Netflix past year. Shinsuke Sato wrote and directed the show with Yoshiki Watabe and Yasuko Kuramitsu on the writing team. Based on the manga of the same name, Alice In Borderland is quite unique take on the world of Alice in Wonderland. The series premiered on Netflix on December 10, 2020, and got a renewal for another season within the two weeks of its arrival. The fans appreciated the show for its cinematography, visuals, and use of violence, thus making it a success story to be told. So as the second season arrives, here we are taking a look at what went down in the finale of Alice In Borderland Season 1.

Originally, Alice In Borderland told the story of Ryohei Arisu. The main protagonist of the series. Lost his way in real life, he and his friends Karube and Chota find themselves in an empty Tokyo. Only to realize there are limited people who are stuck in a game in order to survive. The game involves the players having visas stating the number of days they can live. The days can increase upon completing a given task, and the player also receives a playing card. Each card having a type of game to follow. Failing to complete the task in time would lead to inevitable death.

What Went Down In Alice In Borderland Season 1 Finale?

The finale of Alice Borderland began with Asahi and Momoka recording their way on the first day everyone vanished from the city. We see them going down a pitch-black tunnel only for them to disappear. Cut to present with Momoka dead. In the present day, we see Aguni ordering his men to shoot down everyone in order to find out the witch. Only until Arisu walks in to reveal the fact he is not the witch. As it is revealed, everyone’s guns are turned towards Aguni, who admits to being the witch.

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A Look At ALice In Borderland
From Alice In Borderland Season 1

Arisu further reveals Aguni isn’t the witch, and in fact, he killed Hatter because his ways had gone too far. We get a history of what went down between Aguni and Hatter. In turn, Arisu the only making sense of what happened to Aguni. Arisu further explains how the game of hearts plays with their hearts. While Asahi grabs Aguni’s attention only to kill herself. That’s when Ann arrives, telling the fingerprints on Momoka’s knife states she killed herself.

The fire at the Beach starts spreading, and outcomes Niragi started it all. Only to find himself facing Aguni, who takes him into the fire with him. Momoka’s body is put into the fire while everyone sees the beach go down. Cheshire, on the other hand, finds the last card only to state they haven’t seen the face cards yet. Furthermore, Arisu takes a look at Asahi’s phone to unravel more secrets about the game to close the episode.

Alice In Borderland Season 1 Ending Explained

So basically, what went down here is that, first of all, Aguni believed it’s the people who led to turning his best friend Hatter around. He was going through an emotional state. Leading him to even admitting to being the witch only because he couldn’t deal with the death of his friend. Coming to what Asahi’s phone revealed now. So what it revealed was the continuation of the clip we saw in the beginning.

Yes, Momoka and Asahi find themselves in the depths of the darkness under the railway tunnel. They find people there and eventually start working with them. Furthermore, they actually helped them in setting this all up. Later even they join the game, becoming a tag-along to keep an eye on everyone. But betraying the people or revealing who they are would lead to their immediate death. The reason why Asahi died earlier in the episode, and also Momoka being the witch.

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Alice In Borderland Season 1 Ending Explained
From Alice In Borderland Season 1

Initially thought to be game masters, they are just dealers. All they do is a bet on games. The video eventually reveals the location of these dealers under the tunnels. It showcases a big cylinder-like structure to see the broadcast of the game the players are playing. Furthermore, how the people observing the game are placing bets on these. A death probably marks a win for a dealer. Following it, we see confession from both of them on how they make sure someone dies, which in turn gives them visas for two weeks.

The ending moments see Arisu and Usagi dwell down the road to find Cheshire and Hikari Kuina there already. Cheshire managed to find all the cards and figure out the place, only to find that upon winning, the people they thought to be game master are dead. Meaning? There is someone above the dealers as well. Until the lights come up with Mira stating it’s time for the face card games now. As the city sees face cards floating means, there is more to the game than just that. All will come along in Alice In Borderland Season 2.

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