Alice Gear Aegis Anime Announced: Here Is What To Expect

Aga game anime
Anime: Alice Gear Aegis

Anime based on games is not surprising. As more and more games get adapted into an anime, one cannot help but wonder what next game would get picked up by a studio. As per the most recent updates, the most recent game to be adapted into Although it is specifically popular in Japanese, the smartphone game is also highly appreciated by several gamers overseas. Its cute art style and action pack style has gained The Alice Gear Aegis anime announcement is definitely raging a lot of hustle among the fanbase.

As far as smartphone games go, this game has received several high ratings and positive reviews on Play Store. Alice Gear Aegis is developed by COLOPL and produced by Zuntata. The game was launched in 2018 on Android and has since kept several gamers intrigued by it It has a plot that deals with invaders as villains and heavy machinery as weapons for the players. With its cool storyline, the anticipation for the Alice Gear Aegis anime adaptation grows even more. about the upcoming anime. For anyone who is a mecha lover, Alice Gear Aegis might just be the anime you’re looking for. 

Looking for more information on this upcoming game based anime? Here is all we know about the Alice Gear Aegis anime so far.

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Alice Gear Aegis Anime Announced

The announcement of the Alice Gear Aegis anime was made on 21 January 2022 during the live stream held for the commemoration of the game’s fourth anniversary. The upcoming animation project will be a television anime series. There has only been an announcement regarding the anime’s production with no comments on its release date. However, we expect the anime series to be released by the Spring of 2023 at the latest. 

Alice Gear Aegis will be produced by Studio Nomad under the direction of Hirokazu Hanai. The character designs will be drafted by Rikiya Okano while Kenji Sugihara compiles the scripts. Zuntata is composing the anime’s music. of Pyramid. 

In addition to the news of the anime adaptation, there has also been an announcement that the current smartphone game will be made available on a new platform and console system. While the name of the platform remains unclear, fans are excited to experience the new development. of the game. 

Alice Gear Aegis
Official Announcement: Alice Gear Aegis

Promotional Video

A promotional video was also produced on the same day as the anime’s announcement. The video features various scenes from the OVA in addition to the revelation of some voice actors. In the PV, Manami Numakura voices Yotsuya Hirasaka and Houchu Ohtsuks can be heard as the narrator. However, there has been no official confirmation regarding the cast members.

More staff and cast members are yet to be revealed. We wait for more details to be updated by the official developers of the anime soon.

About Alice Gear Aegis (Plot)

Alice Gear Aegis is a 3D action game. It holds the concept of different characters (mostly females) teaming up with smart and strong gears to defeat invaders. The story of the game takes place in future Tokyo where the player takes up the role of the commander. As the commander, they must create a team of different women called Actresses. These actresses are elite warriors who specialise in using the Alice Gears, a special weapon and an important part of the story. 

With the team of Actresses, the commander leads an army called the Tokyo Shard. The goal is to protect innocent people that are lost in the universe as well as kill alien invaders and destructive robots. 

The plot of Alice Gear Aegis is quite intriguing. It is definitely amusing to wonder how Studio Nomad will turn it into an anime and what elements the anime will include from the game. 

Alice Gear Aegis anime
Alice Gear Aegis: Anime Adaptation announced.

You can download the game from Play Store and play it on your android phones to have an early experience of the plot.

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